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J’Accuse – My response to those who make false accusations of witchcraft or ‘anti-Semitism’
This Sunday the long
delayed hearing will take place into the accusations against me before Labour’s
National Constitutional Committee.  The witch-hunters
tried to rush it through quickly on December 11th, giving me just 4
weeks to prepare after a suspension lasting 20 months. 

There will be a picket outside the hearing at the Metropole Hotel in Brighton at 9.45 a.m.  All welcome!

I was forced on 7th
December to go to the High Court in order to obtain
an Injunction
preventing this travesty of justice.  The Judge, Sir Stephen Phillips, agreed with
me that the actions of the Labour Party were indefensible,  However it is the same Panel that refused to grant
me an extension of time that will be hearing my case.  It would be expecting too much that this same
Panel will be prepared to put out of their minds the prejudice and bias that led
them into their earlier error of judgment.

I have been refused
the names of the Panel and indeed the names of my accusers.  However one of them is clearly the Jewish
Labour Movement, the British wing of the racist Israeli Labour Party.  It is somewhat ironic that I am suspended at
the behest of Jeremy Newmark, the then Chair of the JLM, who has been
accused of stealing
thousands of pounds from a Jewish charity.  In a letter to me last week Iain McNicol, the
crooked General Secretary of the Labour Party refused
to suspend Newmark.  It was a ‘private matter’ and anyway he ‘strongly
denied’ the charges despite an internal audit which Newmark never challenged saying

Below is the second
part of my Defence.  The first part was
Anti-Semitism? It’s Israel Stupid!
ONLY people who benefit from false accusations of anti-Semitism are GENUINE
On 13th January 1898
Emile Zola, the French journalist, novelist and playwright, wrote a famous
article J’Accuse.  It was addressed to the President of France,
Félix Faure. It accused the War Office and the Army, who had framed and
imprisoned the Jewish officer, Captain Alfred Dreyfus, of anti-Semitism,
forgery and perverting the course of justice. That is my response, in no
particular order, to the false accusations of anti-Semitism made by McNicol’s pathetic
This paper is not written because I
hope to convince Labour’s National Kangaroo Committee (NKC) of my
innocence.  There is a higher likelihood
of snow falling in the middle of the Saharan summer than my being acquitted. 
I am perhaps lucky that the malevolent
and pliant instruments of Iain McNicol, Labour’s crooked General Secretary, do
not have the power of physical coercion and that I do not have to flee abroad
as Zola was forced to do after publishing J’Accuse.
So far this affair has been
conducted in secret. Not only are the names of those who conducted the
investigation secret, but so are the members of the panel which will hear me. My
accusers too have also been granted the right of anonymity. Even in Hitler’s
People’s Court, the name of the Presiding Judge Roland Freisler was public
knowledge.  Transparency is not a feature
of McNicol’s NKC.
There is as much truth in the false
charge of ‘anti-Semitism’ against me as there was in the accusation of treason
against Dreyfus. My purpose in writing this submission is the same as that of
Zola.  To quote the final paragraph
of J’Accuse.:
I have but one passion: to enlighten
those who have been kept in the dark…. let the enquiry take place in broad
daylight! I am waiting.’
I am not accused of ‘anti-Semitism’
because anyone seriously believes I hate Jews as Jews, which is the only
definition that matters. After all I have spent a lifetime fighting real
anti-Semites and fascists, whereas the only thing my accusers have fought for
is a good seat in a restaurant or a higher place in the pecking order
I am accused of ‘anti-Semitism for
the same reason as thousands of people, including Jeremy Corbyn, Noam Chomsky,
Norman Finkelstein, Gerald Kaufman and Hannah Arendt have been so accused.  Most of the targets of these accusations are
themselves Jewish.  This is an accusation
made by Jewish racists (Zionists) against their anti-racist Jewish opponents.
My only crime is that I oppose
Zionism and the Apartheid State of Israel. In the twisted minds of McNicol’s protégés,
opposition to racism is a form of anti-Semitism.  ‘Anti-Semitism’ for McNicol is anti-racism
for most people.
Even Jonathan Freedland of the
Guardian, someone who has been one of the main proponents of the false
allegations of anti-Semitism, including against Jeremy Corbyn, wrote to me in a
private email that:
‘I have always had respect for the integrity of your position.  I remember your admirable stance on Gilad
Atzmon for example.’ 
Gilad Atzmon is
a notorious anti-Semite, an ex-Israeli and world famous jazz musician.
Freedland was referring to the article I wrote for the Guardian The
Seamy Side of Solidarity
in which I explained why Atzmon was anti-semitic
for those many people who, at that time, refused to believe it. Some still do.

Likewise Jamie Slavin of the Board
of Deputies of British Jews wrote that:
It’s not often that I’m lost for
words.  Today was an exception.  I stumbled across Tony Greenstein’s blog this
morning.  Tony is an anti-Zionist Jewish
member of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC).  Whilst his views on the situation in the
Middle East are a complete anathema to me, to his credit, he has led the
opposition within the PSC to the rising levels of anti-Semitism.
Why did many people refuse to
believe that Gilad Atzmon was an anti-Semite? 
There are two reasons:
Because Atzmon, as a former Israeli
disenchanted with Israel’s human rights crimes, posed as an anti-Zionist. 
Because people are so used to false
allegations of ‘anti-Semitism’ against critics of Israel, that when someone
comes along who actually is an anti-Semite, they tend to be sceptical.  After all they have heard this many times
The effect
of false accusations of anti-Semitism is to render people immune to genuine
anti-Semites.  It is the ‘boy cried wolf’ syndrome.  Zionism has never had any problems with
anti-Semitism since without anti-Semitism there would be no Zionism.  There has always been a coincidence of
interest between anti-Semitism and Zionism hence the collaboration between the
Nazi state and the Zionist movement from 1933-39.
Above – Tony Greenstein
is the target of 2 Separate Articles attacking him on the neo-Nazi Redwatch
Site which targets anti- fascists and anti-racists

