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Belly of the Beast with Mad, Brainwashed, Zionist Crazies
night I heeded the call put out in the previous 24 hours to join the picket of Israel’s
Fascist Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman at the Pillar Hotel in Hendon.  I got there about 6.30 to find there was a
largeish Zionist counter-demonstration of mainly religious Zionist and Likud
supporters, with the odd member/supporter of the Jewish Nazi Kach Party and
Community Security Trust present.  Bushes and Police separated them from about 60-70 supporters of the Palestinians who, as the night wore on
were outnumbered by about 3-1.

A hearty
congratulation to all those, like Michael Shanahan and others who turned
out.  When I knew it was in Hendon I knew
it would be one of the more difficult protests and so it proved.    In fact it reminded me of the time that we
were outnumbered by a similar margin in a demonstration against the National
Front in Uckfield in the 1980’s.  Except
that yesterday the atmosphere of threatened violence and attempts at
intimidation were much greater.  These Zionists have such a lot in common with their EDL and BNP/NF friends.
It is to
the credit of everyone present that there was such a vigorous protest,
especially at such short notice.  I was
approached, as was one other person, by a crazed rabbi who asked if I was Jewish
and then if I’d had a Brit Millah (circumcision) to which I replied yes.  Apparently this was not good enough for the
hairy bigot!  The counter-demonstrators,
waving their Israeli and union flags were just about the most brainwashed kids
there were.  At one point they started
shouting ‘fascists off our streets’. 
This from people who were supporting Avigdor Lieberman, the fascist
foreign minister of Israel who only recently greeted the pro-Nazi Lithuanian
Foreign Minister!
At one point the Zionists sang ‘God Save the Queen’ and then started
shouting at me as to why I hadn’t joined in. 
I shouted back ‘because I’m a Republican’ to which they responded ‘have
some respect for the country you live in’ – as if I was a stranger in
Britain.  But then even the limited democracy of Britain passes them by.  But that of course is
precisely the view of the Zionists.  Jews
are strangers in another people’s land.
We saw a few of the Zionist luminaries, if that is the right word, including
Jonathan Hoffman and Richard Millett.  I
shouted myself hoarse as per usual, asking them where were their EDL friends today.  But of course there were plenty of Jewish fascists
there so they didn’t need them.
It also has to be said that but for the Police, who were clearly being alienated by these rich, Zionist kids,
then there would have clearly been blood on the
streets from these lovers of peace who were shouting that they wanted peace
whilst we wanted terror.  And then they
went on to shout that there was no such thing as Palestinians, so its difficult
to know who they intended to make peace with. 
Or maybe they meant piece – as in pieces of other peoples’ lands.
PSC Executive I’m pleased to say were out in force – Ben and Sara and a
new member whose name I forget!  And Jews
4 Boycotting Israeli Goods was there in force, as was Neturei Karta who were a
particular object of hatred for the Zionists. 
Indeed I would estimate that at least 20-25% of the
counter-demonstration was Jewish, demonstrating again that Zionists may be in a
majority but they no longer have a monopoly when it comes to speaking on behalf
of Jewish people.
Towards the end, because we decided to stay till 8 pm, someone said how
crazy it would be to hold a march here. 
In fact that is exactly what we did. 
We marched out of the area and surprisingly, given the Zionist strength,
people in cars started honking us in support and there were quite a lot of
sympathetic black youth around who clearly didn’t like the well-dressed Zionist thugs
who parroted about racism when that was what they were defending.
Below I included a few reactions from people on the demonstration.
Tony Greenstein

I've put some photos up on the Palestine...

22 May 22:10
I’ve put some photos up on the Palestine Solidarity Campaign Facebook
page too. It was a great turnout – thanks to everyone who came! There was a lot
of racist abuse thrown at those defending Palestinian rights, but we had a
great demo and made a strong presence!
Tonight was crazy!!! Zionist, young and old...
22 May 22:06
Tonight was crazy!!! Zionist, young and old were crazy angry, intent on
causing harm! Thank god for the police, although Zionist should never have been
allowed to be so close! Across the street was not safe!
22 May 22:04
The JDL and Kach supported the fascists. A JDL Kahanist flag was brought
among the fascists, but they weren’t keen to be exposed as associated with the
Terrorist Organization Kach, which is listed among the “Foreign Terrorist
Organizations” even by the USA – see at:
I have to say that bringing Union Jack flags...
23 May 10:31
I have to say that bringing Union Jack flags to a pro-Palestine
demonstration, especially of the ilk of yesterday, was an astoundingly ill-thought
plan. There may be some interesting narrative going on behind the scenes
surrounding reclaiming the flag, but as it stands now, within the context of
Palestine and protests, EDL springs to mind, as well as the Balfour
Declaration! If there is a strong movement, and a very public one at that, in
which we reclaim the flag, then yesterday’s decision would have made sense. As
it stands, it came across as extremely insensitive and very confusing.

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