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Cobbs is warned by the neo-Nazi JDL  ‘be careful

Supporter of the fascist Jewish Defence League – Simon Cobbs of Sussex Friends of Israel


Cobbs is such a loose cannon that even the JDL warn him to be careful!

The JDL’s fascist logo

‘Throwing peanuts at the mad patients’ heads isn’t amusing Cobbs anymore.  A man of simple pleasures

For the past 2 weeks the Jewish Chronicle has been running a campaign to change reality, or at least the perception of reality.  Last week it had a leading article entitled ‘Mob-rule by the sea’  this week it has a follow-up entitled ‘Brighton rocked by hate slogans’.  Editor Stephen Pollard has indeed taken to heart the lessons of a tabloid journalist – ‘never tell the truth when a lie will suffice.’

Cobbs tweets his friends in the Jewish Defence League/EDL

However, let us imagine that the Jewish Chronicle was interested in the truth as opposed to waging a noxious campaign, then there would indeed be a good ‘hate’ story – but it would have nothing to do with the BDS campaigners.  They would focus instead on a thuggish character, Simon Cobbs, who is described as a ‘founding member of Sussex Friends of Israel‘ and a leader of the pro-Israel demonstrations. 

The idiocy of Cobbs

If a study were to be conducted into the average Zionist zealot in Britain then it is likely that they would consist of a disproportionate number of the less cerebrally gifted, i.e. stupid members of the Jewish (& non-Jewish) community. Cobbs is an ideal example of this phenomenon.  Lacking anything positive to say or do, their only solace is petty Jewish nationalism, a hatred of all things Arab and a modern form of idolatory, state worship.  Another example of this phenomenon was former Vice President of the Zionist Federation – Jonathan Hoffman – who also courted the far-Right – as part of the campaign to exonerate Israel. (see below)

Cobbs in a relaxed mood

However even Hoffman didn’t go so far as to engage in friendly twitter exchanges about the common enemy with Roberta Moore and the JDL.   Or if he did he kept them very quiet.  In fact he denied any association, although that was a lie.   But what Hoffman did quietly, Simon Cobbs does openly. Cobbs makes Hoffman look like a paid-up member of Mensa. 

One sign of Cobbs’ madness – talking to himself

As the images show, Simon Cobbs, who titles himself brightonagainstbds, has and is openly communicating with members of the Jewish Defence League.  (for background on JDL see below)

Cobbs invites the JDL to be part of Sussex Friends of Israel

Simon Cobbs and the Jewish Defence League

Senator Carl Levin is a ‘kapo’ i.e. a Jewish collaborator.  Ironcally it is Cobbs and his right-wing Zionist friends who collaborated with the Nazis during the war

The first thing I noticed about Cobbs’s Twitter home page @brightonagainstbds is that it has 3 photographs on it, including Irma Greese, the Beast of Belsen, whom the British army hanged with her lover Josef Kramer after they had captured Bergen/Belsen.  Usually it is Stormfront or Aryan Nation that posts photographs of the ‘martyr’ Irma.

For reasons unknown – Cobbs posts a picture of the Beast of Belsen – Irma Grese – on his twitter page

In one exchange on twitter, the JDL asks if Sussex Friends of Israel are on twitter.  On being told that they will be in a couple of weeks, the JDLer tweets back ‘excellent’ and then up pipes Cobbs ‘and when we are, watch out all Jews/Israel haters.’  The JDL tweet back ‘can’t wait’ and Foxtrot, a JDL supporter chimes in ‘damn right!’  There isn’t the slightest indication that Cobbs was disturbed by this prospect.  In his role as spokesperson and organiser for Sussex Friends of Israel,
Simon Cobbs is openly inviting the participation of the Jewish Defence
League who are considered neo-Nazis even by other Zionists.

The JDL marry their logo with traditional Nazi imagery
Cobbs displaying his extensive vocabulary

In a tirade against me that demonstrates just how extensive is his command of the English language, he informs his JDL fan club that I am an ‘obnoxious, ridiculous, vile, little toad’.  The JDL post back with a variation on this introduction to Shakesperian English.  I am a ‘well known kapo, dhimmi, muslim ass licker.’  Indeed Cobbs is so pleased with his description that he continues to repeat it ad nauseum, with just a few subtle variations.

