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In order to prove ‘anti-Semitism’, there are no limits to the JC’s willingness to make things up

Glyn Secker addresses Palestine demonstration on May 11th

For 3 years the Jewish Chronicle has pursued, under its far-Right editor Stephen Pollard, a single minded campaign to ‘prove’ that Labour is an anti-Semitic party led by an anti-Semite, Jeremy Corbyn

In the days when Jonathan Freedland was concerned with genuine anti-Semites

According to Pollard the anti-Semitic Kaminski was the ‘best friend’ of the Jews

The irony of these false accusations is that Pollard has consistently defended anti-Semites as long as they support the Israeli State. People such as former Law & Justice MEPs for Poland and Latvia, Michal Kaminski and Roberts Zile. See Why are anti-Semitic regimes so attractive to Israel and the Zionist movement?

Besser with Paul Goldman of Britain First

Jonathan Arkush addresses a Zionist meeting with Roberta Moore and Robert de Jonge of the Jewish Nazi Jewish Defence League (in tee shirts bottom left)

Pollard was one of the founders of the Islamaphobic Henry Jackson Society, whose Associate Director is the racistDouglas Murray.

According to the JC ‘Secker referred to “Jews in the gutter with these rats.” As the transcript from Jamie Stern-Weiner’s site makes clear, the Jews Secker was referring to were the leaders of the Zionist Federation. He obviously wasn’t speaking about Jews in general

Paul Besser of Britain First – an active Zionist

Jonathan Hoffman, on the Zionist Federation Council and former Vice Chair of the ZF alonside Besser of Britain First and Gemma Sheridan of the JDL

Last week was a bumper week in the Jewish Chronicle’s Goebbel’s style campaign against Labour. The front pagewas devoted to Secker’s speech to the Palestinian demonstration in London on May 11th, which continued on page 6. The article was by liar-in-chief and Political Editor Lee Harpin, who puts the Daily Mail to shame

Britain First Banners side by side with the Zionist Federation

If this is the worst example of anti-Semitism that the Jewish Chronicle can find then Jews clearly have nothing to worry about. But of course it’s got nothing to do with anti-Semitism. It’s Palestine that is the main concern of Pollard and the Jewish Chronicle

Paul Charney, Chair of the Zionist Federation, having a friendly chat with a member of the EDL

Zionist Federation Chair Paul Charney addresses meeting with Jewish Defence League members Roberta Moore and Robert de Jonge (bottom left)
On page 5 Harpin had another fake ‘Labour anti-Semitism’ story, Corbyn to hate probe councillor –‘Congratulationsand beneath it a story on hitherto unknown ‘Labour veterans resign citing anti-Semitism and yet another article on the same page ‘Ex-staffers wait to submit ‘huge email cache’ on hate which quotes a Private Eye story (by Ratbiter Nick Cohen) on the ‘inquiry’ by the State’s Equality and Human Rights Commission into Labour’s ‘anti-Semitism’.

All in a week’s work – the JC goes for Corbyn’s advisers

David Collier (back turned) with Paul Besser (in blue) at demonstration
The EHRC is a completely useless body which has nothing to say on state racism, such as Theresa May’s ‘hostile environment’ policy, the Windrush Scandal, the detention of asylum seekers and migrants, hostility to Gypsies etc. Bogus Labour ‘antisemitism’ is more to its taste.
What the story didn’t say was that Labour staffers had destroyed these emails before leaving employment with Labour but had preserved their own copies for submission to the EHRC. A complete breach of the Data Protection Law, GDPR regulations as well as their own contracts of employment but none of this featured in the JC’s story

Protesters against ‘anti-Semitism’ outside Palestine Expo included Paul Besser (blue hat) of Britain First, Hitler supporter Neil Horan (in green) and Jonathan Hoffman of the Zionist Federation with Ambrosine Shitrit

