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John Mann’s Attempt to Cancel The Canary and Skwawkbox Fails as Press Regulator Impress Clears Them of ‘Anti-Semitism’ Allegations

Joe Solo Gives Hate not Hope a Lesson in what Solidarity and Socialism Means

Last Sunday at the Labour Grassroots meeting, Joe Solo was a guest. A few week’s ago HnH removed an award from Joe at the behest of the Zionists and their vile Director Ruth Smeeth. Trolls had dug up posts of Joe’s on Twitter supporting Chris Williamson.

Joe gave HnH and Nick Lowles an excellent lesson in what socialism means – solidarity with comrades when they come under attack by the ruling class and its McCarthite messenger boys and girls. It’s worth emphasising what Joe said:

‘I stood by a comrade in struggle
Which is what a socialist should do…
How can you condemn somebody for that?
You’re backdating allegations further down the line
Onto a photograph two years before
And then throwing me under the bus and allowing reputational damage
It’s a really really dangerous path to walk down
What this does is it makes you scared of demonstrating solidarity
So it essentially takes the one thing Socialists have
Which is standing by each other and it turns it against you
You can’t – otherwise you might be accused of this
You can’t stand with that person because they might go on to say something else
It is an attack on solidarity…
But I stand by the decision then
I stood by a comrade in struggle
I’d stand by a comrade in struggle tomorrow
And damn awards socialism is about us
And all I’m doing is reminding people of that…
That’s the message of We Shall Overcome
That should be the message to socialists everywhere
You can change it, you can fight back, you can build it

Sturmer’s Dagger Was Well Hidden

It is now obvious to all but the politically blind that the ‘anti-Semitism’ campaign against Labour Party members was contrived, confected and orchestrated by Zionist groups, with the purpose of removing Corbyn as leader of the party.

It is unfortunate that Corbyn himself did not stand up to this malevolent campaign. Unfortunately he chose to appease his enemies and betray his friends. Not a good strategy although it should have been clear that if the right-wing was so concerned about ‘anti-Semitism’ then something must be wrong.

Not only were false allegations made against Chris Williamson, the only MP to stand up against the Zionists but Corbyn’s allies such as Jennie Formby and Jon Lansman joined in this despicable witchhunt

Stürmer was elected promising to ‘tear out anti-Semitism by the roots’. What this has meant is that Jewish anti-racists like the late Rive Joffe, who fought racism at the sharp end in South Africa, Mike Howard and Graham Bash, a member of the Labour Party for 53 years, have been expelled. This gives the lie to the idea that any of this was about anti-Semitism. If you are Jewish in the Labour Party you are 5 times more likely to be subject to expulsion & suspension than if you are non-Jewish. The only thing Stürmer excels at is lying.

John Mann lied and said Dr Glatt hadn’t written the letter below

Today he goes cap in hand to the racist Labour Friends of Israel and pledges his undying loyalty to the Apartheid State that he calls a ‘rumbustious democracy.’

The false anti-Semitism campaign was always about defending Israel, Zionism and Britain’s strategic alliance with the United States’s racist Rottweiler in the Middle East.

One of the organisations which led this campaign was Hate not Hope. Ruth Smeeth, who makes being obnoxious into an art form, directed her bile at Marc Wadsworth. Today Smeeth is the CEO of Index for Censorship (well it has to be admitted that she does know quite a lot about censoring people!!)

When Joe Solo won a Heroes Award from HnH, after a vote by the public, it was inevitable once it was known that he had defended Chris that HnH would strip him of his award and the £5,000 prize.

However HnH didn’t reckon with the backlash. Tony Booth, himself Jewish, started a Crowdfunder which within 4 days raised over twice the HnH prize.

HnH were so taken aback that in the end they crawled on their knees to Joe and begged him to take the cash! Joe to his credit told them where to go. They could keep their 30 pieces of silver.

John Mann, the Tories ‘anti-Semitism Czar’ was ennobled by the Tories with the job of weaponising ‘anti-Semitism’. He immediately set his sights on trying to close down the alternative media, The Canary and Skwawkbox. He therefore commissioned a Report ‘Anti-Semitism and the alternative media’ by the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’s academic prostitute Daniel Allington.

John Mann Sets His Sight on the Alternative Media

See my article ‘Daniel Allington is the Academic Fraud Behind the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’s ‘Research’ into Anti-Semitism’. Allington, who is a hardline Zionist, set himself the task of ‘proving’ that the Left was more anti-Semitic than the Right. Quite a difficult task you may think since it’s not the Left which murdered millions of Jews or agitated against them. But Allington rose to the challenge.

