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Guardian hypocrisy

Tony Greenstein | 16 July 2024

Israel Prefers Killing Palestinians to Saving their Hostages – the Palestinian Resistance Should Act Accordingly

SLN Meeting 12.7.24 Way Forward for the Left

Tony Greenstein | 10 July 2024

The Question is Whether Or Not We Can Unite to Defeat Britain’s Macron & Learn From the French Left How to Defeat ‘Centrist’ Warmongers

vote 4 labour is a vote for genocide (1)

Tony Greenstein | 04 July 2024

Whatever the Results We Have to Build a Socialist Alternative not Resort to Racist Dog Whistles Like Galloway


Tony Greenstein | 02 July 2024

As the Neo-Liberal Parties Head for a Record Low Vote, the Left has to Come Together Under One Umbrella like in France

Rusbridger and Guardian and Assange story

Tony Greenstein | 29 June 2024

It was Guardian ‘journalists’ who, from the safety of their expense accounts, sneered & jeered whilst intelligence asset Luke Harding invented lies aimed at keeping Assange locked up Assange & the Guardian  – How…

holocaust-survivors-London protest

Tony Greenstein | 24 June 2024

Interviews with Stephen Kapos, Suzanne Weiss and Rene Lichtman – all Child Survivors of the Holocaust in France and Hungary

Cover photo

Tony Greenstein | 22 June 2024

Why I Am Supporting Two British‑Palestinian Candidates Samar Ammar & Tanuksha Mara

Finkelstein speaks to students at Columbia University 19 April

Tony Greenstein | 15 June 2024

‘From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free’ Means Exactly That

An End to Zionism’s Jewish Supremacist State


The weaponisation of memory in the service of state and nation

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