Neil Horan, an open Hitler supporter, present at previous Zionist demonstration at the Royal Albert Hall
Across pages 6 and 7 was a continuation of the page 1 story AskingSecker to train Labour on anti-Semitism ‘beggars belief and underneath is the story about former Labour parliamentary candidate for South Thanet Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt who was also accused of ‘anti-Semitism’ for having tweeted comments dismissing the fake anti-Semitism smears. The NCC in this case dismissed the charges against her and so the JC’s neutral heading wasFormer PCC let off the hook’. In other words she was guilty but got away with it

Liar Lee Harpin hears what he wants to hear
On pages 8 and 9, just for a change there was a double page spread, on Labour anti-Semitism. It included a large anti-Semitic drawing from the Soviet Union titled To understand Labour Jew-hate, go back to 1967 USSR.’  The main targets this time were Corbyn’s advisors Seamus Milne and Andrew Murray. Interestingly the article, by Izabella Tabarovsky has a disclaimer at the end saying that although she is a ‘scholar’at the Kennan Institute at the Wilson Centre, ‘the views expressed are her own and do not reflect the views of the Wilson Centre or the Kennan Institute.’ Perhaps being scholarly institutions they wished to put a distance between themselves and Ms Tabarovsky’s frothing at the mouth pot pourri of conspiracy theories dressed up as an academic article.
And then on page 10 there is a feature on the ‘remarkable life’ of venomous right-wing rat and war monger, former Labour MP Ian Austin

Jonathan Hoffman of the Zionist Federation in conversation with Kevin Caroll of the EDL

You would think that there was no news of any substance to report in this week’s Jewish Chronicle apart from the fact that Philip Green is down to his last billion pounds

Jewish Voice for Labour put out their own statement on this crude attempt to fit up Glyn Secker for another suspension and you can watch his speech here and decide for yourself whether or not it is anti-Semitic. 

Any reasonable person, which excludes the far-Right liars of a propaganda sheet that was once considered a paper of record of the Jewish Establishment, would conclude that nothing Glyn said was remotely anti-Semitic. At worst overheated rhetoric but anti-Semitic? This kind of defamation and hysterical finger pointing is reminiscent of the propaganda of totalitarian regimes and police states

Jonathan Hoffman of the Zionist Federation with Paul Besser of Britain First and Pegida supporters Klaff and Shitrit

Even Owen Jones, who has spent the last two years cuddling up to the Israeli State’s representative inside the Labour Party, the Jewish Labour Movement, distanced himself from this crude attack on JVL.The Jewish News reported that ‘Guardian columnist and author Owen Jones has defended a leading member of Jewish Voice for Labour against allegations of antisemitism.’Jones stated:‘Although I refute the idea he’s an antisemite, for example, I strongly oppose calling the JLM ‘a fifth column’ – who I regard as comrades and have been proud to speak at their events, and more broadly his language was inflammatory in a way that I can’t accept.” Jones’ defence was, to say the least, extremely weak, though it’s better than his support for the expulsion of Jackie Walker and Ken Livingstone. Perhaps Jones is beginning to wake up to the fact that the more he and others go along with the ‘anti-Semitism smears’ the longer they will continue

Owen Jones has displeased the JLM by failing to follow the line that Glyn Secker is antisemitic

However any defence is anathema to the JLM which expects total obedience to its dictats. Peter Mason, their national secretary, stated that the JLM was“Pretty embarrassed to have given [Owen Jones] a platform, given how he’s turned, to be honest. You can’t in one breath defend 99 year affiliated @JewishLabour from an accusation of being a fifth column, whilst also defending the beer hall speech accuser. We’re not your fig leaf.”Zionist organisations don’t tolerate dissent. Jones is being threatened with the loss of the JLM’s ‘platform’. My advice would be to take this opportunity to cut your links with this apartheid group with open arms!The Jewish News also reported, accurately for once, that Secker told the PSC demonstration that Labour MPs friendly with Israel are a “fifth column”. Which is a statement of fact. Labour MPs like Margaret Hodge and Ruth Smeeth who are members of the Israeli Embassy front-group LFI are no different from Tory MPs like John Carlisle who acted as apologists for the White South Africa regime under Apartheid. They should be booted out as MPs

