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If the repeated delays in sentencing have been unfair  on the Defendants think how much worse it has been for Jonathan Hoffman, the friend of every fascist and neo-Nazi supporter of Israel!

Join the Protest Outside Wolverhampton Crown Court Wednesday 6 September 9.00 a.m.

Palestine Action in action

As you will know from my many blogs, Jonathan Hoffman is the link man between far right Zionists in this country and neo-Nazi groups. See for example

When I first blogged this picture Hoffman called it ‘photoshopped’ until the camerman, David Hoffman, threatened to sue him for libel and Hoffie had to issue a grovelling apology – it shows him with the EDL in the background and Roberta Moore of the Jewish Defence League alongside him dancing down the street. See

EXCLUSIVE – Lifting the lid on EXCLUSIVE – We Name the Gang of Zionists Whose Purpose is to Disrupt Palestinian Events in London Collaboration between the Far Right and Zionist Activists

EXCLUSIVE – Board of Deputies and Zionist Federation Hold Joint Demonstration with Fascists

Tony Greenstein, Why I’m Outspoken – Crispin Flintoff

Hoffman’s Delightful Email Shows the Hatred That Burns Inside the Average Zionist

On 17th May Hoffie sent me a delightful e mail hoping that I get as long a period of free board and accommodation, courtesy of King Charles III as possible.  How sweet of him I thought even though he told me I shouldn’t ask for kosher food because I was a JINO (Jews in name only)

I think ‘repulsive lying piece of shit Greenslime’ counts as a denial, but I’m not sure!

For over 3 months Hoffie and his band of Zio Zealots have been eagerly anticipating my being sentenced to a lengthy prison term.

The excitement was too much for some. Janet Clifford first asked if they still had capital punishment and then hoped that I’d get life with hard labour. It almost pains me to have to disappoint her. The charge only carries a maximum of 10 years and hard labour has been abolished.

Damon Lenszner and Francis Greg hoped that I’d be the victim of gay rape, preferably at the hands of a 300 lb Zio. I suspect that if the Zio in question was heavier than Hoffie he’d have trouble getting into and out of bed let alone in engaging in strenuous nocturnal activity. Still it’s the thought that counts.

Sinead O’Connor was an Israel hater – the worst crime in Hoffman’s book whereas being a neo-Nazi isn’t so bad by comparison

Skwawkbox has already covered Hoffie’s kind email to me back in May Criminal Israel activist tries to gloat over Greenstein, gets owned which I thought was a tad unfair as Hoffie always has the kindliest intentions.

 Jonathan Hoffman (right) and Paul Besser (left) former Intelligence Officer of the neo-Nazi Britain First protesting against ‘antisemitism’

Attacked by John Ware for being ‘disagreeable’

I thought that in what might be my swansong for a while that I should share a few gems to remember me by.

Note the delicacy of Hoffie’s language and his varied vocabulary!

First and foremost is John Ware, the BBCs number one Islamaphobe who, in an attack on Jeremy Corbyn said (0.53) that I must be ‘one of the most disagreeable individuals I’ve ever set eyes on.’ Recommendations like that don’t come every day. So thank you John, it’s very kind of you.

Despite calling everyone a liar, Hoffman still can’t explain why he keeps company with all manner of fascists and neo-Nazis

Debate Jonathan Hoffman v Daniel Sheldon Union of Jewish Students

The testimonial from John Ware, who produced the BBC Propaganda Film ‘Is Labour Anti-Semitic? even surpasses what Jon Lansman, ex-Momentum fuehrer’s kindly said about me. Lansman informed his audience that I was:

“probably the rudest person I know in politics. He says many offensive things, most of the time”.

Hoffman’s world consists of nothing but ‘antisemites’ and ‘Israel haters’

John Ware attacks the ‘Disagreeable’ Tony Greenstein

I know that Jon meant well but unfortunately the weasel word ‘probably’ crept in meaning that he had sowed doubt in some peoples’ minds. In the end I had to send him a solicitor’s letter warning him that anyone doubting my offensiveness to Zionists and racists was guilty of libel and slander and that I would not hesitate to sue to protect my reputation. I wasn’t ‘probably’ the rudest man in politics I was the rudest man.

Hoffman’s Apology for Rape When Israelis Are involved

You may remember the case of the British woman who was raped by 12 Israelis and then convicted of making a false claim of rape and imprisoned. Eventually the woman was cleared.

Hoffie however was convinced that it was all a question of ‘antisemitism’. The Israeli boys were framed and it was all consensual.   After all he had seen the videos and reached an impartial decision.

Even female journalists on the Zionist propaganda rag, the Jewish Chronicle, were having none of it.

The British Courts are Growing More & More Hostile to Direct Action Protesters

However these slights aside the question I have been asked most in the past few months is what sentence I think that we shall receive and the answer is, I don’t have a clue. My barrister, as with all the Defendants, will make a plea of mitigation and we shall leave it in the lap of the gods.

