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Paul Bogdanor and/or Professor Steve Plaut Sink to New Lows as He Pretends To Be Gilad Atzmon on Sheffield Indymedia

(not that there’s much difference!)
You will imagine my surprise when, googling the Internet in the small hours of this morning, I came across the announcement of Roland Rance’s and my own funeral. ‘The funeral of Stalinazi Tony Greenstein’. As Mark Twain notes, reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. The announcement is posted in the name of Gilad Atzmon but there are good reasons to believe, for once, that he is not the one responsible. It would appear to be the work of either two far-right Zionists – Mad Mikey Ezra, an ex-collaborator of Atzmon and Zionist Paul Bogdanor, the deranged son of the eminently boring but sane constitutional historian, Vernon Bogdanor. or one Steve Plaut. The term ‘Stalinazi’ is not one that Atzmon uses.
Steve Plaut is an open supporter of the fascist Jewish Defence League (of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane) as is, believe it or not, a Professor at Haifa University!
Clues include the use of the word ‘cornhold’. This is, I am told, a homophobic remark and these Zionists frequently resort to such bigoted and infantile ‘humour’. Particularly against Roland Rance. It ties in with their politics. To my knowledge, Atzmon isn’t homophobic unlike the aforementioned Zionists. Bogdanor is a virulent anti-communist who exaggerates the crimes of Stalin, associates them through ‘guilt by association’ with socialists and Trotskyites and of course has a selective blind eye when it comes to the crimes of the West and the USA e.g. Iraq, Israel, Vietnam etc. He has a particular focus on Noam Chomsky and has penned ‘200 lies’ about him. A good and reasoned expose of a sample of these ‘lies is here. Bogdanor also seems to be camera shy. A book he co-wrote with Edward Alexander has the former’s picture but Bogdanor doesn’t seem to like being exposed to the light of the day. What is pretty outrageous though is that this posting is still up on both Sheffield and UK Indymedia. Sheffield apparently thinks that ‘hiding’ the post somehow makes it alright. UK IM hasn’t bothered to do even that. I have written to Sheffield IM, who didn’t even have the courtesy to reply to my post before hiding Bogdanor’s. This blog was originally set up because UK Indymedia allowed Gilad Atzmon to post a variety of anti-Semitic holocaust denial nonsense and a couple of anti-Semites, led by Free The Peeps (Roy Bard) blocked any decision to take them down and indeed hid criticism of those who disagreed with Atzmon. See An Open Letter to IM, IM finally replies to its critics, IM update atzmon beats a retreat, The hornets nest and the stick an IM UK update,
Let us see if they have improved over the years. Below is my post to Sheffield IM. One can assume that other IMs may have been targeted. Let us hope they are not as stupid as Sheffield’s lot are. Tony GreensteinFrom: tony greenstein
To:[email protected]
Sent: Saturday, 14 January 2012, 6:13
Subject: Our premature deaths announced by Jazz Fascist Atzmon Is there a good reason why you are posting an article by holocaust denier Gilad Atzmon announcing the death of 2 anti-Zionist activists – Roland Rance & myself? Please take it down and ensure this rat doesn’t post again Tony Greenstein I wrote a further e-mail to them:I sent you an e-mail earlier today. You haven’t had the courtesy to respond and you have instead hidden the post (after a fashion). In fact the post is probably not from Atzmon but a far-right Zionist Paul Bogdanor, but that matters little. Fact is that this should have been scrubbed, you should have apologised for putting it up and provided some explanation for why it wasn’t spotted. It would seem that, once again, any fascist or their sympathisers can post on Indy Media – the ‘alternative’ news media. Some alternative. From: tony greenstein
To:[email protected]
Sent: Saturday, 14 January 2012, 18:47
I have come across an article announcing the funeral of Roland Rance and myself. It is somewhat premature! It is allegedly posted by the anti-semitic Gilad Atzmon but given the style is more than likely to come from uber Zionist Paul Bogdanor. Please take it down, don’t hide it, it is entirely without merit (and is also homophobic). From: tony greenstein
To:[email protected]” ; “[email protected]
Sent: Saturday, 14 January 2012, 19:01
Subject: Report of my ‘funeral’ by Atzmon/Bogdanor I have just come across this disgusting post. It is allegedly by the anti-Semite Gilad Atzmon but I suspect it is the ultra-Zionist Paul Bogdanor. Regardless please remove, i.e. not hide, this post. I would hate us to have to go to war again over something like this. And please have the courtesy to inform me. I shall also blog on this because you should not have allowed it to remain up. Tony Greenstein

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