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Cobbs Demonstrates What Zionist  ‘Peace & Dialogue Mean in Practice

Brighton PSC has taken to picketing the Sodastream shop on weekdays as well as Saturday.  The allegations Cobbs makes, that we intimidate the 2 women shop keepers are, of course lies.  Unless they find the loneliness of an empty shop intimidating!  Though they should be used to it by now!

Cobbs, who was recently revealed to have served 9 months in Exeter Prisons, having been sentenced to 18 months for theft and deception, should be proud of himself.  Theft and deception is, in the Bible, a capital offence as it is one of the injunctions of the Decalogue.  However salvation is at hand because if is only an offence if the victim in a Jew!

As Israel Shahak, a biblical scholar and former Professor at the Hebrew University explained

Robbery (with violence) is strictly forbidden if the victim is Jewish.  However, robbery of a Gentile by a Jew is not forbidden outright but only under certaian circuumstances such as ‘when the Gentiles are not under our rule’ but is permiteed ‘when they are under our rule’…. This may explain why so very few rabbis have protested against the robbery of Palestinian property in Israel:  it was backed by overwhelming Jewish Power.’ [Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion – the Weight of Three Thousand Years, Pluto, London, 1997, p.90].

However I digress, Cobbs seems to have been a filthier mood than normal when we turned up at Sodastream’s shop on Friday, which of course is a prime example of the theft of Palestinian property.

Still Cobbs is but small fry when compared  to Labour Friends of Israel stalwart, Dennis McShameless, Robert Maxwell, Gerald Ronson and the appropriately named Bernie Madoff (whose sins were compounded because he not only robbed non-Jews but Jews).

Today the theme of the Brighton demonstration was the Prawer Plan which involves the ethnic cleansing of 70,000 Bedouins of the Negev and their transfer to shanty towns.

Knowing they can’t defend the Prawer plan for Judification of the Negev (comparison the deJewification of  Germny) the Zionists try to block the message with Zionist flags!

Police, protesters
clash in Israel’s south at rally against Bedouin relocation

Some 1,800 protest in Hura and Haifa; more
rallies expected worldwide.

and Jack
| Nov. 30, 2013 |
Some 1,200 demonstrators gathered in the
southern village of Hura Saturday evening to protest a government plan to
resettle some 30,000 Bedouin residents of the Negev desert. Meanwhile, some 600
demonstrators protested in Haifa, where, according to police, some people threw
stones and tried to block roads.

The demonstrations were organized as part
of an International Day of Rage against the Law for Arranging Bedouin Settlement
in the Negev, more commonly known as the Prawer-Begin Plan.

The demonstration began peacefully at
around 3 P.M., but at around 4:30 P.M. things started riling up. The
demonstrators and the large police force – which included the Yasam special
forces unit of the Israel Police, cavalry and helicopters – began clashing. The
demonstrators threw stones, while the police used stun grenades, tear gas and
water hoses.

Some protesters claimed that it was the
police who started the clashes, only after which demonstrators began throwing
stones. However, not everyone agreed to this version of the events. “We did not
want the protests to turn violent
,” one protester said at the site, “but there
were a handful of people who began throwing stones. We don’t ascribe to the
notion that the police are against the Bedouin,”
he said.

After the clashes erupted, some
protesters began setting tires on fire, and Highway 31, at one intersection of
which protest took place, was closed to traffic. Four police were injured and a
number of police vehicles were damaged by stones, and dozens of protesters were
detained. Minors were apparently among them. According to police, about seven
protesters were arrested.

Additional demonstrations were expected
to take place in Israel and the Palestinian territories, as well as Berlin, The
Hague, Cairo and other cities around the world, after organizers spent weeks
drumming up support for a series of simultaneous rallies.

“The state treats us like an object that
can be moved from place to place,”
Huda Abu Abed, a university law student and
activist against the plan had said prior to the commencement of the protest.
“They are denying us the basic right to decide our own fate, to decide where we
will live, what we will do with our property and our basic right to a home.”
added that the activists would continue to protest non-violently along

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