Hoffman ensconced with Kevin Caroll of the EDL and assorted fascists

The main thing is that whatever happens the struggle of Palestine Action to rid Britain of the factories of the Elbit war criminals must go on. People from PA have already been gaoled because the judges have reinterpreted the law in order to criminalise our actions. What the BBC praises when Hong Kong or Russian demonstrators take direct action is attacked and pilloried in the mass media when we protest in this country.

As is well known climate action protesters have been gaoled for merely mentioning climate change. Even The Times was moved to protest this outrageous attack on basic democratic rights by Silas Reid of Inner London Crown Court.

Hoffman breaks up Humanist meeting

Mention should also be made of Palestine Solidarity Campaign. In 2021, despite the hostility of the Executive and Director Ben Jamal, policy was passed instructing the Executive to give support to Palestine Action. That has remained a dead letter. PSC are determined to try and impress the Establishment with their moderation and the Bill outlawing BDS is their reward.

Likewise in the furore over the banning of Jeremy Corbyn – The Big Lie PSC  has remained silent. It has not raised the banning of the film by Unite or the attack on anti-Zionists by the GMB. It values the financial benefits of their affiliation rather than asking them to live up to their fine policies.

Why is PSC so anaemic? Because it thinks you can be pro-Palestinian without taking a position on Zionism. It’s as if activists 30 years ago had campaigned against human rights abuses in Apartheid South Africa without taking a position on Apartheid.

A freedom of information request by Palestine Action Shows that the Israeli Embassy sought to interfere in the Prosecution of Activists

Earlier this year Palestine Action sent in an Freedom of Information asking what contact there had been between the Attorney General’s office and the Israeli Embassy.

The answer was quite a lot. The Embassy must have felt very confident if they felt they could approach the prosecuting authorities in this country.

Eighteen pages of documents have been released, heavily redacted. What they clearly show is the highest level contacts between the Israeli Embassy and the British Government and close co-operation on repressive legislation such as the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.

The suspicion must be that the Israeli Embassy has had an input into the Public Order Act 2023 and previous law and order legislation. If this is true it is an outrage. Israel is not a democracy and yet the government appears to be taking advice on curtailing liberties in this country at the behest of the Israeli state.

See In the UK, Israel Has Spotted a Like-Minded Government – Birds of a feather flock together by Hedi Viterbo

Fining Hoffman for Speeding is Apparently Anti-Semitic!

Also amongst the various hate posts on his Facebook page, is one attacking Sadiq Khan, who I admit is a treacherous toe rag. However fining Hoffman for speeding is probably one of the few good things he has done, apart from getting rid of Cressida Dick from the Met.

Hoffman was convicted for harassing women activists on Palestine with fellow thug Damon Lenszner

Heil Hitler’ and ‘I’m so glad that Hitler burned your grandfather’

But despite all the dross and bigotry on Hoffman’s blog there was one jewel amidst the dross.  An Israeli, Anton Delin, described in detail the attack on anti-judicial reform protesters by Netanyahu’s supporters.

“I want to share with you an incident that happened to me on Sunday night when we joined the demonstration in Kaplan.

As we walked past one of the buildings in Tel Aviv, a man wearing a kippa approached us. He was Mizrahi (and you will understand why I say this in a moment). He started giving us the “Heil Hitler” salutes and calling out “Heil Hitler”. This shocked me but what came next broke my heart. He said, “I am so glad that Hitler burned your grandfather.”

I have experienced antisemitism in my life, plenty of it, but this? This, from the mouth of a Jew, and a “religious” one at that, just stopped me in my tracks and took my breath away. I was shattered and all I could hear in my head was, “What have they (the government) done?”

Unfortunately, this was, and is not, an isolated incident. The violence that erupted on Monday night when pro-reformers, La Familia and Lahav were called to demonstrate, was atrocious. The vitriol that spewed out of their mouth was disgusting. The crude gestures that flew from the hands of children, never mind adults. And it escalated from there to physical violence and there is video evidence of each incident. All these incidents, from attacks on female police officers, to beating and kicking a female ant-reform protestors, to an almost lynch of an Arab taxi driver, to full face punching of an anti-reform protestor to the attack on a Channel 13 news reporter who sustained a broken rib and potential internal injuries to his spleen, were perpetrated by pro-reform demonstrators, many of them wearing kippot and tzitzit.

Hoffman of course ignored this because even he would find it difficult (though not impossible) to defend Zionists telling fellow Jews that they were glad that someone’s grandfather had died in an extermination camp.  However it gives an insight into the mentality of the Zionist far-Right (and not so far right). The post for anyone who is interested is on the 30 March when a haredit couple tried to run over protesters in Tel Aviv.

A summary of the choicest posts agonising over the postponement of the trial

I copy below the sad saga of the excruciating wait that Hoffie’s fascist friends are being made to undergo as our sentencing has been postponed some four times.

For those who are interested in reading the maddest of the mad then you can read it all here on Hoffman’s Facebook page.

Just one thing puzzled me.  The No. 75 besides Hoffie’s name. Was it his age or IQ? Answers on a postcard.

Tony Greenstein

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