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Mandy Blumenthall, Andrew Gatward & Ambrosine Shitrit Are Proof that Zios
Have the Ethics of a Rattlesnake as They Try to Exploit the Death of a Friend for Political

For some time a group of Zionist
fascists, led by one Jonathan Hoffman, have gone around London deliberately
trying to disrupt Palestine solidarity meetings, obstruct demonstrations and on
occasion physically attack people.

They are an assorted group of racists and fascists including people like Paul Besser, former ‘Intelligence’ Office for the neo-Nazi Britain First, a Holocaust denying outfit, a sympathiser of which murdered Labour MP Jo Cox in 2016.  Others include Andrew Gatward, ex-BNP, Gemma Sheridan and Roberta Moore of the neo-Nazi Jewish Defence League.  All of them have far-Right politics and hang around people like Tommy Robinson, founder of the EDL and currently with British Pegida.

So you can imagine their anguish when I printed an Exclusive last December:   We Name the Gang of 31 Zionists Whose Purpose is to Disrupt Palestinian Events in London which was subtitled ‘The Thugs and Misfits of the neo-Nazi Jewish Defence League & Assorted Fascists Intent on Destroying Free Speech on Israel and Palestine’

One of these fascists and racists was one Jason Silver.  Clearly suffering from mental health problems he took his own life recently.  The reason for this seems to have been that he was led to believe that he could use the fake IHRA definition of anti-Semitism to have last July’s Palestine Expo banned and then on the day to have the Police close it down. 
Silver went on to write to Amber Rudd  and the Metropolitan Police Comissioner to try and stop PALEXPO going ahead  and he even threatened to attend and find evidence of antisemitism for the Police. He went and then instituted complaints of antisemtism against the Police  because they refused to close down the event on his say-so on the day – he believed he had the right under the IHRA definition to insist on this. He set up a false FB account under the name JANET LITTLEFINGER to harass the Met. He even published the name of the young policewoman dealing with his case so people could email and bully her.
Jason Silver opposing ‘anti-semitism’ with the defrocked priest and Hitler supporter Neil Horan in green

Just some of the abusive messages accusing Sally Eason and myself of murdering Jason Silver
The original post – a factual description that Silver never expressed any objection to
Silver says he is fuming – with the Police for banning the EDL

The lies these fascists tell – there was no communication – ever with Jason Silver
The ability to manufacture fake evidence is impressive – however this advocate of ‘interfaith unity’ was calling all Muslims paedophiles and terrorists in the video

Jason Silver’s wife tries to calm him down whilst others encourage his delusions

Hoffman makes a direct accusation of murder – on the basis of no evidence

His vile racist abuse of
the annual Al Quds demonstration can be seen here:
Silver later took this
video down because he feared it might incriminate him.
The Islamic Human Rights
Commission report of the racist attacks on the march are here.  The tenor of Silver’s remarks was evidenced
by nonsense such as ‘Stop the Palestinian
occupation of Israel.’
There is no doubt that
Silver was encouraged in these lunatic views by the fascists he had surrounded
himself with.  It is equally clear that
he was encouraged by them in his delusional belief that he was being victimised
by the Police.  Of course every death is
a tragedy and when I became aware of what had happened I removed the section of
the blog that related to Silver whilst keeping the rest of it online.  There was no reason to keep up something
which clearly had no more relevance.  To Jonathan
Hoffman simple basic decency towards someone who has died was an attempt to
hide the evidence.
Paul Besser on right back row with Paul Golding (with cross) of Britain First
There are very few people
in this world of whom it can be said that they are without even one redeeming
feature.  Hoffman however is just such a
creature.  His life is dedicated to
increasing the sum total of human misery, all in the name of combating ‘anti-Semitism’.
It is clear that Silver was obsessed with his complaints to the Police
Yet strangely enough,
when Kevin Myers of the Irish Sunday 
Times gave vent to overtly anti-Semitic  remarks, Hoffman defended him!  Myers had said:
The fascist blame us for Silver’s death when it is they who filled his head with hate
“I note that two of the best paid women presenters in the BBC – Claudia
Winkleman and Vanessa Feltz, with whose, no doubt, sterling work I am
tragically unacquainted – are Jewish. Good for them.
“Jews are not general noted for their insistence on selling their talent
for the lowest possible price, which is the most useful measure there is of
inveterate, lost-with-all-hands stupidity.”
Only Hoffman could find
that this was not anti-Semitic!  On what basis did he come to this
conclusion?  How did someone who sees anti-Semitism
in virtually everything that moves fail to see it in the above statement?  Myers is a racist bigot who has previously disparaged Africans and single mothers [see The warped logic of pro-Israel bully Jonathan
Gatward pretends he is infiltrating the BNP
The only answer to this
puzzle is the age-old Zionist attitude to anti-Semitism.  Zionism historically has, in Herzl’s words ‘pardoned’
anti-Semitism.  It is only when anti-Semites
dislike Israel that Zionism opposes anti-Semitism.  In practice Zionist leaders and the State of
Israel are happy to work with neo-Nazis and fascists provided that they support
It is fortunate that
unlike Hitler, Netanyahu, Pol Pot et al. Hoffman has no power.  He is a racist who will justify any
abomination that is committed against the Palestinians.  As far as Hoffman is concerned anything goes
in defence of his beloved apartheid State of Israel.
Silver’s letter to the Home Secretary
The death of Jason Silver
was the cue for Hoffman, Shitrit and the above scoundrels to assert that I had
been responsible for his death.  There
seems no limits to the bottomless pit to which these skunks will sink.  I refer to @JHoffman1, @JuliaRoberts649
@RichMillett @AmbrosineShitr1
@campaign4T et al.
In fact there has never been, to my
knowledge, any interchange whatsoever between me and Jason Silver. Nor did
Silver express any resentment of my article, unlike other people.
Silver masqueraded as Janet Littlefinger
Anything but a nice Jewish girl
Silver sets up a fake twitter account
Sure these fascists didn’t
like my exposure of them, and there’s more to come, but the idea that there was
any connection between what I printed and Jason Silver’s death is entirely
fanciful.  Silver doesn’t appear to have even
mentioned my blog, unlike a number of others who appeared in it who wrote to me
or posted comments underneath the story. 
I usually allowed the comments as long as they were not abusive and I
had a long dialogue with for example Thor Halland, both in the comments and by
email.  But from Silver?  Nothing.
It is clear that Silver was obsessed with his complaints to the Police

Murder by Proxy no less!  and the evidence?  zilch
The fantasies are impressive
Completely Illiterate and Nonsensical

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