Even members of
this Panel must be dimly aware that the most anti-Semitic members of Trump’s
administration and the alt-Right, figures like Steve Bannon or Richard Spencer,
are also the most pro-Israel.  I defy
members of the Panel to name any far-Right or fascist groups in Europe that doesn’t
support Israel.  I can think of two, can
you?  (Jobbik, Golden Dawn)
False accusations of anti-Semitism
help genuine anti-Semites escape detection and confuse ordinary people because
they assume that it is another false accusation. When the intellectual pygmies
and moral cowards of McNicol’s circus accuse people like me, Marc Wadsworth or
Jackie Walker of ‘anti-Semitism’ what they are really doing is giving a helping
hand to people like Nick Griffin of the BNP or Paul Golding of Britain First (both
Of course the pip squeaks and pen
pushers of Southside, who so carefully compile their dodgy dossiers as if they
were an accountant’s ledger, know nothing of who I am or my political record.
People whose only understanding of racism is gained from an equal opportunities
policy and who have never taken any part in anti-racist work have the audacity
to accuse anti-racist activists like us of ‘anti-Semitism’ when their real
purpose is defending the world’s most racist state. 

McNicol and his witchhunters are helping
genuine anti-Semites

Well known anti-Semite Gilad Atzmon uses the false allegations of anti-Semitism from McNicol’s apparatchiks to excuse his own, indeed to hide his own anti-semitism
I have already explained why false
accusations of anti-Semitism against people who are anti-racist can only
confuse people as to who the genuine anti-Semites are allowing the latter to
hide behind claims of supporting Palestine. 
However it also has another, equally serious effect. 
Increasingly in recent weeks
fascists and anti-Semites are using these false accusations of anti-Semitism as
a means of warding off my own criticism of them. In other words McNicol and his
wretches are doing the dirty work of fascists. This has happened twice in the
past few weeks.

On the first occasion Paul Besser, the former
Intelligence Officer of Britain First, whose videos Trump recently retweeted, was
the subject of an expose
by me when he was caught demonstrating against ‘anti-Semitism’ alongside
Zionists at the Palestine Expo 2017 festival. Besser retaliated by quoting
the Compliance Unit’s accusations of anti-Semitism against me! Unbelievable.
Not only helping Zionist racists but now Fascist ones as well.
The other notorious anti-Semite that
McNicol’s scumbags have aided is Gilad Atzmon. 
I have been active in helping drive Atzmon out of the Palestine
solidarity movement. Now he is taking to quoting McNicol’s wretches to attack
me – for anti-Semitism! I received this copy of a Facebook posting today from
Laura MacDonald, who is one of his fans and herself deeply anti-Semitic.
In Israel – inter-marriage between a Jew and an Arab isn’t a religious but a national prohibition – ‘treason’ no less
 The Israel that the Compliance Unit
defends, to the applause of assorted fascists, is a state where, according to a
survey in Israel’s largest paper Yediot
, 75% of Jews refuse to share an apartment block with an Arab and
half believe marriage to an Arab is ‘national treason’ (not a religious sin).  A plurality
(48%) of Israelis believe in physically deporting Israeli Arab citizens.
Correcting a few of the lies of the Jewish Chronicle’s poisonous Political Editor Marcus Dysch
Despite the aversion of McNicol’s lackeys to
daylight, they had no compunction in broadcasting my name across the pages of
The Telegraph and Times (2.4.16.).  Just
3 days before charges were proffered further leaks were made to the Jewish
(31.10.17.) which predicted that charges were imminent. If that
weren’t enough yet another
to the JC (7.12.17.) explained that it was my criticism of Louise
Ellman MP, for her support for the Israeli army’s child abuse which was the ‘tipping point’ in the laying of charges
against me.
Court  Injunction
I was informed, on November 2nd that my hearing was to take place on
December 11th I was in hospital, recovering from surgery.  I immediately responded asking that the
hearing be postponed till after the New Year. Any reasonable or fair minded
person would have granted this immediately, bearing in mind that I had been
suspended for 20 months.
However the Chair of the NCC and whoever
else was implicated in that decision, are anything but fair minded.  Their remit was to be rid of me as soon as
practicably possible. It was clear, from the evidence that I produced at the court
that I was being treated differently, even from other accused persons. 
The Secretary to the NCC, Jane Shaw,
was immensely pleased when she informed me that a photograph had been obtained showing
me at Brighton railway station on November 4th waiting for a train to
London in order to go on a Palestine demonstration.  Apparently this was conclusive proof that I
was able to reply in time to the charges laid against me.
I was therefore left with no other
option but to apply to the High Court for an Injunction preventing a hearing on
December 11th.  Suffice to say
the High Court was not impressed with the Labour Party’s reasoning. Counsel for
the Labour Party didn’t even mention this photograph. Nor was Natalie Connor
able to explain away the rush to judgement in the light of the 20 months
Sir Stephen Phillips found that ‘the Labour Party had dealt brusquely and
without any real reasons’
with my application for an extension of
time.  At a cost to Labour Party members
of some £10,000, Justice Phillips granted me an injunction preventing the
holding a hearing until 8th January 2018.
The NCC Guidelines (Appendix 6)
stipulate that no regard should be paid to any injustices prior to the
notification of a hearing date. The Chair insisted on interpreting the
Guidelines as narrowly as possible, regardless of the prejudice to me. Chapter
6(D)(i) of the Rules states that ‘the NCC
is entitled to (and will) act on the
basis that the charges are properly brought.’ 
There is however a caveat:  ‘unless it [a complaint] is material or relevant to the consideration
of the evidence…’
Clearly not having enough time to
respond to the charges against me was relevant to the evidence.  In any event Chapter 6(2) states that the
Guidelines ‘do not form part of the
Party’s rules.’
and s.3 stipulates that ‘Inevitably
a degree of flexibility is required to deal with unforeseen circumstances or
unusual cases.’
  Chapter 1 Clause IX
stipulates that the NCC ‘shall have the
power… to modify its procedures in order to meet the circumstances of any
particular case to ensure fairness to both the individual and the Party.’
It is clear that the Chair of the NCC
in wilfully disregarding my representations displayed bias and prejudice and
disregarded any notion of fairness.  I
would therefore request that the Chair recuse themselves and plays no further
part in proceedings.
It speaks volumes that capitalist
justice, the High Court, set aside the Chair’s shoddy reasoning.  No doubt the Chair first sought ‘advice’ from
those conducting the investigation. If the person who made the initial ruling
has any integrity they will withdraw of their own accord.  However I realise that integrity is not at a
premium amongst Labour’s apparatchiks.
This submission should be read in
conjunction with the submission which I have already tendered as well of course
as the expert witness reports.

