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Cobbs Complaint Rejected by Youtube

As readers of the blog will be aware, Simon
Cobbs – Founder of Sussex Friends of Israel and ex-resident of HMP Exeter  is a very modest person.  So modest that when we made a film of one of
his most moving street performances, he made a complaint to Youtube.  Despite his undoubted talent for street
theatre and his unique acting ability, Cobbs didn’t want to be seen to be in
the limelight.  He hides his gifts under
a bushel!

Photo the Police used in their Wanted Poster
One of the by-products of Cobbs attempts to
engage in a little Zionist censorship is that the film has had over a thousand
hits on the Brighton PSC site alone!  And
it has been widely distributed on social media too, making our Simon a
well-deserved media star.  Who after all
can forget his poetically crafted, off the cuff witticisms, such as telling
women to grow a pair of balls!  The man
is priceless.


Photogenic or what?
Cobbs is rarely happy these days

Definitely pissed off as he contemplates all those Palestinian flags

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