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Principled Only in his Lack of Principle
Sadiq Khan is one of those politicians who would sell their granny if the price were right.   He nominated Jeremy Corbyn for leadership of the Labour Party because he thought it would help him gain Labour’s nomination for Mayor.  Even Ken Livingstone was fooled into supporting him against Dianne Abbot.  As soon as he gained the nomination for Mayor of London he turned on Corbyn.
One might have expect that Sadiq, being a Muslim would understand that the Israeli state is the most anti-Islamic state in the world.  Islamic leaders in Israel like Raed Salah are locked up on the basis of the flimsiest evidence.  The Northern Islamic Movement has recently been declared illegal as a terrorist organisation even though the Israeli Police and Shin Bet (the equivalent of MI5) declare that there is no proof that it has ever engaged in violence or terrorism.  This while Jewish and Zionist organisations like Lehava, a fascist organisation which campaigns against miscegenation and any mixing of Jews and Arabs, are perfectly legal.  In Lehava’s case, three young members were found guilty of arson and daubing racial insults on the walls of the Hand in Hand school in Jerusalem, one of only five mixed Arab-Jewish schools in Israel.  Its leader Benzi Gopstein has openly called for arson at mosques and churches. 
Israel wages an open war against Muslims and it attacks for example the right of the Mosques of the Golden Dome and al-Aqsa to run themselves without obstruction or hindrance, because it sees the 3rd most holy site in Islam as a symbol of Palestinian resistance.
Despite this Khan has been effusive in his support of Israel and Zionism, flattering Zionist leaders in London, unlike Ken Livingstone who gave unfaltering support to the Palestinian cause.  Khan has given his backing to a major London festival ‘celebrating’ the capital of ethnic cleansing, Tel Aviv.
Khan’s decision to come out in support of Owen Smith should not therefore be a surprise to anyone.

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