Based on a Dishonest Rendition of the International Holocaust Remembrance
Alliance Definition of Anti-Semitism
McNicol confirms that the IHRA defintion encompasses 39 words not the ‘illustrative’ 11 examples – but the liars who have brought the prosecution against me pretend otherwise
The IHRA Secretariat confirm that the IHRA definition of antisemitism does not encompass the 11 illustrative examples
I have already referred in my previous
submission to the IHRA.  On page 2 of the bundle there is a footnote reference ‘See
IHRA definition of Antisemitism (Tab 9, page
. In fact the definition is spread out over 2 pages, 178 and
179.  This rendition of the IHRA
definition of anti-Semitism comes from a press
  from the Romanian Chair of
the IHRA Conference in 2016.  It has
always struck me as strange that the only source documentation for the IHRA
definition is a scrappy press release. 
After much
prodding the IHRA Permanent Office in Berlin confirmed in a letter
of 12 September 2017 that ‘Nothing
apart from this brief definition of antisemitism was formally adopted by the
IHRA member states at their Bucharest meeting in 2016.’

[…] The Plenary of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance
(IHRA) adopted the working definition of antisemitism under the Romanian
Chairmanship on 26 May 2016. The working definition, like all IHRA decision, is
non-legally binding. The working definition is the text in the box…’
Not only has the IHRA not adopted
the 11 illustrative examples but neither has the Labour Party. It is therefore totally dishonest of McNicol’s monkeys
to have asserted that the IHRA definition included the 11 examples when they
Charges 1 –
Social Media Posts
it be too much to expect that the useless bureaucrat who compiled dozens of my
social media posts to have used page numbers rather than tabs?  Tabs cover 30 or more pages.  Don’t Labour’s indolent apparatchiks have at
least some skill sets such as the ability to undertake basic referencing?  Or are Labour’s witch hunters totally without
any discernible talents?
The allegations under the heading
Charge 1 are a mixture of the inane, the superficial, the tedious, the mendacious
and trivial.  Apart from being based on a
breach of the Data Protection Act 1998, as social media posts are my own
property, they are irrelevant.  The social
media posts which have been copied cannot be sourced and have not been sourced and
therefore the context cannot be determined.
Twitter is the medium of quite bitter
exchanges at times and heated confrontations. 
In only displaying one side of these confrontations McNicol’s apparatchiks
have displayed their usual fair mindedness. 
There is also deliberate
policy of ignoring abuse by anti-Corbyn/rightwing Labour members on social
media when it is directed at the Left and immediately picking up on any
response when it is by the Left.  That is
why it is absurd to even try to go through what is half the picture.  Below I give one important example:
Warren Morgan – Leader of Brighton and Hove Council
Warren Morgan’s Open Letter – Unredacted

Morgan is a committed supporter of Progress. 
He is someone for whom truth and lies have little or no meaning.  They are mere expedients.  On July 9th 2016 Brighton District
Labour Party held its AGM.  Because so
many people, over 600 turned up and the hall that was booked was too small,
there had to be three sittings.  Momentum
supported candidates won by over 2-1. 
Immediately allegations of foul play, in particular spitting, were made.
They were made primarily
by Warren Morgan.  Yet they were untrue.
A dossier compiled by Greg Hadfield proved this beyond any doubt.  Greg was subsequently suspended because he
insisted on the truth coming out. Video
footage was subsequently obtained proving that there was no spitting. Katherine
Buckingham, who was appointed by the Disputes Committee to produce an Inquiry
Report refused to even look at the video when she realised that it would
contradict Morgan’s lies.  This is
democracy and fairness in the Court of McNicol.