Ruth Smeeth is the CEO for Index on Censorship – a subject that as a Zionist she knows a lot about

The problem was that even the CAA’s own surveys showed that the Right was more anti-Semitic than the left. They based this on a series of statements, some of them quite dubious, about Jews. For example ‘Jewish people consider themselves to be better than other British people’

This was highly inconvenient to the CAA, a far-right Zionist group who are close to Tommy Robinson’s fascist supporters. So they got Allington to come up with a series of statements about Israel that would prove that it was the left that was anti-Semitic!

So in their Anti-Semitism Barometer 2019 they could make the claim that ‘Antisemitism on the far-left now exceeds antisemitism on the far-right.’ How did they manage this?

Simple. By drawing up series of 6 questions which were about people’s attitude to Israel! Of course you might say that Israel is not a Jew but to Zionists there is no difference. Jews exist to support Israel (apart from us ‘self-haters’ of course).

Normally when scientists want to prove something they sample the evidence and then draw the appropriate conclusions. Allington, as a social scientist, has a slightly different method.  First he reaches his conclusions and then he sets about fixing the evidence! Clearly he has a bright career ahead of him. He could get a job with Exxon and ‘prove’ that there is no such thing as climate change. The possibilities are endless.

John Mann with advice on how to get rid of Travellers

That is why Allington is an academic fraud, a charlatan who if King’s College cares about its reputation should fire him.

Below are the 6 new questions that ‘prove’ the Left is now more anti-Semitic than the Right.

1.     Israel and its supporters are a bad influence on our democracy.”

2.     “Israel can get away with anything because its supporters control the media.”

3.     “Israel treats the Palestinians like the Nazis treated the Jews.”

4.     “I am comfortable spending time with people who openly support Israel.”

5.     “Israel makes a positive contribution to the world.”

6.     “Israel is right to defend itself against those who want to destroy it.”

What you might ask has any of the above to do with anti-Semitism? How is Question 1, asserting that Israel is bad for democracy anti-Semitic? Or Question 4? If you are not comfortable spending time with supporters of Israel you are anti-Semitic? Does this include not wishing to keep company with Christian Zionists?

What if people had problems keeping company with supporters of Nazi Germany does that make them anti-German?

Allington is an example of how many academics have willingly hired themselves to the highest bidder and prostituted their profession.

It was not surprising that John Mann would turn to a dishonest and fraudulent academic like Allington. Mann wanted proof that The Canary and Skwawkbox were anti-Semitic and Allington supplied it in the form of ‘Anti-Semitism and the ‘alternative media’.

Steve Walker from Skwawkbox

A complaint was then made to press regulator Impress and that’s where it went wrong. Because they cleared both news outlets of Allington and John Mann’s false allegations. But as Steve Topple said, this has caused immense stress amongst Canary’s journalists.

I intend to make a formal complaint to King’s College against this fake and fraudulent academic. Can I ask that readers of this blog bombard King’s College with complaints about why they are employing someone who would be better employed collecting garbage, not least his own?

John Mann’s racist handbook described Gypsies in terms of a social nuisance

As Steve Walker says, John Mann is himself a racist bigot. He produced a virulently anti-Gypsy Handbook which led to an interview under caution with the Police for suspected hate crimes. 

Dr Glatt’s letter to John Mann

Five years ago John Mann alleged that a letter from a 90 year old Jewish Dr Glatt, who has since died, was a forgery. Dr Glatt had criticised how Mann had exploited ‘anti-Semitism’ for his own purposes. Mann alleged the letter had been penned by a supporter of Momentum who had then coerced Dr Glatt to sign it.

Dr Glatt was furious and penned an Open Letter to Mann in his own handwriting. See my blog post Open Letter to John Mann MP from a 90 Year Old Jewish Dr Glatt’. The letter was brilliant and as a result Mann took his false allegations of forgery off Facebook. See A Desperate John Mann MP Tries to Undermine 90 year old Jewish Doctor’s Letter by Falsely Alleging It was a Forgery.

John Mann was one of the Labour MPs to attack Harriet Harman for having suspended Phil Woolas

Mann has a long history of racism. He supported the racist Labour MP Phil Woolas who fought campaign which was designed to ‘make the white folk angry.’. See John Mann MP – Zionist Scumbag and Apologist for Phil Woolas, New Labour Racist Kicked Out by an Electoral Court Just like the Russian Czars, John Mann is an incorrigible racist and anti-Semite!

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