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CST’s Friends in Gather in Brighton
Hoffman Looks on Approvingly as Demonstrator is Called a ‘Paki’ 

I would like to say that the Zionist Security Trust (CST) is an anti-racist organisation or that it at least purports to be such.  But that would be wrong.  The CST makes no such claim. ‘CST believes that the fight against antisemitism and terrorism is an integral part of safeguarding our wider democratic British society against extremism and hatred.’  Nothing about racism there.

And its concentration on anti-Semitism always relates to Israel.  Hence why you will never see the CST defending anti-Zionist Jews against anti-Semitism from other Jews – on the contrary – I’ve been told quite explicitly by CST spokesperson, Mark Gardener, that being told I should have died with my family in Auschwitz is not anti-Semitism if a Jew says it.

This is not surprising since the CST openly works with the Metropolitan Police to deport and bar from Britain ‘Islamic extremists’ like Sheikh Raed Salah.  This raised new lows when the CST used the evidence of a nakedly racist Zionist professor

Here are some of the sayings of the racist professor that the CST quoted to stop Raed Salah, leader of the Islamic movement in Northern Israel and a victim of extreme racism himself:

‘Muslim immigrants had a reputation for manipulating the values of Western countries, taking advantage of their hospitality and tolerance.’ ‘”French people say they are strangers in their own country. This is a point of no return.’

‘When the Muslim population gets to a critical mass you have problems. That is a general rule, so if it applies everywhere it applies in Australia.” and ‘Australia should cap Muslim immigration or risk being swamped by Indonesians.’

The fight against ‘terrorism’ is its priority – the fight against an adverb.  In other words, racism is only of concern to it when its targets are Jews.  Otherwise it is ‘terrorism’ an infinitely elastic concern which is its primary concern.  Terrorism of course is the excuse our leaders use when they want to go to war.  And in particular its Israel’s excuse for threatening anyone who gets in its way.

Last Tuesday I and about 60 other protestors went to protest against Israel’s fascist foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman.  Lieberman’s party, Yisrael Beteinu, is a hard-right political party in government in Israel.  Its supporters are well known for their chant on demonstrations, notably ‘death to the Arabs.’  In Poland and Romani pre-war, the chant was ‘death to the Jews’.  The principle remains the same even if the target has changed.

Yet what was the CST’s reaction to my story on the picket of
Lieberman.  Support? Neutrality even?  Nothing of the sort. Despite the
fact that one of the counterdemonstrators was calling a Pakistani
cameraman a ‘paki’ and telling him to go back to Pakistan, standing side
by side with Zionist vice-chairman Jonathan Hoffman, who is an old lag when it comes to demonstrating with the EDL, the CST –  said nothing about the fascists and attacked the anti-racists they said nothing.  As for Hoffman, the most virulent racism doesn’t in the slightest disturb him.  And saying nothing in this
situation means giving support to the racist twerp, especially when they
then have the nerve to attack the opposition.

CST Complains about ‘racism’ of anti-racist protestors

In their article ‘Boycott Israel: Zionists are “the most hateful people imaginable”
 they ignore the overt anti-Black and Asian racism of the Zionist demonstrators to concentrate exclusively on the Palestinian and PSC opposition.  In particular they concentrate on the title of my blog – ‘in the Belly of the  Beast.’  Apparently it is a reference to the Jewish community in Hendon.

Anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together would know that I wasn’t referring to the Jewish community as a whole but to the fact that the Jewish community harbours Jewish fascist supporters of Lieberman, as clearly it did.  So we were going into an area which contained a considerable number of fascists.  Hence the title.  It would have been the same as saying in the 30s that some parts of the East End, like Hoxton, were the belly of the fascist beast because they were all-white and non-Jewish.  Does that mean all its inhabitants or even a majority were beasts?  No of course not, but the fascists that the CST defended on Tuesday night including EDL and Kach Members  were quite clearly beasts.  And our understanding is that a considerable number of both Kach and also Beitar fascists were present as was the ‘Jewish’ Division of the EDL.  Of them Gardener has nothing to say.

As Adam Langleben, a liberal Zionist, makes clear, very few of Hendon’s Jewish community came out to demonstrate with Hoffie & co.  But those few who were did were ultra-rightist racists or out and out fascists or supporters of Jonathan Hoffman, who is used to playing tag with fascists.

But CST witters that “Mad, Brainwashed, Zionist Crazies” is how the boycotters talk about people who turned out to oppose an anti-Israel demonstration in the midst of their Jewish neighbourhood.   Yes and what is the point?  If anything the title is too kind.  ‘The organisers of this opposition have condemned the handful of people who stupidly support the racist Kach movement. Again, such distinctions are ignored by the anti-Israel boycotters, the haters of any and all Zionists.’   So Kach are just stupid?  And Lieberman’s supporters?  The death to the Arabs hordes?  Also stupid or maybe good Zionists.

