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Sign the Petition to Labour’s National Executive Committee
Stop the Expulsion of Tony Greenstein, Jackie Walker &
Marc Wadsworth
‘most of the
people who have been suspended from the Labour Party seem to be Jewish’
Alexei Sayle Sky
TV interview


Please sign the
The Right, led by Iain McNicol, Labour’s detested General
Secretary, the Compliance Unit and Sam Matthews aided by Anne Black Chair of the
Disputes Committee, are determined to restart the False Anti-Semitism Witch-hunt.

Even the Daily Express, takes time out from attacking asylum seekers and migrants in order to oppose ‘anti-Semitism’
Why is it false and faked?  Because you only have to look at who supports
the Labour Party were overrun by anti-Semitism does anyone seriously think that
the Daily Mail, the Sun and the Tory tabloids would be concerned?  Why is it that the most racist newspapers in
Britain are ‘concerned’ about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party?  How is it that the Daily Mail and the Express,
which supported Hitler in the 1930’s, which campaigned against the admission of
Jewish refugees from Nazism are now so concerned about ‘anti-Semitism’?  Why is it that those papers that vilify asylum
seekers and refugees, which employ columnists like Katie Hopkins and Richard
Littlejohn, are concerned about anti-Semitism? 

The anti-Semitism witch-hunt has nothing
to do with anti-Semitism. 
course there may be a few individuals with anti-Semitic ideas in the Labour
Party. Most of them come from a reaction to Zionism’s claim that Jews, all Jews,
support what Israel does.  Is it surprising
that some people take them at their word? 
It would be surprising if, in a party of 600,000 members there was no
one with anti-Semitic ideas. 
Iain McNicol – Labour’s Detested General Secretary – in league with Britain’s secret state
a ‘semi house trained polecat’ a good description of McNicol
Solicitor’s letter to Crooked McNicol after he tried to keep Corbyn off the ballot paper in 2016
when we do come across racist ideas the way of tackling them is by means of
education and discussion not through expulsions and disciplinary actions.  It should only be in the rarest of cases that
people should be expelled for racism. 
Despite this threat of violence by the Jewish Labour Movement’s thuggish Director, Ellas Rose, Iain McNicol refused to take any action against her 
If we are going to expel anyone for
racism it is Jeremy Newmark, Ella Rose and those who support the world’s only
Apartheid state, Israel.  It is the Jewish
Labour Movement which consciously supports
the racist Israeli Labour Party.  [see
Meet Avi Gabbay, Israeli Labour’s Racist New Leader]
conference at Brighton was a great disappointment to the Right.  Despite 2 years of incessant headlines about ‘anti-Semitism’
delegates were not persuaded that anti-Semitism was a problem in the Labour
Corbyn mentioned Palestine delegates were enthusiastic. When Jewish anti-Zionists
Naomi Wimborne-Iddrissi and Leah Levane called out this fake anti-Semitism campaign,
delegates responded with standing ovations. 
The JLM responded with calls for Naomi’s expulsion.
Warren Morgan has received no support in Brighton for his attack on Labour as anti-semitic
That enlightened paper The Scum used Warren Morgan’s attack on ‘anti-Semitism’ to attack Corbyn
Warren Morgan, Progress leader of Brighton and Hove Council threatened that
Labour wouldn’t be welcomed back in Brighton because of ‘anti-Semitism’ he was condemned
by members of Brighton and Hove Labour Parties. 
Not one Ward, not even his own in East Brighton supported him. 
Theresa May uses Warren Morgan’s attack on Labour’s ‘anti-semitism’ to attack Corbyn
Moshe Machover’s expulsion was withdrawn, the Jewish Chronicle was immediately
informed that the proposed expulsion of Tony Greenstein, Jackie Walker and Marc
Wadsworth would proceed.
It is a mystery why Kangaroo courts like the NCC should be named after his lovable creature
November 2nd I was informed by email that December 11th
had been fixed for my expulsion hearing. At the time I was in hospital. It was
not until November 5th, 5 weeks before the proposed hearing, that I
signed for the Bundle that constitutes the ‘evidence’ against me. Despite
supplying confirmation that I had only just been discharged from hospital, the
National Constitutional Committee refused to change the date of my hearing.
The Garston 3 are pensioners with years of service to the Labour Party who have been ‘auto excluded’ by the despicable bureaucrat Sam Matthews
was suspended on March 18th 2016, 20 months ago.  My Investigation Hearing was on May 30th
2016, over 17 months ago and yet I was given 5 weeks to prepare a
response.  Why?  Because the Right is determined to get the
expulsions over as quickly as possible. 
They want to move quickly before we can organise.
The next meeting of Labour Against the Witch hunt is on December 2nd
is our duty to stop them.  The witch hunt
isn’t about Jackie, Marc or me – it is about the future direction of the Labour
Party.  Is the Right in the Labour Party going
to be allowed to pick off socialists in the interests of US Foreign Policy,
which is what support for Israel is about? Israel receives more military aid
per year ($4 billion) than every other country put together. Support for the
alliance with the USA means supporting the world’s only Apartheid State.
need to stop the witch hunters in their track. 
Please sign this petition and share as widely as possible.
Tony Greenstein
Kafka would have had a field day with Labour’s witch hunt