Simon Cobbs doesn’t seem to like me – he won’t even attend my shiva!

Cobb’s response to the JDL’s description of me is not a horrified put down, as one might expect of anyone professing adherence to democratic norms, but ‘check this baby out, gloves off now!!’. In other words an obvious encouragement to the JDL to obtain personal information on me in furtherance of their terrorist inclinations.  In fact just like the BNP and other friends of Israel.  At this point the JDL tell Cobbs to be more careful.  ‘don’t want to put damper but b careful the shit-stain does not report and get you suspended.’

Kapo incidentally is a regular taunt that Jewish Nazis use against anti-racist Jews.  Ironic considering that the Revionist Zionists, founded by Vladimir Jabotinsky, were supporters of the fascist regimes in Europe in the 1930s, with Betar cadets even training at Mussolini’s invitation at Civitavechia naval station.  A kapo was a prisoner in the extermination camps who was kept alive for about 3 months, in order that they could help supervise the disposal of the bodies of those gassed.  Some of them were also known for their cruelty and violence to other Jews, although this was a minority.  Most students of the holocaust and those with an understanding of the basics of psychology will know that the kapos had no choice in what they did and at both Auschwitz and Treblinka they also rebelled against the Nazis, destroying in the former a crematoria/gas chamber and in the latter much of the extermination machinery. 

What is more relevant are the deals between the Zionist movement and the Nazi murder machine.   The Zionist movement did have a choice when it concluded the Ha’avara Trade Agreement between the Zionist Organisation and the Nazi Government in August 1933.  Likewise in Hungary in 1944 Rudolph Kasztner, leader of the Zionist ‘Rescue and Relief Committee’ and representative of the Jewish Agency also had a choice.  This was to warn the Jews of the imminent deportations, as an escapee from Auschwitz, Rudolph Vrba, had done in his and Alfred Wetzler’s suppressed Auschwitz  Protocols, or conclude a deal with Eichman whereby the Zionist and Jewish elite would leave the country on a special train.  The Zionists chose the latter and on July 1 1944, in return for co-operation in helping round up and pacify the Jewish masses, prior to their deportation, 1,684 Hungarian Zionists and Jews left for Switzerland via Bergen-Belsen.  Throughout and before the war the Zionist movement opposed the rescue of Jews anywhere but Palestine.

Cobbs doesn’t like to be called overweight – somehow ‘matchstick man’ doesn’t seem appropriate

As Ben-Gurion stated, in respect of the rescue of 10,000 German children to Britain as part of the Kindertransport:

‘“If I knew that it would be possible to save all the children in Germany by bringing them over to England, and only half of them by transporting them to Eretz Yisrael, then I would opt for the second alternative. For we must weigh not only the life of these children, but also the history of the People of Israel.”  Yoav Gelber, Zionist Policy and the Fate of European Jewry (1939-42), Yad Vashem Studies, vol.XII, p.199. cited in Lenni Brenner’s Zionism in the Age of the Dictators, Ch. 13.

JDL supporter Steve Shangster responds thus:  ‘If you hit Greenslime (highly original!) or Willyams your fist would get stuck in the layer of dirt lol.’  This obsession with their opponents being ‘dirty’ is another attribute of fascists and Zionists.  It derives from the concept of ‘racial hygiene’ the eugenics that the Nazis pioneered and which led to the extermination of over 100,000 mentally and physically handicapped Germans between 1939 and 1945.  The Casuals United EDL site asksWhen will those idiot soap dodgers ever learn! We are TRUE patriots of our country and will NEVER bow down to facsist left wing scum!!! NFSE.’  andUAF members never wash or even change clothes and are always high on acid hence their nicknames “Soap-Dodgers”

Who do you think wrote the following:

‘Cleanliness, whether moral or of another kind, had its own peculiar meaning for these people. That they were water-shy was obvious on looking at them and, unfortunately, very often also when not looking at them at all. The odour of those people in caftans often used to make me feel ill. Beyond that there were the unkempt clothes and the ignoble exterior.’

