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Anti-Semitism – a weapon of mass expulsion

My attention was drawn today to an article in The Telegraph, the Compliance Unit’s newspaper of choice when leaking information. [Thousands
of Labour supporters could be expelled from party over anti-Semitism and
abuse allegations
].  Would you
believe it, not just a handful of people like me are incorrigible anti-Semites but
6,000 no less.

There are two explanations.  One is that no Jewish person can attend a Labour Party meeting anymore without taking their life in their hand.  At best they are taunted with racist and anti-Semitic abuse, at worst they are in danger of physical assault.  The other explanation is that Iain McNicol, the General Secretary of the Labour
Party is increasingly desperate to exclude supporters of Jeremy Corbyn from voting in the Labour Party’s leadership elections.  Anti-Semitism has
become his weapon of mass expulsion.
Of course there is no evidence of ‘anti-Semitism’ in the Labour Party.  Neither Shami Chakrabarti or even Lady Zionist Royall could find it.  They found certain Zionists were ‘uncomfortable’ with the ‘culture’ of the Labour Party because Jews who are Zionists will be uncomfortable with opposition to Israel’s racism and bloody record.  A record which includes arming and training death squads in El Salvador and Guatemala, where the armed forces killed up to 200,000 Indians.
Anti-semitism doesn’t exist as a form of racism in mainstream society either.  In so far as anti-Semitism exists at all it is as a marginal form of prejudice, usually expressed as a misguided reaction to Israel’s normal toll of murder, theft and abuse of human rights.
Anti-semitism exists as a reflective form of racism – Jewish organisations
like the Board of Deputies claim that Israel’s atrocities are carried out
on behalf of Britain’s Jews and idiots like Chief Rabbi Mirvis write articles saying that that Zionism and being Jewish are as inseparable as Britain and the City of London.
Unfortunately some, very
misguided people,  believe what the Zionists say and
attack or criticise Jewish people on account of Israel’s atrocities.  It used to be said that having a ‘Jewish’ state was a form of protection for Jews.  Today it is clear it endangers Jews.  Nonetheless anti-Semitism today in western society is confined to a few
tiny fascist groups who are, in the main, the most ardent supporters of the Israeli
state and Zionism. [BNP, EDL]. 
What the attempt to find thousands of Labour Party ‘anti-Semites’ is about is preventing people voting for Corbyn and smearing anyone who opposes the Israeli
state or supports the Palestinians.  It
is the naked and blatant misuse of anti-Semitism, which was responsible for the
murder of millions of Jews in the Holocaust for naked party political
purposes.  It uses the memory of the 6
million murdered Jews in order to advance the petty and squalid cause of New Labour and its
candidate in the Labour leadership elections, Owen Smith.

When people hear the word ‘anti-Semitism’ they think of Jews and the Holocaust. The
real anti-Semites in the Labour Party are those like Iain McNicol, Owen Smith and Jeremy Newmark of the ‘Jewish’ Labour Movement who deliberately use the memory of the Holocaust in
order to justify the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. These people are beyond

The terrible suffering of Jews in the ghettos of Poland, the miseries of the transportation
to Auschwitz and the other death camps, the tortures and the agonies of death, have been harnessed to supporting Israel’s atrocious and entrenched racism, its imprisonment and torture of young children, its Apartheid, its hunger blockade of Gaza and the daily murder of Palestinians.  To use the Holocaust of Jews, Gypsies and the Disabled to support racism and back the sordid political campaign of Owen Smith and the Labour Right is beyond contempt. 
This is the real anti-Semitism.  
They are the vilest of racists.  

What is sadly ironic is that despite the propaganda use that the Zionist movement makes of the Holocaust, they have contempt for the survivors themselves.  When the survivors first came to Israel they were used as cannon fodder in Israel’s war against the neighbouring states.  One-third of those who were killed had been in the Nazis concentration and labour camps.  They were known as ‘sapon’ (soap) after the myth that the fat of those exterminated was turned into soap. [see Tom Segev’s The 7th Million

One of the crimes about which I was question was having said that Israel is waiting for the holocaust survivors to die so that it can save the money spent on meagre welfare benefits – my accusers didn’t realise that an article in Israel’s Ha’aretz paper carried the same ‘anti-semitic’ headline!

