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Not content with the fact that I
am facing accusations from persons unknown, who therefore cannot be questioned
or cross examined, Labour’s Kangaroo Court (sorry National Constitutional Committee)
and its anonymous Chair (because I’m also not allowed to know the name of the person
who is presiding over the NCC or indeed who is the chief kangaroo) have decided
that I am not to be allowed an extension to the 5 weeks notice that I have been
given (or less than 4 if you count the time need to actually get my case in to
The unreality of the situation is
demonstrated by the fact that they took a leisurely 20 months from my
suspension or 17+ months from my Investigation Hearing to lay charges,  There is however an unseemly haste by McNicol’s
pliant pawns to get the matter over and done with no doubt because they fear
that the longer these cases drag out the more difficult it will be to carry out
the expulsions.
I have therefore written to Jane
Asher, the Secretary to the NCC stating that I shall not be complying with the

The Garston 3
News has also come in of 3 more ‘auto-exclusions’.
Bob Walker, Tony Lucock and Gerry Tyrell have been
expelled without even the luxury of a hearing by that despicable little toady
Sam Matthews who is McNicol’s chief monkey. 
They have launched a petition
which I urge people to sign.
It calls upon the Party to establish an immediate
inquiry to review all the circumstances of their expulsion; and also to
investigate the operation of those office holders and units responsible for
this and other recent disciplinary actions.
Bob, Tony and Gerry are three disabled pensioners
in their seventies who are active and valued members of Garston and Halewood
CLP. Bob was democratically elected by CLP members in July to be their Vice
Chair for Membership. They are lifelong socialists and trade unionists who have
faced politically-motivated accusations that they support another party, simply
because they attend a wide variety of public political meetings, including
those of TUSC.
Once again Sam Matthews, head of Labour’s
‘Disputes’ (formerly the Compliance Unit) has expelled them without
redress, despite photographic evidence that the three campaigned for weeks
on end for a Labour candidate in a Tory marginal during the General
Election.  Matthews was caught out by a
wave of indignation when he tried to autoexclude Moshe Machover.  We got Moshe back because of the massive
campaign which has still not abated.
As in my case, their accusers are anonymous.  The witch hunt thrives on anonymity and
faceless accusers doing the bidding of the chief Organ Grinder Iain McNicol and
his monkeys, chief among them Sam Matthews.
As in my case there is a complete absence of due
process.  The CLP Chair and Executive
have refused to allow CLP members to debate an emergency motion (which demanded
they be afforded due process) which raises doubts about the motivations of all
This is of course the constituency of the other
Chicken Maria Eagle who is as detestable as her sister Angela.  Like her sister she needs the intervention of
Southside in order to ensure that members don’t reselect her.
As they say on the petition, ‘the spirit and
content of the charges against Bob, Tony and Gerry evoke the shameful tradition
of American McCarthyism. The tactic of ‘guilt by association’ will
inevitably rebound on the integrity and legitimacy of any who tolerate or
employ them.
Let’s make sure that these bastards don’t get away
with these silent expulsions.
We should also ensure that the Leftwingers on the
National Executive Committee, people such as Peter Willsman and Darren
Williams, have the bottle to start raising these matters on the NEC instead of
pretending that it is nothing to do with them.

We also need to ensure that the 3 Momentum
candidates who are coming up for election, including Jon Lansman, are forced to
take a position on the witch hunt.

Tony Greenstein

to contact the campaign email [email protected]

Also:  if you are interested in fighting the witch
hunt join the Labour Against the Witchhunt FB page.  We are in the process of setting up a web

On December 2nd
we will be meeting at 12.00 at the Calthorpe Arms, Greys Inn Road, Kings Cross

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