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At the same time as France’s Supreme Court has effectively made BDS illegal, thus outlawing what is freedom of speech, the neo-Nazi Jewish Defence League is allowed to physically attack journalists – no doubt under the rubric of ‘freedom of speech’.

The French state could, as even Israel and the United States have done, declare the JDL a terrorist organisation, but instead they prefer these Zionist equivalents of the Charlie Hebdo killers to roam freely in France intimidating Palestinians opponents.

Last year they attacked a Palestinian demonstration, with the aid of the French CRS riot police and this was then portrayed as an attack on a Paris synagogue.  The French establishment, led by President Hollande and the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls have decided to turn a blind eye to physical attacks on supporters of the Palestinians whilst outlawing Palestine solidarity actions.

Tony Greenstein

Jewish Defense League mob attacks Paris

police had to be called out in Paris Thursday night as
the offices of Agence
were attacked by a large crowd of pro-Israel extremists.
Defense League
, a violent radical Zionist group, was angry with AFP’s
coverage of current events in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip and
present-day Israel.
of the mob said the demonstration was part of their support for Israel and “our
war against the Arabs … journalists working for organizations like AFP support
the Islamic terrorists and that’s why we have to fight back.” 
Zionist demonstration including JDL UK and supporters, inc. Harvey Garfield (folding flag) and de Jonge with dog

proudly posted on JDL
Twitter account shows the mob letting off flares and chanting “Am
Yisrael Chai,” or “The people of Israel live” – a Hebrew slogan popular with
Israel’s ultra-nationalist right.

crowd, some of whom were armed and masked, carried Israeli and JDL flags.
Perrotin, a journalist for the French edition of the news site BuzzFeed, was
assaulted after being surrounded by a dozen masked men wielding blunt
Tweeted from the scene: “A demonstrator told me ‘I warned the JDL that you’re
here Mr. Perrotin.’”

had to flee toward police lines, where he was held for his own protection. BuzzFeed’s
French editor-in-chief Cecile Dehesdin later tweeted: “Thank you for your
messages, David Perrotin is under security.”
the group approached the entrance to the building, opposite the Paris stock
exchange in the center of the capital, tear gas was sprayed as skirmishes with
riot police broke out.
Jewish extremists
in the United States, JDL militants were convicted of a string of bombing
attacks there, and are thought to be behind the 1985 assassination of
Palestinian American civil rights activist Alex Odeh.
Moore and friend with Moshe Feiglin – far right Likud MP
group was listed in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s annual terrorism
report for 2001.
its Israeli affiliate was eventually banned, the JDL is still active and legal
in France, Canada and the UK.
French JDL – the Ligue de Défense Juive – is probably the most well-organized
and violent radical Zionist group outside Israel.
JDL UK members Roberta Moore and de Jonge
is notorious for relatively sophisticated street-level
against Palestine solidarity campaigners in France.
have been several calls to outlaw the JDL in France. But talk of a ban by
interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve, who once condemned their actions as
“excessive,” has so far come to nothing.
June last year, two JDL members in Paris were found
of placing a bomb under the car of an anti-Zionist journalist. They
were given prison sentences, but one absconded to Israel.
members were also involved in a riot in the Bastille area of Paris in summer
2014, as they attacked Palestine solidarity demonstrators during rallies
against the Israeli offensive in Gaza.

French JDL has been involved in attacks on pro-Palestine media commentators and
politicians, and has also ransacked Paris bookshops, art exhibitions and events
aimed at raising money for Palestinians.
JDL demonstrators including Harvey Garfield (folding Israeli flag) and Moore and de-Jonge in JDL teeshirts (holding dog or is it the other way around?)
former member of the group may also have been partly responsible for the death
of the father of French journalist Benoît Le Corre in 2014.
JDL member
Orim Shimshon
Gregory Chelli,
a French Jewish extremist now living in present-day Israel, goes by the
nickname “Ulcan.” In
a prank call to Le Corre’s parents
, Chelli allegedly impersonated a police
officer and told them that their son had been killed in a car accident.
days later, Chelli allegedly called the police again impersonating Le Corre’s
father, Thierry Le Corre, and claimed to have just murdered his wife and son.
JDL symbol – redolent of Nazi symbols
police raided the home, finding only Le Corre’s terrified parents.
few days later, Thierry Le Corre suffered a massive heart attack in which,
doctors said, the stress of these events was likely a factor. The elder Le
Corre died in hospital a few days later.
Le Corre had reported on Chelli’s hacking attacks targeting Palestine
solidarity websites.
June of this year, a French anti-Zionist Jewish activist was arrested by police
after a
similar hoax tip-off
that he had murdered his wife. Chelli was the suspect
once again.
JDL UK’s Roberta Moore
A global network
smaller group calling itself the Jewish
Defence League UK
last year invaded the stage at a Palestine literary
festival in north London and assaulted organizers.
Roberta Moore, the
group’s leader, later had a conviction for two counts of assault
and one of possession of an offensive weapon
overturned on appeal, but her
accomplice Robert
De Jonge’s
conviction stuck.
The fascist, holocaust denying EDL just love Israel and Zionism
once led far-right group the English
Defence League’s
Jewish Division and was expelled for being too extreme
even for them.
Roberta Moore and friend after a court appearance
and De Jonge have sought to establish ties with Victor Vancier,
once the JDL’s master bomber in the 1970s and 1980s, who spent years in jail
for his crimes. The JDL’s founder himself once dubbed Vancier “the most
dangerous Jew alive today.”
JDL is not yet banned in Canada either, even though it has orchestrated violent
demonstrations such as a recurring hate
march against a Palestinian community center
in Vancouver.
Kach slogan in Hebron – Kach is strong in nearby settlement of Kiryat Arba and among Hebron settlers
original JDL was founded in 1968 by the notoriously racist Rabbi Meir Kahane, whose
detailed manifestos called for all Palestinians to be expelled by force from
what he called the “Land of Israel.”
later moved to present-day Israel, where he successfully stood as a candidate
for the Knesset, Israel’s parliament.
his party Kach, the
Israeli affiliate of the JDL, was eventually banned, his once fringe ideas are
now maintream in Israel’s largest political parties.
the distinctive yellow-and-black flag of the JDL is a regular sight at “Death to the Arabs”
in Israel, as it was in Paris Thursday night outside the offices of

reporting by Peter Allen in Paris.

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