The holocaust survivors have been kept in abject poverty in Israel, despite the fact that Israel and the Zionist Jewish Claims Conference took billions of shekels in reparations from West Germany.  Norman Finkelstein documented  how the JCC defrauded the holocaust survivors out of millions of dollars in his acclaimed Holocaust Industry.  The Zionist movement took steps to establish a holocaust propaganda museum, Yad Vashem, even before those it was commemorating had died, yet at the same time it was denying there was a holocaust (Segev).  Repeatedly Israel itself and its banks have refused to pay the benefits that they received for the survivors.  Zionist propaganda projects took priority.

Smith has repeatedly used the slur of ‘anti-Semitism’
in his attacks on Corbyn.  In Cardiff he
was roundly booed for suggesting that there was an ‘anti-Semitism’ problem in
the Labour Party.  Everyone knows that
the use of anti-Semitic epithets such as ‘kike’ ‘Jew-boy’ or ‘yid’ is non-existent.  That is why the term ‘Zio’ has been made a crime instead. 
Many people, including Zionists, use it has a shorthand for ‘Zionist’ – Zionist is a political not an
ethnic category.  Many if not most Zionists
are non-Jewish.  In America there are
millions of Zionists who are Christians.  Indeed Zionism is more popular amongst
America’s 30 million strong Christian fundamentalists than among America Jews who
are turning away from Zionism.  The group
with the biggest growth in the Jewish community in the USA is Jewish Voices for
Peace which is an anti-Zionist group that supports Boycott Divestment &
Sanctions (BDS).  To suggest that all Zionists are Jews or all Jews are Zionists is in itself anti-Semitic. 

is, however, a certain irony in what is happening.  There were a few
people, even in Brighton and Hove Momentum, who supported my suspension for ‘anti-Semitism’
– they believed that the Labour Party bureaucracy would play by the rules, that
there’s no smoke without fire.  One of the major complaints against me is
that I abused two councillors, Emma Daniel and Caroline Penn,who joined the
Jewish Labour Movement.  Neither is Jewish but both are supporters of
Israel’s many atrocities and racist crimes.  I sent both of them examples
of Israel’s atrocities and asked if they were happy being part of a group that
existed to defend Israel’s crimes.  Today we learn that she and Daniel are 2 of 9
Brighton & Hove Labour councillors who have come
out in support
 of Owen Smith.    What a surprise.
 The JLM itself voted by 92% to 4% to support Owen Smith.  My only
amazement is that 8% of the JLM didn’t support Smith and of those, 4% supported
Jeremy Corbyn.  Clearly they have joined the wrong organisation!
The role of shame – Brighton Councillors who support New Labour candidate Smith
described Councillor Caroline Penn, as a ‘new Labour racist idiot’. 
She wrote back objecting to the description, so I asked which bit she objected
to!  Caroline failed to answer.  She
joined JLM, which makes her either a racist or an idiot or both.  She
supports Owen which means she is New Labour, where is the abuse?!!  Still
at least she had the good manners to thank me. 
Today we learn that there is going
to be an attempt to widen the slur of ‘anti-Semitism’.  People should be
under no illusions.  This is not and never has been about
anti-Semitism.  Already the bulk of those suspended are Black people like
Marlene Ellis, Secretary of Momentum Black ConneXions or Muslim
councillors.  It is a racist witch hunt carried under the pretext of
‘anti-Semitism’.  One of the most disgusting aspects of this is that the
Right, which has a long history of racism, especially Islamaphobia, is willing
to trade on the memory of murdered Jews in order to try and rig the elections.
 They also seem to determined to pit Black people and Muslims against
It is
also important that Jeremy Corbyn wise up.  It is not enough to say that
you are not anti-Semitic or that Labour is dealing with anti-Semitism
strictly.  You also have to make it clear that you deplore and deprecate
those who use the allegation of ‘anti-Semitism’ or naked party political
reasons or to undermine support for the Palestinians.  
Corbyn is accused of tolerating anti-Semitism it is useless to say that you are
hard on anti-Semitism.  The ‘anti-Semitism’ the Zionists are talking about
is not Jew hatred but hatred of Zionism. There is no Palestine solidarity
activist I know who hasn’t been accused of anti-Semitism.  In Israel is de rigeur to accuse your
opponents of ‘anti-Semitism’ or being a Nazi.  The efigy of the former
assassinated Israeli Premier, Yitzhak Rabin, so slouch when it came to killing
Palestinians, was famously dressed in Nazi SS uniform when he signed the Oslo
It is
about time that Corbyn and Momentum including Jon Lansman, called the
anti-Semitism witch hunt for what it is – a bogus attempt to use the memory of
the holocaust dead in order to sanctify the Labour Right. 
Tony Greenstein

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