Warren Morgan’s open letter to Iain McNicol redacted to remove references to me
Last September Morgan was up to his old
tricks again.  This time it was an
allegation that the Labour Party was overrun by ‘anti-Semitism’.  He made the headlines with threats that the
Labour conference would not be welcome in Brighton.  All Labour Party Branches which have
discussed it have either called on him to resign or apologise or both.  Brighton Kemptown CLP has now endorsed these
calls. Morgan’s comments were taken up by Theresa May in Question Time and thus
used against the Labour Party. A clear case of bringing the Party into
disrepute.  Morgan stated in his Open
Letter to Iain McNicol that:
‘We have
the prominent activist and suspended Labour Party member Tony Greenstein here,
who indeed was present at the fringe meeting where it was suggested that
Holocaust denial should be allowed.  His
expulsion, in my view, is long overdue.’
Morgan was referring to a comment made by
a speaker at a Free Speech on Israel meeting that all subjects should be discussed,
including whether the Holocaust occurred. It is a standard free speech
argument, it didn’t indicate any agreement with Holocaust denial.
Morgan’s attack on me for simply being
at the meeting were a classic case of guilt by association.  I therefore made a complaint, not once but three
times, (12th October, 16th and 24th November)
to McNicol. McNicol has refused to even acknowledge my complaint.
that making a complaint to crooked McNicol was useless, since Labour’s complaints
system is only designed for use by the Right, I decided to make a complaint to
Brighton and Hove Council’s Standards Board. Whilst I am unable to provide full
details of the outcome at the present time, I am pleased to say that Warren
Morgan has been forced to amend his post above and has now deleted all
references to me. He has in addition offered, via the relevant Standards Board
officer, an apology.
However this was obtained through a statutory
process.  It would have been impossible
to achieve any measure of recompense through the Labour Party’s Complaints
System because it is a factional instrument of the Right.  It does not contain any element of fairness
which is why I had go to the High Court to rectify the bias of the Chair of
this Panel and what Steve Bell called the National Kangaroo Court. 
This submission has therefore been
compiled for the record not in the hope that the leopard will change its spots
or that you will overcome the habits of a lifetime and reach a decision on the
weight of the evidence rather than your ingrained biases.
social media posts on Warren Morgan’s Facebook page
Labour’s Compliance Unit have gone to
great length to try to gather samples of abusive posts by me. Such things as ‘Gay Zios make me puke’ which is no more
than an expression of belief about gays who use their own oppression to justify
the oppression of others or references to ‘Zio scum’ seem to disturb them no
end.  All of the above posts lack any
context. The latter comment is in response to abuse from a Zionist and was
entirely justified.
In fact, as the 6 pages of abusive
tweets I have already submitted demonstrate, far from me abusing others I have
been the victim of abusive social media posts. 
The use of the word ‘scum’ is perfectly justified for racists or fascists.  I realise that members of the Panel are
likely have no experience or involvement in anti-fascist activity and those who
compiled the dodgy dossier are even less likely, but if they had then they
would know that one of the key slogans shouted on anti-fascist demonstrations
was ‘Nazi scum off the streets’.  In Brighton we had a variant on this ‘Thick and dumb, Nazi scum’.  No doubt McNicol’s poisonous scribes
would have declared we were being oppressive to the local fascists!
The exchange on Warren Morgan’s
Facebook page was between a former Labour councillor Craig Turton and Warren
Morgan.  In response to Craig Turton’s statement
that ‘Greenstein is a poisonous piece of
shit – the sooner he’s kicked out of the party the better’
Morgan responds
Thanks Craig, appreciate that.  Hope you are well.’
If I had posted this truly abusive post
to or about another member of the Labour Party then the Compliance Unit would
have been down on it like a ton of bricks. My posts have been robust but not
abusive.  They have primarily been
political not personal.
I therefore made a complaint about
Warren Morgan’s posts to McNicol. What was the response? Not a dicky bird.
Crooked McNicol’s only concern is abuse by the Left not abuse against the
No doubt there will be some tendentious
excuse by Panel members as to why selective indignation by McNicol’s
apparatchiks is irrelevant. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you. I expect the
panel will follow the example of the 3 wise monkeys and see, say and hear
nothing. However it is important to put these things down for the record.
In Charge
exception is taken to my description of John Mann MP as someone ‘addicted to murder and racism.’  This is my assessment of the rent-a-mouth who
accused Ken Livingstone of being a supporter of Hitler! Mann has gone out of
his way to accuse opponents of Israel of ‘anti-Semitism’.
It was his Committee that was behind
the introduction of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance which
conflates anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. Mann also penned an open
(27.7.15) to Jeremy Corbyn accusing him, during the first leadership
election, of having turned a blind eye to child abuse.  This disgusting man used the suffering of
children in order to mount a political vendetta against the soon to be leader
of the Labour Party.  It is about time
that Mann was made accountable.  I regret
just one of the many abusive tweets I have been sent
Mann is the man who
alleged that an open letter to him by a 90 year old Jewish Dr Sam Glatt, a
Labour Party member, telling him to stop undermining Jeremy Corbyn was a
forgery.  It was only when I obtained a signed
of a letter denying Mann’s spurious allegations that Mann’s defamatory
Facebook post was taken down.
As someone who has deliberately targeted
supporters of the Palestinians as ‘anti-Semitic’ my accusations against him are
well founded.  It is suggested further
that my comments are ‘potentially
.  Fine.  Let him sue, bearing in mind that the
comments are not only true but fair comment – a defence in all defamation
I do not intend, in view of the clear
and demonstrable hypocrisy of my accusers to waste any more time  on social media posts unless there is a wider
political that needs making
Gay Zionists Make Me Puke
No: 11 –
The idiot who compiled the 189 page bundle makes repeated reference
to the above phrase but fails to point out that it can be found on p.39. He pompously
states that ‘the singling out of Gay
Zionists has caused offence’
.  I
singled out no one. In any event it is no business of the snoop in
compliance.  He should not be monitoring
my social media posts and then s/he would not take offence.
Political debate often causes
offence.  Only those who wanted to be
offended would have read what was an exchange between Independent journalist,
herself an Israeli Mira bar Hillel and myself. 
Mira pointed out that Elton John had dedicated his Your Song to
Israel.  She might also have pointed out
that Elton John is a despicable racist who broke the boycott of South Africa
when he played in Sun City.  But maybe
the idiot who compiled this thinks that that Boycott too was racist?
No:s 21 & 22       
The waste of
space who collected the two tweets referred to here allege they are in Tab
5.  They are not.  If the idiot had bothered to put in page
numbers then they might have been found by me rather than wasting my time.
The first allegation refers to my
alleged comment ‘racist whore’  I don’t know what the context of this
tweet was, assuming I said it.  However
if it was in reaction to the racist rubbish that I regularly receive, which the
idiot who collected these tweets deliberately ignored, then it is
The second allegation that I referred
to another member of the party as ‘a
Janus faced whore who bears the impression of the last person who sat on him’
not to my knowledge a saying of mine.  I’m
not a student of the classics!  It might
however refer to my applause
for a similar comment by a Terry Kelly about Owen Jones.  Seems most appropriate!  I did think it had originated with George
Galloway but I might be mistaken.  If the
person who collected this had bothered to reference it then the context might
have been obvious.  I do not have the
time to source all these given that over 17 months Labour’s useless bureaucrats
were unable to reference their findings.
If we want to talk about
anti-Semitic and racist tweets here are few that McNicol’s minions didn’t
blog one day I got 2 posts – one from a Zio and another from a
Neo-Nazi.  I found the post from the Zio
more disturbing than the holocaust denier. 
Strange that.  Why do you think
that was?
McNicol’s monkeys spent a lot of time
monitoring my blog, my social media posts and much else.  First they suspended me, then they went
digging.  However they did not unearth
anything that is remotely racist. 
Political yes.  Socialist too.  However what is more interesting is what they
ignored.  They certainly learnt nothing.
On page 9 of the Bundle, accompanying
Complaint No. 2 from the JLM, presumably from Jeremy Newmark, there is a tweet
by me saying that if you have the racist JLM taking a training course on anti-Semitism
you may as well invite Nick Griffin of the BNP. 
I stand by this remark.  Asking
racists to take a course on opposing racism beggars belief.  I also made the joke that it’s like asking
the late Dr Harold Shipman to take a course on medical ethics.   Clearly, apart from all his other
deficiencies, Newmark doesn’t possess a sense of humour either.
Obsessions of McNicol’s Monkeys
There seem to be a host of pages in the
189 page bundle that do not seem to be attached to any charges.  Pages 127-137, 158-162 focus on blog posts
criticising the Jewish Socialists Group over their lack of support for Jackie
Walker.  All very interesting but what
relevance is it to the charges against me?  
Or is just general surveillance and a means of creating jobs at
Southside to have semi-permanent monitoring of my blog? 
Death of Sir
Gerald Kaufman MP
It is now nearly a year since Gerald
Kaufman, the then father of the House of Commons died.  When I first met him he was a
died-in-the-wool Zionist.  However the
actions and behaviour of Israel over the years had taken its toll of the man
who coined the ‘longest suicide note in
pun to describe Labour’s 1983 Manifesto.  Sir Gerald, although on the Right of the
Labour Party,, was a dedicated humanitarian and he had spoken out about
Israel’s war crimes, especially in regard to Gaza.  That was why the Zionist movement loathed
him.  No less than 10% of the bundle is
devoted to my blog posts on Sir Gerald. 
On page 138 in my appreciation on Sir
Gerald’s death I reprint the famous speech he gave in 2009 at the time of
Operation Cast Lead when Israel killed 1,400 people in Gaza.   Sir Gerald denounced this in no uncertain
terms comparing the actions of Israel in killing Palestinian grandmothers to
the actions of Nazi soldiers who killed his grandmother in a Polish
ghetto.  Perhaps the cretins of the
Compliance Unit want to have a posthumous denunciation of Sir Gerald for
offending against the even more cretinous IHRA definition of anti-Semitism?
On page 139 we have the obnoxious John
Mann being reported as saying that ‘Kaufman
is a disgrace to Parliament and the Labour Party.’ 
On pages 142-146 there is a blog post ‘Sussex Friends of Israel – Our Code of
Conduct is based on the principles of Respect, Responsibility and Integrity’