Yair Netanyahu, Benjamin’s son gives his best wishes to the anti-semitic candidates in the European elections – Orban, Nigel Farage and Matteo Salvini

The Jewish News also reported that Glyn had ‘claimed the Zionist Federation is “embracing” the neo-Nazi English Defence League’, adding: “What on earth are Jews doing in the gutter with these rats?” Again this is correct. At no point did Secker say, or imply, that most Jews were in the gutter, contrary to the Jewish Chronicle’s lies. However he did ask why the Zionist Federation and leaders of the Board of Deputies had openly embraced fascists and members of far-Right Zionist groups.

On the substance of Secker’s allegations there can be no doubt. The leadership of the Zionist Federation, including the CEO and Chair of the Zionist Federation, Aryeh Miller and Paul Charney, who are Herut UK supporters, openly work with the Judeo-Nazi group the Jewish Defence League and their activists Roberta Moore, Robert de Jonge and Gemma Sheridan. Also on the Zionist Federation Council is Jonathan Hoffman, who openly demonstrates and works with members of the EDL, BNP and Britain First’s Paul Besser.

Two years ago a group of Zionist Federation supporters and members picketed Palestinian Expo Festival in London. Not only Hoffman and Besser were present, along with Pegida and Tommy Robinson supporters Sharon Klaff and Ambrosine Shitrit but also a de-frocked Catholic priest Neil Horan who is an open Hitler supporter. And what was their demonstration about? Anti-Semitism of course!!

According to his Wikipedia entry, Horan declared that

he would carry posters declaring “Adolf Hitler was a good leader who was following the word of Christ”, give the Hitler salute and light a candle for Hitler at the Gestapo headquarters.”

It would seem that in the fight against ‘anti-Semitism’ Zionist leaders are prepared to ally with anyone, Hitler supporters included. What we await is a clear and unequivocal denunciation of the far-Right Zionists in Britain who work with open fascists, including Tommy Robinson. Given that these fascist rats last year attacked the Al Quds demonstration in conjunction with supporters of Tommy Robinson, it will be interesting to see if the Board of Deputies and Zionist Federation mount another demonstration in alliance with the Zionist far-Right. The silence of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, who themselves tolerate JDL members at their meetings, speaks volumes about their commitment to fighting racism, anti-Semitism included.

Tony Greenstein

Transcript – Jamie Stern-Weiner’s site

And what about the murder at Poway synagogue in California? Anger and horror. But listen to the Rabbi, Steve Engel: ‘Republicans are equating verbal criticism of Israel with physical attacks on Jews to label Democrats antisemitic, unleashing the extreme right to win key votes in marginal states which determine the presidency’.

Well, we have our own Republicans here, a fifth column inside the Labour Party, 119 Labour Friends of Israel MPs led by Hodge and Watson and the Jewish Labour Movement. And it’s not about antisemitism here either.The Labour Party Secretary Formby has established that serious cases in the party amount to just one hundredth of one percent.

And Jewish leaders here also turn a blind eye to the extreme right, even when their own Zionist Federation embraces the English Defence League, a neo-fascist group banned by Facebook. What on earth are Jews doing in the gutter with these rats?

When will they condemn the Israeli government [inaudible-doing deals?] with Hungarian, Polish and Brazilian fascists?

When will they condemn the IDF slaughter of the unarmed at Gaza? When will they join the anti-fascist movement against Yaxley-Lennon aka Robinson?

Here’s a warning to the Jewish leadership: While you foment your campaign of allegations of antisemitism against Corbyn and the left to silence Israel’s critics, while you cry wolf month after month, year after year in the Labour Party, and remain blind to the explosion of the far right and Islamophobia, you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem! And also, you serve to protect the poison that will destroy both our freedom and yours. Well, sisters and brothers, whose side are we on?

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