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According to Gail Cartmail, Unite has had no contact with the Zionist smear group, the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism

In my recent blog I wrote an Open Letter to Sharon Graham, Unite General Secretary, asking

‘How does support for the Palestinians square with working with the Israeli-state funded Campaign Against Anti-Semitism?’

I also sent an email with links to my blog to Graham’s spokesperson, Gail Cartmail, making the same points, albeit slightly more forcefully!

I have to confess my letter was somewhat intemperate but by this time I was fed up with the lies, deceptions and excuses of Unite officials and the fact that Unite, despite pretending to support the Palestinians, was simply echoing the Zionist claims about a film that deconstructed the false anti-Semitism campaign of the Zionists.

Cartmail sent me an email less than two hours later in which she said:

Your disagreeable attack is based on a falsehood. No one in Unite took advice from the Campaign Against Antisemitism, on ‘Jeremy Corbyn – The Big Lie’, nor indeed any other matter.

I was advised to check my facts before launching another ill-informed and blatantly untrue broadside.’ I must confess that I didn’t expect a straight denial of what the CAA alleged.

Now it is of course possible that the CAA are lying. The CAA are as obnoxious a bunch of Zionists as it is possible to find. They slander and defame anyone who expresses any support for the Palestinians.

The Witch’s Familiar Does Graham’s Bidding

The CAA even label the mild and inoffensive Palestine Solidarity Campaign as anti-Semitic and riddled with bigotry.

However I find it difficult to believe that even the CAA would deliberately lie about exchanging correspondence with Unite and having had contact with them.

I therefore asked Cartmail as to whether Unite had contactd the CAA to ask them to withdraw their claim that they Unite had acted at their behest after an exchange of correspondence.

Suffice to say I have not received a reply to this email and it is pretty clear that Unite has made no attempt to get the CAA to withdraw their allegations. People can draw their own conclusions.

What is clear beyond doubt is that Cartmail, on behalf of Unite, has used exactly the same kind of language about the Big Lie and Asa Winstanley’s carefully researched book about the weaponisation of anti-Semitism as the CAA and the Zionists have.

In saying that “Asa Winstanley’s publication has already caused deep hurt among Jews in Britain.” Cartmail was herself making evidence-free anti-Semitic claims.

The CAA is a viciously Islamaphobic ‘charity’ – but then so too is the Charity Commission – but why does Unite take advice from them?

Wintanley’s book tells how anti-Semitism claims in the Labour Party were fabricated against anyone who opposed Zionism or the Israeli state. Why should this ‘hurt Jews’.

Are British Jews responsible for what Israel does? Does criticism of Israeli war crimes cause them fear and hurt? Cartmail was echoing the claims of the CAA so it was reasonable to assume that they had both been in touch.

Now there is an argument that given Israel describes itself as ‘the nation state of the Jewish People’ that Jews in Britain do have a responsibility to dissociate themselves from what Israel says. Especially as every Saturday in synagogues up and down the country a prayer is said for the Israeli state.

According to the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism, holding Jews accountable for Israel’s actions is anti-Semitic. Yet Cartmail was saying that British Jews feel hurt when fake anti-Semitism accusations are scrutinised.

I do not know whether or not the CAA is lying or not but what I do know is that Cartmail’s comments reflect their attacks on the film. The CAA claimed that

Campaign Against Antisemitism commends Unite for its swift and decisive action to cancel the screening as soon as we brought it to its attention.

Cartmail’s claim that Unite’s record is

outstanding in both our commitment to anti-racism and solidarity with the Palestinian cause, actions speak louder than words

is just vainglorious boasting. As Secretary of a Unite branch I have received nothing about the campaign against the Boycott bill. Indeed I cannot recall in the past 18 months receiving anything whatsoever about Palestine.

This is the CAA’s Idea of a ‘Typical Muslim Male’ – Sharon Graham is nonetheless happy to correspond with them

Partly this is the fault of Palestine Solidarity Campaign who are too timid to make any demands on the unions that affiliate to them. Affiliation as far as PSC is concerned is solely about money. Getting them to oppose the IHRA or the false ‘anti-Semitism’ attacks is a step too far.

False accusations of anti-Semitism are the main defence that the Zionists have for the apartheid state which murders Palestinians at will without any member of their security forces facing any form of accountability.

A particularly egregious case of murder by Israel’s Border Police occurred in 2020 when a totally defenceless autistic man, Iyad Hallak, was gunned down because his mobile phone was apparently mistaken for a gun by the armed thug.

Despite his carer screaming at the Pig to stop, he proceeded to fire bullets into Iyad who was cowering on the floor of a shelter. I covered this outrage on my blog at the time. See

When George Floyd was Murdered There Was Outrage – When Iyad Hallak, an Autistic Palestinian was Murdered, Noone Said Anything.

Three years later in July the Jerusalem District Court acquitted the pig thus giving the Zionist police a license to kill Palestinians. When the mother confronted Israel’s neo-Nazi Police Minister Ben Gvir, he called her a ‘terrorist’. Ben Gvir, who used to chant ‘Death to the Arabs’ has now changed that to ‘death to terrorists’. For him all Arabs are terrorists.

Today on the West Bank entire Palestinian communities between Ramallah and Jericho have been chased out by settler violence and state policies — paving the way for a total Israeli takeover of thousands of acres of land. The Nakba is being repeated before our very eyes. See

‘It’s like 1948’: Israel cleanses vast West Bank region of nearly all Palestinians

By endorsing the false Zionist claims of ‘anti-Semitism’ against anyone who points out their tactics and aligning this with British Jews when there is no evidence that anyone has been ‘hurt’ (apart from Starmer) Cartmail and Sharon Graham are doing the work of the Zionists for them.