What the CST won’t face up to is that far-right sponsors of the CST, its funders, like jailbird Gerald Ronson and Dixon’s owner Stanley Kalms, believe in transfer of Palestinians from Israel.  Lieberman and Kach also support this neo-Nazi policy and the CST is bound to give its unspoken support to it.  Hence why they never condemn Zionist racism and instead concentrate upon words rather than Zionist deeds.

But yes we condemned all those who turned out to the anti-Palestinian/pro-Lieberman demonstration.  Such as the Zionist harlot who told an elderly Jewish woman that ‘I want to punch you, you fucking terrorist.’  This has been reported to the police and we do have a photo of the scumbag and a witness so she may have her day in court and jail where her own fucking head might be altered for the better.

Apparently calling the demonstrators “rich, Zionist kids” is ‘another sneer, another spit of contempt, with a hint of rich Jew chucked in for ugly measure.’  Ah a hint, what about the naked racism of Israel’s supporters?   No hints there.  It’s all up front.  But with £130,000+ salary Gardener is paid to sniff out hints and ignore reality.

Of course Hendon has council estates.  Black people live there primarily (and no doubt a few Jews, but Jews have moved up socio-economically – that’s a fact)  but the support we got marching back to Hendon station was from Black youth who also detest these rich Zionist scum.

And the comment I printed about the Jewish liberal blogger who was shocked at the naked racism shows that not all Jews approve of the racism of Kach, Hoffman or indeed Mark Gardener and his CST pals. 

And there has been silence over the 2 Zionist activists who were arrested smashing a car window of protestors.  Unfortunately for them they were apprehended by an off-duty policeman.  The Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police no less.  Clearly the Lord Moves in Mysterious Ways!

Let us have an example of the racism that the CST defends.  Israeli Government Minister Eli Yishai, who the BNP have openly supported Israel to ‘Protect its Jewish nature’ by Building Concentration Camp for 10,000 African “Infiltrators”  An article ‘Yishai: We’ll Fine Any Mayor Who Employs Infiltrators’ explains how ‘Interior Minister Eli Yishai announces he will begin to impose fines on any mayors who employ immigrants from Africa.’  All in the name of Zionism of course!

CST stewarded marshalling attack on PSC supporters
The fascist that CST and Hoffman support
Liberal Jewish blog exposes naked racism of CST and Hoffman’s  friends

Interior Minister Eli Yishai announced on Thursday that he will impose fines on any mayors who employ immigrants from Africa.

Yishai announced that he plans to distribute a letter next week, in which he will demand that all mayors end, within 30 days, the employment of all African immigrants, or else they will be fined.

Speaking in an interview on Channel 2 News, Yishai said, “Any local authority that will employ infiltrators – we will act directly against the head of that local authority. Let them employ Israelis instead. Infiltrators belong in the same country from which they came.”

At the same time, Yishai condemned the conduct of some Knesset members, particularly during Wednesday evening’s rally in south Tel Aviv, saying, “The fight against infiltration would have been much better managed without the unnecessary fervor of politicians in recent days.”

Earlier on Thursday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu rebuked those MKs who took part in the rally, saying, “I want to make it clear that there is no place for the statements or actions that we saw last night. I say this both to public officials as well as to the residents of southern Tel Aviv, whose pain I understand.”

On Wednesday, more than 1,000 people calling for immigration laws to be enforced demonstrated at the corner of Irgun and Haganah in the southern Tel Aviv neighborhood of Hatikva.

During the rally, MK Danny Danon – who chairs the Knesset committee tasked with preventing illegal immigration to Israel – declared to demonstrators, “The state of Israel is at war with an enemy state that has formed within Israel and has its capital in southern Tel Aviv!”

MK Miri Regev told those in attendance that “we will not allow” illegal immigration to “spread like a cancer in our society.”

After the rally some protesters smashed windows, lit garbage cans on fire, and damaged a car that had three illegal aliens in it. No one was hurt in the incident. On Thursday police arrested 12 people on suspicion of attacking the vehicle, and running riot.

Netanyahu also vowed on Thursday to begin enforcing Israel’s immigration laws and deporting illegal aliens “soon.”

“The problem of the illegal aliens must be solved and we will solve it,” Netanyahu said. “We will complete construction of the fence within a few months and we will soon begin repatriating illegal aliens back to their countries of origin.”

Like Netanyahu, Knesset speaker Reuven Rivlin called on lawmakers to “guard their words” and avoid statements on emotionally charged social issues that could inflame passions.

Journalist turned politician Yair Lapid, who chairs the Yesh Atid party, also addressed the issue of his Facebook page on Thursday, saying, “I support the detention and deportation of illegal infiltrators, completing the border fence and preventing their entry, and I think that the human rights organizations need to think first about the rights of our local residents..

Lapid, added, however, “When I see a pogrom in the State of Israel, led by loud agitators such as MKs Danon, Regev and Ben-Ari, I wonder where these people have the audacity to call themselves Jews? Regev, Danon and Ben-Ari, along with the group that hit infiltrators on the streets of Tel Aviv, do not understand Jewish ethics, the Jewish collective memory, or the meaning of Jewish existence.”

What was that about Zionism and Racism?

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