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Ken O’Keefe Embraces White Supremacist David Duke

By Jinjirrie, on October 13th, 2012

statement that Duke is no longer a supporter of Stormfront – the
virulently racist white supremacist organisation – is shown to be a lie
David Duke’s support for Stormfront wasn’t limited, as O’Keefe says, to 30 years ago

Ken O’Keefe, the former Gaza Freedom activist, who now parades under the slogan ‘trade not aid’, part of the neo-con zeitgeist, has now utterly discredited himself with his association with the ex-Grand Wizard of the KKK, David Duke, a neo-Nazi through and through.

He falsely claims that Duke has abandoned the openly White Supremacist Stormfrontn – a lie which would take about a minute to uncover.

O’Keefe on the 12/10/12 delivers an address at the Anaheim Hilton for the PCRF – A PCRF representative has responded that this article will be
shared today at a PCRF chapters meeting and that they are setting up a
vetting committee for all PCRF speakers in the future.

Anyone seriously interested in  Palestine Solidarity should shun the man like the plague.  He is only of interest as an object of curiosity.  Whereas most of the far-Right today, like Marine Le Pen, snuggle up to the Zionists, those infected by biological racism like the Hungarian Jobbik Party still consider themselves ‘anti-Zionist’ i.e anti-Semitic and of course anti-Gypsy and anti-human.

Duke has abandoned racism as a youthful folly according to O’Keefe

Tony Greenstein

The Ego Lands

Recently Ken O’Keefe was visiting Gaza accompanied by Australian chemtrails conspiracy theorist Max Igan.

Here’s one of the reasons why Ken’s efforts as a bona fide Palestinian solidarity activist should be disregarded. Last month on the 3rd September, Ken made claims David Duke was rehabilitated miraculously from his white supremacist alignment and has nothing to do with Stormfront anymore.

O’Keefe attempts to justify his support for David Duke

As for David Duke, yes people can and do change, and he clearly has. I have asked him about Stormfront, he has nothing to do with it any more. I base my opinion of him by what he says and what he stands for now. If people judged me for how I was 22 years ago as a US Marine then many would simply see my former self, not the person I am at the age of 43 years old. Part of our task is to forgive, put aside the minor differences and focus on the common ground. If you look at what David Duke is writing and presenting for many, many years, I think you will find it hard to find much fault with it. And what he says about Palestine is spot on for the most part. But even if you do find some faults in him, you will be lying if you do not see value in much of what he is saying. I take people this way, as a whole, not as a piece of one aspect of themselves, and certainly not as who they were 30 plus years ago.

And so on.

Not so.

Duke Stormfront conference

At the time Ken made his foolhardy statement, Duke was scheduled to speak and participate at a forthcoming Stormfront white supremacist international conference.

‘Former presidential candidate David Duke will lead “an informal nature walk through the Smokies” on day two of the conference, which begins Sept. 15. Duke is a former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and Louisiana lawmaker. The conference is limited to 150 people, but it’s unclear how many will attend.’

On Duke’s site, to which I will not link, Duke himself states on August 30, 2012: ‘Dr. David Duke will be speaking at the Seminar for Practical Politics, which is seminar held in the Smokey Mountains dealing with the realities of Zionism, immigration, and the ongoing globalist threat to European Americans and to all peoples.‘

Credible Palestinian leaders reject racism, bigotry and conspiracy theories   – these have no part to play in a principled movement for justice and human rights. Quoting from the most recent Statement against racism and bigotry, now signed by 100 leading Palestinian people:

The struggle for our inalienable rights is one opposed to all forms of racism and bigotry, including, but not limited to, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Zionism, and other forms of bigotry directed at anyone, and in particular people of color and indigenous peoples everywhere.

    We oppose the cynical and baseless use of the term anti-Semitism as a tool for stifling criticism of Israel or opposition to Zionism, as this assumes simply because someone is Jewish, they support Zionism or the colonial and apartheid policies of the state of Israel – a false generalization.

    Our struggle is anchored in universal human rights and international law in opposition to military occupation, settler-colonialism, and apartheid, something people of conscience of all ethnicities, races, and religions can support.

    Finally, we call on people around the world to join us in a morally consistent stance that opposes racism and bigotry in all forms. An ethical struggle for justice and equal rights in any context entails zero tolerance for racial discrimination and racism anywhere.

By endorsing Duke and embracing him as a fellow activist, O’Keefe has besmirched these worthy, essential principles.

Ken O’Keefe extolls David Duke

(Full quote of Ken O’Keefe endorsing David Duke)

What do Breivik, CounterPunch, David Duke, Stormfront and the Jerusalem Post have in common?

‘Duke isn’t just running articles by Atzmon, he is heaping praise on the man whilst setting out a racist position that he fears Atzmon may not have fully considered. Now given that Atzmon loves a bit of praise, I am surprised that he hasn’t mentioned or responded to Duke’s letter, not publicly anyway.’

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