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VIDEO:  Israeli Soldiers Thrown Stun Grenade for ‘Fun’ at Palestinians 

You can’t accuse Israeli soldiers of lacking a sense of humour.  There they were, four Palestinians relaxing on chairs taking in the sun.  Bound to be up to no good.  Certain to be plotting some anti-Semitic incident.  After all – they are Palestinians and probably Muslims too.
So up pulls an army jeep and out rolls a stun grenade.  You can imagine the fits of laughter as the Palestinians realise what is happening and run coughing and spluttering.  It’s a wonder they didn’t lose control of the jeep in the process.
Unfortunately some spoilsport happened to capture the fun on camera, which is rather awkward.  So the Israeli Defence Forces spokesperson informs us that a hunt is on for the culprits.  We can rest assured that when or if our jolly pranksters are caught, their punishment will be, at most, a slap on the wrist and told not to get caught again.
Of course if the roles had been reversed it would have been a different matter.  It would have been a ‘terrorist’ attack.  Netanyahu would have appeared on prime time TV to inform the nation of the latest Hamas terror attack.  The BBC would have solemnly reported it.  The culprits would have received 20 years in prison, as a stun grenade is more lethal than a stone.  When the time came for the release of the bandits no doubt they would have been transferred into administrative detention.   Sit back and watch the fun!

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