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The Zionist Bookburners Get to Work as My Crowdfunder Gets Taken Down

Crowdfunder Caves In to Zionist Pressure after Just 2 Days

First a riddle. What is the difference between Joseph Goebbels and the Zionist Lobby? Answer: Goebbels burnt books after they were printed.  The Zionists try to burn the books before they are printed!

The decision by Crowdfunder on Tuesday to cancel my appeal was not only predictable but I predicted it! I launched a Crowdfunder for a book I have written, Zionism During the Holocaust, and sure enough pressure from the Lobby (Board of Deputies, CST, CAA, Hate not Hope etc.) guaranteed the inevitable. I received the following email from Christine McCormick [[email protected]]:

Hello Tony,

Your project on Crowdfunder has been flagged as breaching our guidelines. Upon review our team has confirmed that based on the information available the project is in contravention of Crowdfunder’s terms of use.

Unfortunately this means we must now close this project, refunding any pledges back to the supporters. We hope you understand that we have a duty to uphold our Terms of Use and guidelines, in the best interest of the Crowdfunder community.

Christine didn’t of course tell me who did the ‘flagging’ but then again she didn’t have to. My Crowdfunder was ‘in contravention of Crowdfunder’s terms of use’. Christine gave no indication of which terms she was referring to. Perhaps I infringed E (1.1.2(c)) which says that that:

(c) all content posted by you is lawful and not defamatory, abusive, threatening, harassing, obscene, discriminatory, or otherwise objectionable or embarrassing to any other person as determined by us in our sole discretion;

Clearly any reference to the Zionist relationship to the Nazis was bound to be objectionable and embarrassing to the Zionists. The right to offend is what Free Speech is all about. Speech that doesn’t offend anyone is what keeps repressive governments in power. Crowdfunder therefore had the right to use their ‘sole discretion’ to take down the Crowdfunder but in so doing they were acting as petty censors without a principle to their name.

As Salman Rushdie, whose book Satanic Verses certainly offended many Muslims said:

“The idea that any kind of free society can be constructed in which people will never be offended or insulted is absurd. 

George Orwell observed:

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

The strange thing is that on Sunday Erin [[email protected]] had emailed me to say that my Crowdfunder had been extended from 28 days to Always On. Clearly Erin hadn’t spotted my breach of Crowdfunder’s Guidelines:

Hello Tony,

Thank you for your email and for your feedback. Your project has been switched over to Always On so that you can continue to accept donations.

You will receive any future pledges every couple days on a rolling basis in to your bank account within 7 working days of them being pledged once your initial payout has been processed

So what changed between Sunday and Tuesday? One can only surmise that in that time the Zionists decided to pile the pressure on Crowdfunder and that they succumbed to the pressure. Groups like Crowdfunder exist to make a profit not to benefit the public good, so the idea of defending free speech is not on their agenda. Profits come before principles.

By the time Crowdfunder had closed the Appeal, I had raised £710, over 10% of my target of £6,500.

But if Crowdfunder has been economical with the truth in their email to me they have been positively dishonest with those who had contributed.

The Crowdfunder Team [[email protected]] emailed all donors with the following message:


Unfortunately we have not been able to transfer your payment to the I want to publish Zionism During the Holocaust and we are in the process of refunding your pledge. You should see the payment in your account within 5-10 days.

Thank you for supporting this and we’re sorry this particular cause was unable to achieve its goal.

Crowdfunder is the leading UK platform helping worthy and fantastic causes raise funds to make a real difference. If you would like to explore supporting any of these projects or fundraisers, please use the link below to find a cause that would be extremely pleased to receive your support.

The Crowdfunder Team

Instead of saying outright that they had taken down my Appeal, because the Zionists had objected to the truth, they were told what was an outright lie:

‘Unfortunately we have not been able to transfer your payment to the I want to publish Zionism During the Holocaust’

There was of course no technical problem with the transfer of funds. And then, to compound this lie they told another:  ‘we’re sorry this particular cause was unable to achieve its goal.’  To which the obvious response is ‘If you’re so sorry why did you take it down’ . However Corporations never tell the truth when a lie will suffice.

Where Now?

I am pleased to say that the reaction of donors has been one of outrage.  Fortunately I anticipated what was likely to happen and made sure to contact every donor informing them of my fears and giving them my email address and alternative methods of payment. The result is that many donors have increased their donation!

Once again the Zionist reaction to those who tell the truth about their racist movement is censorship. Just as they tried to prevent the play Perdition being shown and Perfidy being sold (by buying up all the copies!) so they have resorted to their tried, trusted and failed methods of suppression.

Of course they will fail in their attempts because I am determined not to let them succeed. So they will resort to their next tactic.  Outright lying. It will be suggested that by referring to Nazi-Zionist Collaboration I am accusing the Jews who died in the holocaust of having killed themselves. Of course this won’t be true but that won’t stop the Zionists from making the claim.

Nor will they tell people that it was an Israeli court which found that the leader of Hungarian Zionism, Rudolf Kasztner, had ‘sold his soul to the devil’ when he made an agreement to sacrifice all but 1,684 of Hungary’s 800,000 Jews.

The exact same thing happened to Hannah Arendt, the greatest political scientist of the last century, when she published her book Eichmann in JerusalemArendt’s book gave the background to the Eichmann story and how he had worked with Kasztner. Arendt went over all the things that arose in the Kasztner Trial that the Eichmann Trial had been designed to erase.

Naturally the Zionists went to any lengths to defame Arendt, who was herself a refugee from Nazi Germany. No lie was too big. Arendt wrote about how:

the campaign, conducted with all the well-known means of image-making and opinion-manipulation, got much more attention than the controversy…. (it was) as though the pieces written against the book (and more frequently against its author) came out of a mimeographing machine … the clamor centered on the image of a book which was never written, and touched upon subjects that often had not only not been mentioned by me but had never occurred to me before.

60 years later nothing much has changed. The Zionists are still trying to suppress the truth about the history of their racist project and they are still shouting ‘anti-Semitism’, even against Jewish holocaust survivors. 

There is one answer to this attack on free speech. Help me get my book out. Unfortunately ‘left’ publishers in this country such as Pluto Press, Verso and Zed Press took fright. My target is £6,500 and my intention is to sell the book, which will be about 550 pages and some 190,00 words long, at around £10 including p&p (but don’t hold me to that as there are still too many variables).

If you want to help defeat the Zionist Censorship Machine please donate in any one of the following ways:

1.              You can send a cheque made out to ‘B&HUWC’ to me at
PO Box 173, Brighton BN51 9EZ

2.              You can send a donation to me at Paypal at [email protected]

3.              You can pay by BACS to:

Name of Account:            B&HUWC (if your bank’s software says it doesn’t recognise the account proceed anyway!)

Account Number:             04094107

Sort Code:                           09-01-50 

You can also email the following at Crowdfunder to tell them what you think of their cowardly behaviour:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

 Tony Greenstein

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  1. Marc on 09/12/2021 at 11:40am

    I still wonder how they managed to get it cancelled… there are a few initiatives around Palestine for example on Crowdfunder, and they haven’t all been cancelled.
    Pluto books would probably publish your book, would’t they?

  2. Ayshe Gul on 10/12/2021 at 7:06pm

    Sorry to hear Tony. Wishing you all the best with this project

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