And before Cobbs gets too excited, this wasn’t an attack on anti-Zionists, Arabs or other ‘anti-Semites’.  It is Hitler, in Mein Kampf, talking about the Jews.

In  another friendly conversation between Cobbs and his mentors in the JDL, we learn that the singer Lilly Allen is a ‘major anti-Semite’ – apparently she had a necklace with a gun pointing at the Star of David!  The Star of David has been appropriated as a nationalist/military symbol by Zionism, but it is ‘anti-Semitic’ to treat it as anything other than a religious symbol.  It’s a curious aspect of the fascist mentality that the merest hint of prejudice towards the oppressor is to be condemned whereas attacks on the oppressed are to be welcomed.  But it’s fine for the JDL to have a fist entering the Star of David!

Carl Levin, a senior Democrat Senator, is described by the JDL as a kapo for not being slavishly obedient to the requirements of Israel.  Using that expansive vocabulary for which fascists are well known, he is ‘scum’.  And another fascist pipes up that ‘ANTI-ISRAEL IS THE NEW ANTI-SEMITISM’ (Simon Fischler likes to shout).  If you repeat a lie long enough, as Goebbels opined, then people are more likely to believe you.  Well, my own experience is that people are increasingly turned off by these attacks. And irony of irony, the JDL inform us that scapegoatism is blaming others for the mess one’s in!  Clearly they have difficulty seeing their own image.

But it’s not just over Israel and Zionism that Cobbs betrays his true self.   He is an all-round bigot.  The unemployed and claimants are an especial favourite (question does Cobbs claim disability benefits!).  Presumably in the ideal Jewish fascist  society, the unemployed just starve, especially if they are not Jewish.  We are aware that Simon Cobbs is ill, both mentally and physically. which necessitates regular visits to hospital.  However it doesn’t excuse his delightful little tweet telling us how bored he is:  ‘Even throwing peanuts at the mad patients’ heads isn’t amusing me anymore!!’  What a wonderful advertisement for all things Zionist and Israeli is Simon Cobbs!  ‘Bored out of my skull!  I shall amuse myself today by annoying members of PSC and BDS in particular.’ with another PSC member and myself with hashes in front of our accounts.  It is rather unfortunate that I couldn’t rescue Cobbs from his boredom and life of hate, however none of his messages reached me!

The Jewish Chronicle under tabloid editor Pollard believes in making not reporting the news

But Cobbs is not only an all-round bigot, he is also a good example of Zionist hasbara (propaganda).  In one tweet he says that you won’t find a Jew voting in a Muslim country.  Strange, Iran’s 25,000 strong Jewish community has its own elected representative in the Majilis.  And Israel’s Palestinians might have the vote, but they are consciously excluded from any participation in government.  It is accepted  by all Zionist parties that no coalition should depend, even tacitly, on the votes of the Arab parties.  This was what contributed to the murder of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

It’s not only the JDL who are graced with Cobbs presence,.  He seems to be doing the rounds of all the most racist anti-Islamic sites.  Take one site United Against Islam.  This group of fascists tweeted that ‘Israel is a beacon of light in a very dark place.  God bless Israel.’  Which is very touching of course as Zionist haters of Muslims hold hands with their BNP and EDL counterparts.  Cobbs immediately retweeted it, grateful to have their support.  A visit to this site shows to what depths it is possible to sink.  It is a site that Norwegian mass murderer, Andres Breivik would have felt at home with.  It calls Dianne Abbot a ‘nigger’ and Allah a paedophile. Cobbs must feel very much at home with these Israel lovers.  The accusation of Allah being a paedophile is common currency amongst fascists.   The Nazis too, and especially Streicher’s Der Sturmer, used to specialise in associating German Jews with sexual deviation and perversion and an incident involving one member of the Jewish community would be visited on the other half-million.

Unite Against Islam – another fascist site which Cobbs is attracted to

What is the Jewish Defence League/Kach?

