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Facts that you don’t hear from the Zionist lobby

Many people are probably not aware of it, but Iran has the largest Jewish population (outside Israel) in the Middle East.  Some 25,000.  There are 25 synagogues in Tehran itself.  It’s strange really, when you listen to rancid demagogues like Benjamin Netanyahu, who compare the leader of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Hitler,   to ponder over this fact. 

After Krystal Nacht in November 1938, there were no Jewish synagogues in Berlin, they were all burnt out.  There were no functioning synagogues in the whole of Germany as they were also the targets of arson by the SA thugs or damaged beyond repair.  Hitler’s aim was a Judenrein [Jewish free] Germany, and to that effect deportations of Germany’s population began in October 1941. 

Yet in the capital city of the new Hitler’s lair lives a large Jewish community and 25 functioning synagogues.  Of course the obvious explanation is that the demogague and propagandist Netanyahu, with his American accent, is a liar. A liar on behalf of Western imperialism.  But they were powerful lies since none of the mass media are prepared to counter these lies.  The difference between Iran and Nazi Germany is so obvious it barely needs stating.

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