the witch-hunt of socialists in the Labour Party – let’s turn our fire on the

It was for speaking at a meeting of the Communist Party of Great Britain that Moshe Machover was ‘auto-excluded’ – strangely this is not one of the charges against me!
On 3rd October 2017, Professor Moshe Machover, an Israeli
anti-Zionist was ‘auto-excluded’ from the Labour Party. Moshe’s offence was to
write an ‘apparently anti-Semitic’
article quoting Reinhardt Heydrich in praise of the Zionist movement.  The article itself was true.
Moshe’s principal crime had been to write for Weekly Worker, paper of
the Communist Party of Great Britain and speak at their conference. According
to Sam Matthews of Labour’s Disputes Committee this indicated support for
another organisation.  If Moshe had, like
many Labour MPs, written for the Daily Mail or the Sun there would not have
been a problem.
Because of the fierce reaction to Moshe’s expulsion, with dozens of
Labour Party branches and CLPs passing motions condemning this exercise in
McCarthyism, Machover’s expulsion was rescinded. According to Matthew’s ‘logic’
Jeremy Corbyn, a columnist for the Morning Star for 10 years, should also have
been expelled! After Labour’s successful conference and its successes in the
General Election, members were not prepared to tolerate a renewed witch hunt by
Labour’s General Secretary Iain McNicol or the Compliance Unit.
David Watson, Walthamstowe’s fundraiser has been suspended for 18 months as a result of the Stella Creasey’s family efforts – seen here with Jeremy Corbyn
Members have made it very clear that they are sick and tired of
supporters of the Palestinians and opponents of Israeli Apartheid being
labelled as anti-Semitic. 
McNicol’s witch hunters haven’t given up though. On October 31st
the Jewish Chronicle  as a result of a leak from Labour HQ, wrote
that Tony Greenstein, Jackie Walker and Marc Wadsworth were going to be facing expulsion
On November 2nd Tony Greenstein, a Jewish anti-Zionist and an
active anti-fascist, author of the Fight Against Fascism in Brighton (reviewed here) was informed that he would be going to the
National Constitutional Committee within 5 weeks. 
It is over 20 months since Tony was suspended and 17 months since his Investigation
Meeting yet the NCC have refused to allow him more time to respond to a 190
page dossier despite having been in hospital when he was notified of the
Tony has been targeted by the Jewish Labour Movement, ‘sister party’ of the Israeli Labour
Party. One charge is posting on his blog ‘offensive
and derisory’
comments accusing Louise Ellman MP of being a “supporter of Israeli child abuse”.  
On January 16 2016 there was a debate in the House of Commons on Israel’s treatment of Palestinian children.
The debate revolved around a UNICEF Report which recorded that Palestinian
children experienced treatment akin to torture as well as sexual abuse. During
the debate Ms Ellman intervened three
to justify the Israeli Military’s
behaviour in gaoling children as young as 9, using physical coercion and
depriving them of access to their parents or a lawyer something no Israeli Jewish
child would face.  The military courts
trying them have a 99.7% conviction rate.
Tony Greenstein is accused of ‘anti-Semitism’ but his charges relate to
his criticism of Israel not Jews. According to Professor Brian Klug of Oxford
University ‘antisemitism is a form of hostility to Jews as
Jews, where Jews are perceived as something other than what they are.’
  Anti-Semitism has nothing to do with
criticism of Zionism or Israel.
We demand that the principles of natural justice and due process, as
recommended by the Chakrabarti Report, are adhered to and that the proposed
expulsions of Tony Greenstein, Jackie Walker and Marc Wadsworth are
As Alexei Sayle noted

 ‘most of the people who have been
suspended from the Labour Party seem to be Jewish’
TV interview

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