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Nationwide - a good bank

Tony Greenstein | 22 July 2024

First They Blocked Payments to a Palestinian Children’s Centre & then Lied & Blamed it on Government Sanctions When I Complained About Their Racist Discrimination They Told Me That They…

Guardian hypocrisy

Tony Greenstein | 16 July 2024

Israel Prefers Killing Palestinians to Saving their Hostages – the Palestinian Resistance Should Act Accordingly

SLN Meeting 12.7.24 Way Forward for the Left

Tony Greenstein | 10 July 2024

The Question is Whether Or Not We Can Unite to Defeat Britain’s Macron & Learn From the French Left How to Defeat ‘Centrist’ Warmongers

vote 4 labour is a vote for genocide (1)

Tony Greenstein | 04 July 2024

Whatever the Results We Have to Build a Socialist Alternative not Resort to Racist Dog Whistles Like Galloway


Tony Greenstein | 02 July 2024

As the Neo-Liberal Parties Head for a Record Low Vote, the Left has to Come Together Under One Umbrella like in France

Rusbridger and Guardian and Assange story

Tony Greenstein | 29 June 2024

It was Guardian ‘journalists’ who, from the safety of their expense accounts, sneered & jeered whilst intelligence asset Luke Harding invented lies aimed at keeping Assange locked up Assange & the Guardian  – How…

holocaust-survivors-London protest

Tony Greenstein | 24 June 2024

Interviews with Stephen Kapos, Suzanne Weiss and Rene Lichtman – all Child Survivors of the Holocaust in France and Hungary

Cover photo

Tony Greenstein | 22 June 2024

Why I Am Supporting Two British‑Palestinian Candidates Samar Ammar & Tanuksha Mara


The weaponisation of memory in the service of state and nation

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