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A Crowdfunding Appeal to Publish a Very Special Book – Zionism During the Holocaust

 Hidden from History – The Behaviour of the Zionist movement During, Before and After the Nazi Period

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When Ken Livingstone declared, in April 2016, that Hitler supported Zionism, he was attacked as a ‘Nazi apologist’. This was despite the fact that what Livingstone referred to was a matter of historical fact.

A professor recently remarked to me how strange it is that virtually none of the thousands of books and articles on the Holocaust deal with the relationship between the Zionist movement and the Nazis.

Just one academic, Professor Francis Nicosia has broached the subjectThe one other book on this topic, by Lenni Brenner, Zionism in the Age of the Dictatorswas published nearly 40 years ago.

Left publishers in Britain such as Pluto Press and Verso have shied away from publishing such a book because, in the words of Max Vickers of Zed Press, ‘the highly inflammatory subject matter.’

The Zionist movement is extremely sensitive to this subject. Books such as Ben Hecht’s Perfidy and Hannah Arendt’s Eichmann in Jerusalem, resulted in vicious attacks on the authors. They were accused of saying that the Jews had killed themselves. This of course assumes that most or all Jews during the Hitler period supported Zionism whereas, in Germany for example just 2% of Jews were Zionists. Such an assumption is also anti-Semitic.

 When researching for my book I came across this letter in the Jewish Chronicle of 5 February 1993 about how the Board of Deputies Zionist President Selig Brodetsky deliberately sabotaged the rescue efforts of Rabbi Schonfeld, the Chair of the Chief Rabbi’s Rescue Committee – the Zionists opposed emigration to anywhere but Palestine – which was impossible during the war

The 1987 play Perdition, written by Jim Allen and directed by Ken Loach, was cancelled just 36 hours before it was due to begin at the Royal Court Theatre such was the political pressure that was exerted.

For the better part of a decade I have been researching the relations between the Zionist movement and the Nazis. I have now written a book Zionism During the Holocaust. My book examines Zionist historiography and how, through its various holocaust organisations, notably Yad Vashem, the historical record has been manipulated and distorted in order to create a series of myths such as that the notion that Jewish resistance to the Nazis was primarily from the Zionists or that only Jews were victims of the holocaust.

I investigate what happened during the rule of the Military Junta in Argentina (1976-83) when up to 3,000 Jews were murdered yet Israel stayed silent since it considered it more important to sell arms to Argentina’s neo-Nazi  regime. At the same time Israel refused to process visa applications from ‘subversive’ or left-wing Jews.

The Israeli flag flew proudly with the Confederate flag and Auschwitz Was Not Enough T-shirts at Trump’s  Capital Hill riot

I researched the Board of Deputies record during WW2 when, under  its President Selig Brodetsky, it actively tried to sabotage attempts to secure entry to Britain of Jewish refugees.

I also ask what collaboration with the Nazis means and in particular the Zionist decision to negotiate a trade pact Ha’avara with the Nazi regime at the same time as most of world Jewry was boycotting Nazi Germany. I also look at the Kasztner Affair, the trial in Israel of Rudolf Kasztner.

The Israeli flag flew proudly with the Confederate flag and Auschwitz Was Not Enough T-shirts at Trump’s  Capital Hill riot

During WW2 the Zionist movement prioritised achieving a Jewish state over the rescuing Jews from the Holocaust. Even worse it actively sabotaged all rescue attempts that didn’t involve Palestine as the destination.

Article in Tribune

The subject matter of my book is highly relevant. The ideological congruity of Zionism and Nazism is being played out in the dominance of an openly racist and eugenicist far-Right in Israel today. The alliance between Zionist groups internationally and the neo-Nazi far-Right was witnessed in the hero’s welcome given to Tommy Robinson on this May’s pro-Israel demonstration in London.

My book is nearly 190,000 words including over 3,000 footnotes. It covers some of the key historical debates surrounding the Holocaust such as whether the Nazis’ intention from the start was to wipe out Europe’s Jews. It relies primarily on Jewish and Zionist sources.

I also explore the use by the Zionist movement and the Israeli state of the Holocaust as a political weapon to silence opposition and pursue its geo-political goals. Abba Eban, Israel’s Foreign Minister, compared the Green Line dividing Israel from the West Bank to ‘Auschwitz borders’. Israeli Professor Edith Zertal wrote that there hadn’t been a war involving Israel ‘that has not been perceived, defined, and conceptualized in terms of the holocaust.’ Israel had mobilised the holocaust ‘in the service of Israeli politics’.

Unbelievably there were some in the Zionist leadership who actually welcomed the rise of the Nazis. The Zionist national poet, Nahman Bialik stated that ‘Hitler has perhaps saved German Jewry, which was being assimilated into annihilation.’ For David Ben Gurion, The Nazis victory would become “a fertile force for Zionism.’

The Zionist movement and Israel have tried to draw a line between the Warsaw Ghetto fighters and Israel’s war against the Palestinians. At the time the Zionist movement berated the ghetto fighters for refusing to abandon the fight against the Nazis and get out.

When the last Commander of the Jewish Fighting  Force (ZOB) Marek Edelman died, he was given a 15 gun salute in Warsaw and the Poland President attended. The Israeli Embassy didn’t even send its lowliest clerk to attend. Why? Because Edelman was a member of the anti-Zionist Jewish Bund.

Israel today is a state which inspires admiration amongst anti-Semites, Christian Zionists, White Supremacists and neo-Nazis like Richard Spencer. However this is not new. Anti-Semites have always supported Zionism as a means of getting rid of their Jews. But whereas fascists once chanted ‘Death to the Jews’ in Europe , today Israelis chant ‘Death to the Arabs’ in Jerusalem.

Just in case you’ve forgotten how Lansman scabbed against all those expelled and helped bring down Corbyn with his Zionist sympathies

I estimate that this book will be about 550 pages. I envisage that the cost of production and distribution, including launching the book will be of the order of £6,000 and that is why I am appealing to anti-Zionists and supporters of the Palestinians to ensure that the days when Zionism can control the Holocaust narrative is ended.

If you do make a donation please email me your name at [email protected]. This is especially important if you donate to the crowdfunder as I expect the Zionists to try to do their best to have it taken down!

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