What then is the JDL?  The JDL was formed in the USA in 1968, purportedly to defend Jews against ‘anti-Semitism’. Its real targets were opponents of the Israeli state.  Wiki gives a good description of them:

The Jewish Defense League (JDL) is a Jewish militant organization whose stated goal is to “protect Jews from antisemitism by whatever means necessary”. … it was described as “a right-wing terrorist group” by the FBI in 2001.  According to the FBI, the JDL has been involved in plotting and executing numerous acts of terrorism within the United States.’

Even the Anti-Defamation League, a group that spends most its time defaming supporters of the Palestinians, describes the JDL as consisting only of “thugs and hooligans” whose founder, Meir Kahane, “preached a radical form of Jewish nationalism which reflected racism, violence and political extremism”.  Wikipedia describes how, in 2002, ‘the Southern Poverty Law Center added the Jewish Defense League to its list of watched hate groups for the JDL’s “long history of bombing, assaulting and threatening its perceived enemies” such as “the Soviet Union, neo-Nazi activists, Palestinian leaders, prominent black Americans and even Jewish moderates” as well as other Jewish radicals…

For a Zionist group to be labelled as terrorists in the USA they must indeed have a shocking record.  In Israel, its sister organisations Kach and Kahane Chai were banned, as they have been across Europe.  Kach and the JDL were founded by Rabbi Meir Kahane, a street thug from Brooklyn who emigrated to Israel and founded a party based on the same principles as the Nazi party in Germany. 

More verbal diarrhoea from Cobbs

All that can be said in Kahane’s favour was that he wasn’t afraid to tell the truth about the real goals of Zionism.  It is an article of faith among Zionists that Israel is a Jewish and a Democratic state.  To Kahane (& anti-Zionists) this is a contradiction.  Israel can either be a Jewish state (in which case there is no democracy as far as Palestinians are concerned) or it can be a democracy (and therefore say goodbye to a Jewish state and supremacy).  What it can’t do is square the circle, other than by being prepared to lie and deceive.  In 1984 Kahane was elected as a member of Israel’s Knesset. 

At the subsequent election, when it was estimated that Kach would obtain between 4 and 12 seats, Kahane was barred under a newly adopted anti-racist law that has remained a dead letter every since (it exempts   religious racism!).

Kahane and Kach were widely attacked as Jewish Nazis, even by fellow Zionists.  Below is a comparison that has been made between the anti-Jewish laws in Nazi Germany and the proposals of Meir Kahane.

The differences between Kahane and normative Zionism were not ones of
principle but over the means by which they could be achieved.  Kahane
wanted to forbid Arabs from owning land in the  ‘Jewish’ state  – so too
does mainstream Zionism.  But the latter doesn’t shout about it from the rooftop.

Kahane wanted to forbid marriages between Arabs and Jew but in fact in Israel it is not possible for a Palestinian and a Jew to marry because Israel has no civil marriage.  One party has to convert first.  Kahane wanted an explicit law ‘Jew and Arab shall never marry’ but the Zionist leadership preferred to achieve the same objective via less public means.

Kahane wanted to outlaw sexual relations between Jews and Arabs, making it a criminal offence and for an Arab male an imprisonable one (Arab women don’t count – Kahane himself conducted an affair with a non-Jewish woman in the US who committed suicide).  In Israel sexual relations between Jews and non-Jews are condemned by the vast majority of Israeli Jews and the courts have now found that a Palestinian who says he is a Jew when having consensual sexual relations with a woman is guilty of rape!  A Palestinian was sent to prison for 18 months, later cut to 9  months, for rape because he deceived the woman concerned by saying that he was Jewish! Jurists say Arab’s rape conviction sets dangerous precedent 

Kach is strong among sections of the settlers, in particular in Hebron and the nearby Kiryat Arba settlement, whose Chief Rabbi Dov Lior is notorious for his hatred of Arabs.  His statement that ‘“There is no such thing as civilians in wartime… A thousand non-Jewish lives are not worth a Jew’s fingernail!‘ is a pure example of what the late Yeshayahu Leibowitz, a religious philosopher and professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem called the Judeo-Nazis. [see An Israeli prophet sees signs of hope: Yeshayahu Leibowitz tells Sarah Helm in Jerusalem why he thinks change is coming]

Given all their bogus charges of ‘anti-Semitism, imagine the furore if someone had said ‘A thousand Jewish lives are not worth an Aryan’s fingernail!.