and I then proceed to describe how this far Right Zionist group greeted news of
Sir Gerald’s death.  It is truly a lesson
in Zionist hypocrisies to contrast their noble statement of principles with the
Facebook comments. 
The nicest comment from Peter Stockton
was ‘On the basis that  you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead I’ll say
Page 143
Since McNicol’s poisonous pigmies have
seen fit to reproduce pages of my blog on Sir Gerald I will post some of these
Zionist comments.  Perhaps the Compliance
Unit was thinking of inquiring if these scumbags were members of the Labour
Party?  Comments include:
Good riddance to this
evil man who calls himself Jewish. (143)
        Looked like ET,
behaved like a Nazi.  Glad he lived to
see the Donald in power before he died.
informs us ‘Nothing worse
than an anti-Semitic Jew.  He will not
rest in peace.
was quite witty ‘some days are
better than others’
was fulsome in his tribute ‘And
what a repulsive man he was’
was effusive ‘Good riddance
to bad rubbish’
likewise ‘I’m sorry good
riddance.  These Jews are the worst.’
was brevity itself ‘every dog has
its day’
again could only find one word ‘Traitor’ though to whom or what she didn’t
was clearly the intellectual of SFI – ‘Good Labour politician – Lousy Jew.’
These are only a selection of the
obnoxious and racist posts.  The question
is why this blog post was included.  One
can only assume that my posting these vile comments was seen as anti-Semitic
and that McNicol’s monkey sympathised with the comments.
I am fortified in this belief by
another post on Sir Gerald Kaufman’s death headed ‘Have they no shame?  Whilst his body is still warm Fake
‘Anti-Semitism’ Charity Continues to Defame Gerald Kaufman’s Memory
.  Pages 150-155
The fake Zionist charity Campaign Against Anti-Semitism also paid tribute to Sir Gerald.  ‘Sir Gerald Kaufman MP’s words have left a
rotting stain on our institutions.’ 
the question is why did McNicol’s poisonous dwarves think that these pages were
worth including in the bundle? 
McNicol’s monkeys aren’t quite as sharp as Steve Bell’s

