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The Jewish Chronicle conducts an Opinion Poll to test the effectiveness of its propaganda against Jeremy Corbyn!

Every week I get an Editor’s Letter from the Jewish Chronicle and this week is no exception. Usually there is only one story affecting the British Jewish community and that is the ‘anti-Semitism’ of Jeremy Corbyn or the Labour Party.

This week was no different except for the fact that there was nothing to report. There were no long erased murals, no exchanges with Jonathan Hoffman, Richard Millett orother Jewish fascists who lacked a sense of British irony, noancient book reviews, not even a Holocaust survivor who detected a similarity between Israel today and Nazi Germany yesterday.

But Stephen Pollard, the Jewish editor, is an enterprising fellow.  That’s why he was the founder of the Henry Jackson Society and a former editor of Richard Desmond’s Daily Express. Long forgotten is his eviscerating front page on Margaret Hodge who is now a friend in the fight against ‘anti-Semitism’. Those with long memories will remember that Desmond was Britain’s biggest pornographer with titles like Asian Babes.  But Desmond too was a Zionist as well as an EDL supporter.

Pollard as readers of my blog will know is only interested in ‘anti-Semitism’ of the Left, i.e. anti-Zionism.  He has nothing to say about anti-Semites on the Right as long as they are pro-Israel.  People like White Zionist Richard Spencer are of no concern to him. Indeed Pollard has a history of defending pro-Israel anti-Semites such as Poland’s Michal Kaminski

Letter from the JC Editor

I digress however.  This week was a very lean news week. No reports of Labour anti-Semitism could be detected. Gnasher Jew was having a week off. No Black people to pillory or bully.

So Pollard decided to commission an opinion poll into Labour ‘Anti-Semitism’ to test how effective the non-stop propaganda of the past 3 years has been and surprise surprise they found that ‘80% of the public are aware of Labour’ anti-Semitism crisis’ and 59% don’t believe he will do anything about it this non-existent crisis.

However if this bogus and contrived poll had been objective then the second question, after asking people had they heard of Labour’s ‘anti-Semitism crisis’ would have been to ask them what exactly this crisis was about.  What was it that the press, not just the Jewish Chronicle had gone on about. What did this ‘antisemitism’ consist of?  Unfortunately Pollard’s bogus You Gov poll asked none of these searching questions.  

Were Jews walking around in fear of their lives? Was violence against Jews as Jews increasing? Or was it that support for BDS and Palestinian rights were increasing?

I suspect that the number of people who could have described this ‘anti-Semitism’ would have been in single figures and most of those would have been mentioning Israel. Indeed I suspect that 95% of British Jews would have been mystified and muttered something about Israel.

So what the poll was asking was how many people had heard of and been taken in by the non-stop propaganda blitz about ‘Labour anti-Semitism’ the sole purpose of which is to remove Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Part

This is the kind of bigotry that Desmond excelled in

In other words it was a poll about how effective at propaganda are the British press, the Jewish Chronicle and the BBC.

And this is how the media operates.  It campaigns around a lie and then asks how many people have heard of this lie. George Orwell once wrote a book about this kind of propaganda.  He called it 1984 and the process he was describing was doublethink, the ability to hold contradictory opinions in one’s head at the same time or fragmented consciousness in Marxist terms.  Because most people and communities who are the victims of racism also know that one of the fiercest campaigners against racism is Jeremy Corbyn.

Mr Pollard is rather good at doublethink. What he’s not good at is straight forward honest journalism.  But then that is a problem that is not confined to the Jewish Chronicle. It affects most of the media from the Guardian’s Jonathan Freedland to the Daily Mail and Telegraph.

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