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There is a debate among many Jews as to whether they should circumcise a male child, at 8 days, or not.  There are views  either way though my own view is that it is a form of genital mutilation.

circumcision ceremony

 Of the three sons I had, he first was circumcised, albeit by a trained surgeon but the other 2 were not.  My own views have changed over the years and I don’t believe parents have the right to genitally mutilate their children in the name of religion.
Of course male circumcision cannot be compared to female genital mutilation which can involve cutting out the whole of the clitoris but nonetheless the principle is much the same.  Is the Covenant allegedly made between Abraham and god, of which circumcision was the price, something which should be indulged in in present day society.
In ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’ the Rabbis have absolute control over ‘personal affairs’ which is why some people mistakenly see it as a theocracy.   In the case below a women who is divorcing a man who wants the boy circumcised, has been fined $140 a day! 
Although it is kept quiet, many children have died from infection after being circumcised by untrained mohels (those who carry out the procedure).   The equipment is not sterilised and the Rabbi (usually) has no medical training.  By the time the parents realise something is wrong the child is dead.
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Israeli woman fined $140 a day for refusing to circumcise son

Ha’aretz, Netta Ahituv                                                                   Nov. 26, 2013
In unprecedented ruling, court obligates mother to circumcise son or be penalized; In divorce hearing, father insists boy be circumcised.

baby during circumcision process

Here’s a bizarre story that highlights something I hadn’t known about “the only democracy in the Middle East”. Here’s Ha’aretz:

An Israeli rabbinical court has handed down a precedent-setting ruling that requires a mother to circumcise her son, against her will, or pay a fine of NIS 500 ($140) for every day he remains uncircumcised.

“The baby was born with a medical problem, so we couldn’t circumcise him on the eighth day as is customary,” said Elinor, the boy’s mother.”  As time went on, I started reading about what actually happens in circumcision, and I realized that I couldn’t do that to my son. He’s perfect just as he is.”

The mother said that the baby’s father had a part in the decision, but when the couple began to discuss their divorce in the rabbinical court, he unexpectedly decided to insist that their son be circumcised.

Israel’s rabbinical courts are part of the country’s justice system and have legal jurisdiction over matters of religion, including marriage and divorce, when it comes to the country’s Jewish citizens.

Good for Jews? I don’t think so but I wonder if Israel grants the same powers to the clergy of other religions.
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