It will be borne in mind that the
falsified and worthless surveys of this far-Right Zionist ‘charity’ are cited
in the Bundle by the monkeys.
 Charge 17 – The Jewish Labour Movement is deeply
The corrupt former Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement – Jeremy Newmark
One of the most outrageous charges
against me is that ‘Mr Greenstein
publicly accused the Director of the Jewish Labour Movement and the Jewish
Labour Movement itself of being “racist”.’ 
It is outrageous because of the assumption
that there are certain beliefs which are outside an unwritten Labour Party
catechism.  The narrow minded haters of
free speech in the Compliance Unit not doubt believe that the racist Israeli
state is a flourishing, western style democracy that just happens to be based
in the Middle East.  After all it even
participates in the Eurovision contest.
Liar Newmark is found out by
Employment Tribunal in its judgment.
the Jewish Labour Movement, the British wing or as it terms the ‘sister party’ of the Israeli Labour
Party is without doubt racist.  Since
when is it illegal to have a dissenting opinion in the Labour Party?  McNicol’s henchmen are waging  a war on free speech and debate via the
misuse of the disciplinary process.
It would appear that the mere holding
and expressing of a political opinion is, in itself, a disciplinary offence if
it strays into criticism of Israel beyond the normal platitudes.  This is a police state mentality.  I don’t know the name of the narrow minded
bigot drew up this charge but this is a complete waste of staff resources. What
kind of disciplinary process is it which penalises a political opinion?  This is McCarthyism or maybe McNicolism gone
It is a statement of fact that the JLM
and Newmark have no hesitation in accusing other people, such as Ken
Livingstone, of ‘anti-Semitism’. I am not aware that Newmark has ever faced
disciplinary action for such allegations but accusing the JLM of racism is apparently
a disciplinary offence.  #
the hell should the Israeli Labour Party’s racist British wing be rendered
immune to criticism?  Why the hell should
the Israeli Labour Party have any representation inside our party?
Newmark is not only a racist liar but
he is a perjurer.  The Employment
Tribunal in Fraser v University College
was quite explicit.  They did
not believe a word of the evidence he gave when trying to frame UCU for racial
discrimination because it passed pro BDS policy.
consists of my posting an article stating that ‘The JLM are the British wing of the Israeli Labour Party and affiliated
to the World Zionist Organisation.  Their
role is to prettify Israeli racism and repression.’
  Err yes. 
What is the point of this idiotic
?  It is a fact married to
an opinion.
The Israeli Labour Party was the party
of government in Israel from 1948-1977 and again from 1992-96 and from
1999-2003.  It is unlikely to form a
government again in Israel.  The JLM is a
creature of this racist party and it is reasonable therefore to say that the
JLM is racist.  The reasons why the Israeli
Labour Party are racist include:
The ILP was responsible for the ethnic cleansing of ¾
million Palestinians in 1948 and for imposing military rule over those Arabs
who continued to live in Israel until 1966.
The ILP has supported every war against both Arab
countries and the Palestinians. 
The ILP began the settlement of the Occupied
Territories and its policy is to oppose
the dismantling of any settlement.
The ILP erected the architecture of Israeli Apartheid
such as the special place of the Jewish Agency and the Jewish National
Fund.  These are parastate organisations
whose existence is predicated on promoting and favouring the interests of
Jewish as opposed to non-Jewish citizens. 
For example 93% of Israeli land is reserved for the benefit of Jews only
and despite an adverse decision in Kadun v Israeli Land Administration
the State of Israel has continued to discriminate in land allocation passing
for example the Reception
Committee Law
in 2009.
It was the ILP which during the 1920s and 1930s when it
dominated the Zionist movement campaigned on the policies of Jewish Land and
Jewish Produce.  These policies were best
described by David Ha’Cohen, former Managing Director of Solel Boneh, the
Histadrut (Zionist Union) Building Company.
I had to fight my friends on the issue of Jewish socialism, to defend the
fact that I would not accept Arabs into my trade union, the Histadrut; to
defend preaching to housewives that they not buy at Arab stores; to defend the
fact that we stood guard at orchards to prevent Arab workers from getting jobs
there… To pour kerosene on Arab tomatoes; to attack Jewish housewives in the
markets and smash the Arab eggs they had bought; to praise to the skies to
Keren Kayemet [Jewish National Fund] that sent [Zionist Organisation agent
Yehoshua] Hankin to Beirut to buy land from absentee effendis [landowners] and
to throw the fellahin off the land… to do all that was not easy.” (David
Hirst, The Gun and the Olive Branch: The Roots of Violence in the Middle
, Nation
Books, third edition 2003, p. 185.)
From its inception the Israeli
Labour Party was a party of first economic and then political apartheid.
The ILP was not
unique.  Similar Labour Parties were set
up amongst the white settlers in South Africa, Canada, Australia and
Rhodesia.  Almost without exception these
parties were advocates of a colour bar. 
In Australia for example the Labour Party and Trade Union Movement were
the foremost proponents of a White Australian Policy. In no case were any of
these parties represented inside the British Labour Party. For historical
reasons, primarily the necessity to win over the Labour Party to support the
Balfour Declaration, the ILP (then Mapai) was represented by Poale Zion as an
affiliated socialist society. This is a historical anachronism, a relic of the
British Empire.
It is a disgrace that the ILP is, via the JLM, an
affiliated socialist society. If there is a need for a separate Jewish
affiliate then it should not be affiliated to the World Zionist Organisation as
the JLM is or have any connection with the ILP.
The WZO acts
specifically to support one section of the Israeli population, its Jewish
citizens. It funds and supports the illegal Jewish settlements on the West
Bank. The JLM is affiliated to the WZO. In November Ha’aretz, published an
editorial calling for the closure of the
WZO’s ‘land theft division.’
It is, thus, an outrage, that a racist and apartheid
supporting society, the JLM should be affiliated to the Labour Party.  In describing them as ‘racist’ I was merely
telling the truth. 
Whereas in the former White Dominions the old Labour
Parties have either disappeared (South Africa/Zimbabwe/Canada) or changed
(Australia/New Zealand) in Israel the ILP is as racist as it always was.  If the ILP had changed its spots and de-Zionised
in the same way as the Australian Labour Party had decolonised, then there
might be some reason why the JLM should remain an affiliate.  However the JLM has not shake off its
past.  On the contrary it is one of the
main organisations behind the false anti-Semitism campaign.
The ILP today is as
racist as it was when it was in government. 
It is moving further to the racist Right in order to catch Netanyahu up: 
Former Israeli Labour Leader Yitzhak Herzog’s nightmare was a Palestinian Prime Minister
Its previous leader Isaac Herzog declared that his nightmare was waking
up to find that Israel had a Palestinian Prime Minister and 61 Palestinian
Members of Israel’s Knesset (Parliament).  Who needs the Right when we have Isaac
someone were to say that they didn’t want a Jewish Prime Minister.  Would that be racist?
Herzog also recently declared that he wanted to dispel the false impression that the ILP
were ‘Arab Lovers’ 
Herzog has
now been succeeded by Avi Gabbay, who is even more right-wing. One of his first
acts was to declare that none of the major settlement blocs on the West Bank
will be demolished.
followed this up with full support for
Netanyahu’s intention to physically deport Black African refugees from
Sudan and Eritrea.  The reason?  Because they threaten,
in Netanyahu’s words, the Jewish identity of Israel.  Racist? 
Perish the thought. 
None of
this should be of any surprise.  As
another former leader, Shelly Yacimovich stated, Labour is not a Left Wing Party
Indeed in a British context, this redneck party of settlers would be
between the Tory Party and UKIP.   It is
noticeable that the JLM does not have links with the only leftist Zionist
party, Meretz. 
takes exception to my blog in which I say ‘It is time for Labour to say goodbye to Labour Friends of Israel.’
Is this also anti-Semitic?  Why?  Are you confusing Israel and Zionism with
anti-Semitism?  If you look at your IHRA
definition of anti-Semitism doesn’t it say something about blaming Jews for
what Israel does and here you re saying that Jews and Israel are synonymous.  The Compliance Unit are total fucking idiots. 