The only true and accurate part of Cartmail’s email to me was when she said ‘actions speak louder than words’. Indeed they do Gail and in endorsing the Zionists ‘anti-Semitism’ claims you are doing the work of those who killed Iyad Hallak and who are ethnically cleansing the West Bank’s Area C of Palestinians today.

Tony Greenstein

Email correspondence with Gail Cartmail

From: Tony Greenstein <[email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2023 7:14 AM
To: Graham, Sharon <[email protected]>
Cc: Cartmail, Gail <[email protected]>
Subject: Open Letter to Sharon Graham – How does support for the Palestinians square with working with the Israeli-state funded Campaign Against Anti-Semitism?

Dear Ms Graham & Cartmail,

Your decision to take advice from the racist Campaign Against Antisemitism, chaired by Gideon Falter who is vice-chair of the ethnic cleansing/settlement funding JNF-UK, as to whether Jeremy Corbyn – The Big Lie is antisemitic is an outrage.

You Cartmail are either a racist or an idiot (or both). You know very well that ‘antisemitism’ is the standard line of defence when Israel is accused of war crimes etc. yet you take ‘advice’ from a group set  up during Operation Protective Edge with the mission to counter Palestine solidarity with cries of ‘antisemitism’.

It shows that your vain boasts about Unite’s support for the Palestinians is just virtue signalling. You can’t hold hands with the masters of Israeli apartheid and pretend you support the Palestinians.

Your ban on Corbyn The Big Lie shows that both of you are just old-fashioned imperialist supporters masquerading as anti-racists.

Tony Greenstein

Cartmail, Gail                                                                          Wed, 30 Aug, 08:58

to me, Sharon

Wednesday, August 30, 2023, 08:58

Mr Greenstein,

Your disagreeable attack is based on a falsehood. No one in Unite took advice from the Campaign Against Antisemitism, on ‘Jeremy Corbyn – The Big Lie’, nor indeed any other matter. I suggest you don’t believe everything you read on social media or elsewhere.

Unite as a union is outstanding in both our commitment to anti-racism and solidarity with the Palestinian cause, actions speak louder than words.

I suggest you fact-check before launching another ill-informed and blatantly untrue broadside.

Gail Cartmail

Wednesday, August 30, 2023, 14:31

Dear Ms Cartmail,

I’m sorry that you found my blog ‘disagreeable’. There’s no pleasing everyone. You say that

No one in Unite took advice from the Campaign Against Antisemitism, on ‘Jeremy Corbyn – The Big Lie’, nor indeed any other matter’

The CAA however made just such a claim, both on Twitter and its website. They claimed that:

Following correspondence with Campaign Against Antisemitism, the Unite union has cancelled the screening of a propaganda film about the antisemitic former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

I find it difficult to believe that even the CAA would blatantly lie about having engaged in correspondence with you. This is a very damaging allegation, if untrue, since it associates Unite with an openly racist organisation. Given the reputational damage you would have a strong case in law for damages.

Since you are clearly aware of this allegation by the CAA have you contacted them asking for a retraction and apology as well as asking them to take their post down? If not, why not? Have you contacted Unite’s membership to reassure them that the claims of these emissaries of Tel Aviv’s racist regime are lies? If not why not?

What gives credibility to the CAA’s claim is that you are making exactly the same claim about The Big Lie, that it is ‘hurtful’ to Jews and therefore anti-Semitic, as them. When you repeat Zionist lies it is little wonder that people assume that you have made common cause.

You know full well that false allegations of ‘anti-Semitism’ are the main weapon in the Zionist armoury as they try to defend their shitty Apartheid state. Yet despite this you echo their propaganda, knowing full well that Palestinians die because of these false claims.

There is nothing anti-Semitic in ‘Jeremy Corbyn – The Big Lie’ despite your despicable claims and you should retract your remarks.

You say that Unite’s record of solidarity with the Palestinians is ‘outstanding’. It’s not a word that I have ever heard from Palestinians. A couple of years ago Len McLuskey referred me to you regarding Unite’s adoption of the IHRA misdefinition of anti-Semitism, the sole purpose of which is to conflate anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. To this day Unite continues to stand by the IHRA.

No one who claims to support the Palestinians can support the IHRA. You have yourself demonstrated just how dangerous the IHRA is because it is this ‘definition’ that is being used to attack the Big Lie.

Instead of defending the victims of false accusations of ‘anti-Semitism’, accusations which were made against good anti-racists and socialists, you chose to echo these claims.

There is nothing ‘outstanding’ about echoing Zionist talking points and propaganda. Especially at a time when the Israeli state is no longer even hiding its desire to ethnically cleanse the West Bank.

You can’t hold hands with Apartheid and then act in solidarity with its victims. Why do you think the CAA and the Zionist lobby hates this film? Have you ever stopped to think about this?

Your attack on The Big Lie  plays straight into the hands of Apartheid’s supporters, especially your statement that opposing the fake anti-Semitism attacks on the Labour left was ‘hurtful’ to Jews.

Not once did you consult with anti-Zionist Jews about the IHRA or the ban on this film. Instead your officials repeatedly lied and provided excuses that wouldn’t have fooled a child.

I suggest that you make a decision as to which side you are on and stop appeasing Starmer, the Zionist without qualification and give the green light for the film to be shown on Unite premises.

And you could also withdraw the outrageous ban on donations to the pro-trade union Platform Films. This really is a scabby act.


Tony Greenstein

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