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The Israeli ‘Justice’ system demonstrates once again why it is institutionally racist as Lod’s District Court endorses plea bargain

In July 2015 18 month Ali Dawabshe and his parents, Saad and Reham were murdered in their beds when settlers threw petrol bombs inside their house. Only 4 year old Ahmad survived, albeit with 60% burns to his body.Weeks later Israel’s ‘hilltop youth’ ‘celebrated’ their deaths in a wedding where they were pictured stabbing at pictures of Ali Dawabsheh.

Palestinian policeman investigates arson at Dawabshe’s home

A 19 year old Israeli was convicted at Lod District Court last week, not of murder  but arson.  In fact, because the murderer has already served 3 years on remand he will go free.  The prosecution agreed to a plea deal which allowed the crime to be reduced from murder to arson. Israel’s colonial court had to agree to the plea deal, which of course they did.

Nasr Dawabsheh, a spokesperson for the family, said that “This deal is unfair and encourages the settler gangs to commit more crimes,” The Court threw out several of the accused’s confessions because of torture. If he had been a Palestinian then there is no doubt that his confession would be accepted. Israel’s military courts in the West Bank have a 99.7% conviction rate because confessions are accepted without question

The 3 murdered Dawabshe family members

This comes on top of the decision of the Israeli authorities torefuse any ‘anti-terrorist’ compensation to the surviving child, Ahmad.  Only Jewish settlers, being citizens, receive such monies and as Ahmad is not Jewish and therefore not a citizen he is not entitled to any compensation for the appalling burns and torment that he suffered. Yoav Mordechai, the IDF coordinator of activities in the West Bank did however deny reports that Israel’s Health Ministry had served the family with a NIS 2 million bill for treatment. Mordechai apparently said that Israel would foot the bill.

Of course if this Israeli teenage killer had been an Arab all would have been different. When Ahmad Manasra wasconvicted of attempted murder, he was held on remand until he was 14 years of age in order that he could receive a prison sentence. He was initially sentenced to 12 years,reduced to 9.5 years imprisonment. The two Israelis stabbed did not die and it was his cousin who had inflicted the wounds.

Ali Saad Dawabsheh

There is a surprisingly good article on the Times of Israel blog, Kill at Will. The Duma Dilemma by Esor Ben-Sorek, a retired professor of Hebrew and Biblical literature who describes himself as a follower of Trumpeldor, Jabotinsky and Begin – all symbols and leaders of Revisionist Zionism. the article is reprinted below.

The graffiti daubed on the walls of the Dawabsheh home

Kill at Will. The Duma Dilemma

The old saying “Justice is blind” was never more true than what now took place in the Lod District court.

A 19 year old Jewish Israeli had planned an attack on the village of Duma in July 2015 when he was still a minor.

His act took the lives of the Dawabshe family, a young husband, wife and a tiny infant son, Ali. Their house was set on fire and the three innocent Palestinian victims were burned alive.

The court dismissed the charges of imprisonment for the Jewish murderer on the accounts that he had been a minor at the time and that his confession was a result of torture which he received from our Shin Bet (Security Services).

But often, torture is the only way to elicit a true confession. And in this case, they succeeded in getting it.

The judges in the Lod court saw it differently. When the State Prosecutor asked for a five year conviction in prison, the terrorist’s lawyer reminded the court that his client had already served three years in remand. The killer who killed at will is free.

Let us look at another side. If it had been an Arab terrorist who burned to death a mother, father and infant because they were Jews, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind whatsoever that the criminal would not be found guilty and probably be given a life sentence (which in Israel is only 20 years).

No Arab terrorist who committed such an atrocity would see the light of day for many years.

There is something very very rotten with our justice system. It punishes Jews one way and Arabs another way. And the Arabs are always given the harsher sentence.

The Palestinian families in Duma and elsewhere have every right to condemn the trial and its procedures. They have every right to denounce the murder of one of their young families. They have every right to denounce the State of Israel’s courts for very unjust decisions.

I believe that every decent Israeli Jew, every Jewish parent of an infant child, should demonstrate in protest in front of the Lod court and at the same time, express heartfelt condolences to the family of the murdered Dawabshes.

I had always put my trust in the fair justice dispensed by Israeli judges in Israeli courts. Until now!!

Today, I stand on the side of the survivors of the Duma massacre in July 2015. Today I join with those who mourn the death of baby Ali who was still an infant in his parents’ arms, not yet able to walk or to talk, an innocent infant whose life came to a tragic end at the hand of a Jewish arsonist who will not go to prison for his crime.

Justice is not only blind. It is also prejudiced and never more so than in this tragic case.Our laws (on paper) rend equality to all…… all perhaps except for many innocent Palestinian Arabs.

Is it a wonder that we are so hated? Our courts have disgraced the biblical Jewish command..

“Tzedek Tzedek tirdof”…. Justice and Righteousnes shall you pursue.

The Lod District Court, to our Jewish shame, pursued neither.

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