Support for South Africa in the Day of Apartheid

I first became politically active in
1970 with the demonstrations against the South Africa Springboks Rugby
Tour.  It was through organising the
opposition to it that the Chair of the Young Liberals Peter Hain first came
into public prominence.  At that time
prominent Labour right-wingers like Ray Gunter, Minister of Labour, supported
the arms trade with South Africa.
The State of Israel under the ILP
was the closest ally of South Africa during the Apartheid years.  Israel not only helped South Africa develop a
nuclear device it established an arms production company, Iskandor in South
Africa.  And who can forget the visit of
South Africa Premier John Vorster to Israel. 
Despite having been interned during the war for Nazi sympathies Vorster
made the obligatory visit to Yad Vashem the Holocaust propaganda museum.  Thus the victims of the Holocaust were used
in the sanitisation of a white supremacist. Yad Vashem does this regularly
having been the host for visits of Herr Strache, the neo-Nazi leader of
Austria’s Freedom Party, Michal Kaminski et al.
I will not waste any more time on this disgusting racist party other
than to say that I fully defend my remarks that the JLM and Newmark are racists
and that is why they are thick as thieves with the Israeli Labour Party.  If the JLM and Newmark were anti-racist then
they would protest to the ILP about their stance on refugees for example but
you would look in vain for any
criticism of the ILP by the JLM just as you would look in vain for any criticism of the World Zionist Organisation by the JLM.  The purpose of the JLM and LFI is to
represent the interests of the Israeli state inside the Labour Party not to
represent our views to them.
Idiotic Allegations and Misdemeanours
No. 40
is that I posted a blog entitled ‘Crooked
Iain McNicol… rides again’. 
is the objection?  McNicol presided over
a regime where thousands of Labour Party members were suspended on the basis
that they were voting for Jeremy Corbyn. 
That seems to me to be crooked but if McNicol disagrees he can always
sue for libel!
No. 41
seems to take exception to my remarks made after the death of the
late Sir Gerald Kaufman.  Although still
a Zionist, at least nominally, Sir Gerald was a rare species who actually
believed in some of the rhetoric they engage in. I said that his famous speech
in Parliament at the time of Operation Cast Lead ‘was unforgivable because we must not compare Israel to Nazi
Germany.  Only Zionists may use the
Holocaust to defend their bastard state of racial supremacy.
’  What is the objection to this passage.  It is a fact that the Zionist movement
shamelessly exploits the Holocaust for political purposes.  But it is held to be unforgivable when others
make comparisons, as Sir Gerald did, between Israel’s actions and those of Nazi
Germany. I disagree. 
No. 44 –
Says I posted a blog ‘The
abuse of anti-Semitism to silence free speech on Israel.’ 
What is the objection?  False
allegations of anti-Semitism are always used to silence support for the
Palestinians.  It is a trite point.
No. 45
is that Labour NEC member Rhea 
Wolfson stabbed Jackie Walker in the back.  Is the objection that I should have
paraphrased Jess Philips comment on Jeremy Corbyn that she would rather stab
him in the front?  Rhea Wolfson broke
down in tears on the NEC when she thought Darren Williams wouldn’t vote to
refer Jackie to the NCC.  It’s called fair
comment although I doubt the fool who wrote these sentences understands why.
Polls and Compliance Fools
From pages 168-177 the bundle covers
opinion poll reactions to the false anti-Semitism campaign in the Labour
Party.  This is of course to be expected
from Progress’s lackeys.  The technique
is one that Goebbels himself was adept at. 
Keep bombarding people with the lie that the Labour Party is overrun
with anti-Semitism and some people will believe it. Then taken an Opinion Poll
and guess what, you find that ‘Anti-Semitism
is tolerated in Labour, say 8 in 10 Jews.’
pp. 168-171.
Let us subject this nonsense to
analysis. People will remember the polls that told us, when a General Election
was called back in April 2017, that Theresa May would win by a mile. She was a
most popular politician. Why the Chair of Labour Friends of Israel, Joan Ryan
MP even told her constituents that she understood why they preferred May to
Corbyn.  Labour
candidate defending London seat admits people have more confidence in Theresa
May than Jeremy Corbyn
.  A sentiment McNicol and those who
compiled this dodgy dossier would no doubt agree with.  After all that is why this useless Labour
General Secretary starved of resources and help any Tory held marginals since
he believed Labour was going to lose seats.
Two of my blog posts that haven’t been
included in the dodgy dossier are those of April 20th when I predicted that
there would be either a hung Parliament or Labour could even win Labour
Can Win if Corbyn is Bold
and on June 3rd General
Election – Is Labour on the threshold of victory? No one has been more
disappointed with the success of Labour’s campaign than the Labour Right and
Zionist Jewish Labour Movement
This cretinous Blairite idea that
Labour must be in thrall to Opinion Polls and follow what is a reflection of
the Conservative press is what lies at the root of Labour’s electoral
weakness.  It stands for nothing but
received opinion. It was to Corbyn’s credit that he went out and campaigned on
a radical manifesto but that would never have happened if the logic displayed
in this dodgy dossier had applied.
No doubt 80% of Jews have been
convinced that Labour is too tolerant of anti-Semitism in the Labour
Party.  Especially since there has been
no pushback by Labour.  But if you were
to ask what exactly Labour is tolerant of and what this anti-Semitism is then
they would be stumped. It just goes to show you can fool most of the people all
of the time.  It is the job of the Labour
