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Oppose Big Business Taking Over Our Educational Institutions

Sussex university, which when I came down to Brighton in 1974, was one of the most militant student bodies going, has become much quieter in recent years.

However I’m pleased to say that last week students went into occupation at Bramber House. After a demonstration called on Wednesday in the main square 1,000 students marched to Bramber House, where a group of students were holding out, and swept past security.

I went along to show support and besides the speeches of the students themselves there was an excellent speech by Mark Steele, Independent journalist and ex-SWP member.  Mark noted the ludicrous aspect of privatisation, which is that it fosters the idea that instead of communal good we substitute private greed and distrust.  ‘Why should I pay for the fire service’ was one of his quips.  ‘After all, I’ve never called them out for a fire’.  Likewise the NHS and other public services.  This idea that competition rather than co-operation is a natural human trait is at the root of much of the ideology of modern day Britain and the Tory/Lib Dem/New Labour parties.

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