One member of Kach/JDL was Baruch Goldstein, a mass murderer who, on February 25, 1994, opened fire on Muslims kneeling in prayer at the Cave of the Patriarchs mosque in Hebron, killing 29 worshippers and injuring 125 before he ran out of ammunition. On its website, the JDL described the massacre as a “preventative measure against yet another Arab attack on Jews” and noted that they “do not consider his assault to qualify under the label of terrorism… we therefore view Dr. Goldstein as a martyr in Judaism’s protracted struggle against Arab terrorism. And we are not ashamed to say that Goldstein was a charter member of the Jewish Defense League.’

It is worth bearing in mind that this idea of murdering civilians as a ‘preventative measure’ was the justification by the Nazis as to why they murdered Jewish children and civilians.  What goes around comes around.

A visit to their British site gives a taste of what the JDL is about. It is a viciously anti-Muslim organisation and is a part of the English Defence League, its ‘Jewish’ wing.  Their views on Muslims are predictable:
‘We stand against Islamization of the UK.
We stand against Islamic violence against Jews, homosexuals, women and animals.
We stand against mosques being used to radicalize young Muslims.
We stand against enablement and appeasement of Islamic radicals.
We stand against the supremacist, authoritarian and violent Islamic doctrine and ideology.
We stand against foreign Islamic governments funding radical and separatist madrassas in the UK.
We stand against segregation of sexes.
We stand against Nazism, Fascism, Socialism, Communism and Anarchism.
We stand against general Muslim and Palestinian lies and propaganda against Israel.
We stand against the two tier system in Britain.
We stand against immigration of foreigners who simply come to the UK to abuse our system.
We stand against racial violence and abuse.
We stand against violence against apostates of Islam.
We stand against all religious persecution.
And the list goes on…..’

Jonathan Hoffman of the Zionist Federation and the EDL

Jonathan Hoffman is Cobbs’s role model.  Hoffman was elected as Vice-Chair of the UK Zionist Federation around 2009, in a promise to shake it up its lethargy and tackle the anti-Zionists on the streets.  However he came into repeated contact with the ‘machers’ in the Jewish community who felt their nose was being put out of joint by Hoffman’s antics.  It eventually took Mick Davis of the giant mining company Xtrata and the Jewish Leadership Council, the big bourgeoisie of the Jewish community, to oust him.  They had had enough of the Hoffman Pantomime. Davies had previously threatened to sue Hoffman for some libel or other.  See Jonathan Hoffman – Another Victim of anti-Semitism 

Indeed I take pride in the fact that I was one of the first to oppose these attacks on Jonathan! Anti-Semitic Attack on Jonathan Hoffman  So upset was I by the possibility of losing Hoffie, as friends of his call him, to the campaign for BDS, that I wrote a letter to the Jewish Chronicle defending him on 23.10.09.  It’s about the only letter of mine they’ve printed of late!  Stephen Pollard, the tabloid editor of the Jewish Chronicle, wrote to me two days before it appeared asking

‘Mr Greenstein, I assume that in your final par you mean ‘Board of Deputies’?
Stephen Pollard

Editor, Jewish Chronicle

I didn’t want to tell him it was a joke.  But of course I could not envisage in 2009 that two years later, Hoffman would, almost single-handedly be responsible for the closing down of the Ahava shop in London.  At the very time when the campaign began to look as if it were running out of steam, Jonathan kindly lent his support by way of a counter-demonstration.  And trailing along were the fascist goons of the EDL with their Israel flags.  All were welcomed by JH. Jonathan Hoffman of the Zionist Federation and the EDL’s Roberta Moore Hold a Joint Demonstration  see also Zionist Federation and British Fascists Stand United

Lilly Allen is also an anti-Semite!  JDL warns Cobbs to be careful

Roberta Moore was the fuhreress of the JDL, which is constituted as the Jewish wing of the EDL, before they expelled her for being too extreme!  I assumed that Hoffman’s antics were just mid-summer madness not to be repeated.  How wrong I was.

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