Party to rebut this idea not sustain it.
The idiots who pursue this nonsense may
believe that by expelling a few Jewish and Black anti-racists that they will
mollify the Jewish Chronicle and The Times and Mail.  That the headlines will disappear.  Appeasement never works as a strategy.  That is the lesson of Corbynism.  It is by standing up to this narrative that
it will be defeated.  It is the cowardice
of McNicol and the Compliance Unit sustains the idea that Labour is an
anti-Semitic party.
Michal Kaminski MEP of the Polish Law & Justice Party visits Yad Vashem, Israel’s holocaust propaganda museum 
Even Eric Pickles, former Tory Chairman
and former Chair of the Conservative Friends of Israel  is quoted (p.171) to say that ‘modern anti-Semitism has been allowed to
‘flourish in the left of British politics, unchallenged by the Labour
  There are no depths
that McNicol’s monkey’s won’t sink to.
Instead of repeating what Tory Zionists say
perhaps Labour could take a leaf out of David Miliband’s book circa 2009. The
Tories were in alliance in the European Parliament with the European
Conservative and Reform group.  Members
of this group included the Polish Law and Justice Party and the Latvian
LNNK.  The sole member of the LNNK was
Robert Zile.  Zile spends one Saturday
every March marching with veterans of the Latvian SS. The Chair of the ECR
group in 2009 was Law & Justice Party MEP Michal Kaminski, whose
constituency when a member of the Polish Sejm included a village in Polish,
Now I know that the sycophants and
incompetents who drew up this dossier will not have heard of Michal Kaminski or
Jedwabne so let me educate you. Jedwabne was a village in Eastern Poland in
1941 where there was a large Jewish community. When the Russians left in June
1941 the Nazis moved in. But it wasn’t the Nazis who murdered the Jews of
Jedwabne but some of their fellow Polish citizens. Up to 1600 Jews were rounded
up and herded into a barn which was then set alight. The Jews of Jedwabne died
at the hands of their fellow Poles.
Shocking you might think. There have
been 2 books which have reconstructed the history of what happened. Neighbours by Thomas Andrew Grosz and The Crime and the Silence by Anna
Bikont. I wouldn’t expect you to know much about this because unlike me, you
know little or nothing about the Holocaust.
Kaminski gave his support to the Committee to Defend the Good Name of
, formed by the local Catholic priest, Father Orlowski. Its main
function was to deny that Polish hands had set fire to the barn and to blame it
on the Nazis. There is however no doubt, as Bikont and Grosz demonstrate, that
it was Polish fascists of the Nationalist Endek Party that were responsible.
Kaminski led the protests against the national apology given by the then Polish
President Aleksander
Kwasniewski  on 10 July 2001 to mark the 60th anniversary of
the massacre when a memorial was built to the victims in Jedwabne.
has travelled to Israel and paid homage at Yad Vashem. He has spoken at Israel’s
prestigious security conference in Herzliya. Like many if not most anti-Semites,
he is an ardent Zionist. He doesn’t much like Jews in Poland but he is happy
for them to go to Israel. The Law & Justice Party which is now in
government in Poland is a far-Right anti-Semitic party. For example its
Education Minister Anna Zalewska insinuated that the Jedwabne massacre of 1941 was a matter of “opinion.”   in an interview in
July on the Polish public broadcaster TVN. 
The party chairman, Eric Pickles, offered an appalling defence, telling the BBC
last month that the Latvian Waffen-SS were only conscripts fighting for their
country, and to say otherwise was a Soviet smear. Again, this misses the fact
that a substantial minority of the Latvian Waffen-SS were eager volunteers,
including veterans of pro-Nazi death squads who had already taken part in the
first phase of the Holocaust – and that should be enough to decide that those
who march in celebration of men who fought with Hitler, and against Britain and
its allies, are beyond the pale.
The Tory response consisted of pointing to ‘the embrace extended to Kaminski by first,
the editor of the Jewish Chronicle, and second, the Conservative Friends of
Israel, which astonishingly welcomed Kaminski yesterday.
’  How surprising. The very Jewish Chronicle and
its far-Right editor Stephen Pollard, who have pushed the Labour Party
anti-Semitism campaign have defended Kaminski. 
In an article in the Guardian Poland’s Kaminski is not an antisemite: he’s a
friend to Jews
Pollard defended Kaminski on the
grounds that he was pro-Israel, which covers most anti-Semites. 
In other words if the Labour Party
hadn’t adopted the cowardly defence that McNicol’s monkeys and witch hunters
had done then Labour could have rebutted the false anti-Semitism allegations
very easily by pointing the finger at those who are happy to work with genuine
On page 175 McNicol’s reactionary ciphers quote the far-Right
CAA which I’ve already dealt with.
The moral to be drawn from this is that whenever you concede to your
opponents’ narrative you don’t rebut it but you reinforce it. It’s a simple
matter of politics. The reality is that Labour’s civil service, its staff and
administration are full to the brim of people who were appointed under Blair’s
regime and who subscribe to the idea that Labour should be a party of
imperialism and war and differ only from the Tories in the quality of our
soundbites and focus groups.
The 189 page bundle is truly pathetic.  It is the political equivalent of a gossip
column and says more about those who compiled it than about me.  It is symptomatic of the poverty of intellect
and ideas that infests Labour’s permanent bureaucracy.  It is not myself or other anti-racists or
anti-Zionists who should be expelled.  It
is McNicol, Stolliday and the rest of the rats who should be shown the door.
Tony Greenstein 8 January 2018

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