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Genocide in Gaza through the eyes of Israeli soldiers

On 5 November 2023 Anita Patel wrote a guest blog Women’s Place UK : Whitewashing Zionism. Anita wrote, in reference to their statement of 28th October “Israel & Palestine – Peace, Equality, Freedom, Justice”, that it was:

an evasive and impossible fudge, between advocates of apartheid, ethnic cleansing and genocide on the one hand, and a people who are fighting for their survival on the other.  The statement frames the attack on Gaza as a conflict between two equivalent hostile parties, failing to distinguish the oppressor and the oppressed, and making the same demands of both those parties, on the grounds that all the women involved share the same experience of war.  It is as though Israeli women were not part of the oppressor and Palestinian women were not part of the oppressed people.

The Guardian reported on 22 February that there was evidence of at least two cases of rape of Palestinian women captives, alongside other cases of sexual humiliation and threats of rape. Reem Alsalem, the UN special rapporteur on violence against women and girls, said the true extent of sexual violence could be significantly higher.

In 2020 Save the Children reported that:

Palestinian children in the Israel military detention system face physical and emotional abuse, with four out of five (86%) of them being beaten, and 69% strip-searched, according to new research by Save the Children. Nearly half (42%) are injured at the point of arrest, including gunshot wounds and broken bones. Some report violence of a sexual nature and some are transferred to court or between detention centres in small cages, the child rights organisation said.

Brighton Women’s Centre cancelled a stall celebrating Palestinian women for #IWD

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