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Stand Up to Racism/SWP Are Taught a Lesson You Can’t Stand Up to Racism While Marching With Zionists

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Stand Up to Racism & the SWP + the Police Welcome & Protect Zionists on their ‘antiracist’ march

Stand Up to Racism march 2019 with Zionists – notice the close co-ordination between Police & stewards

Glasgow Friends of Israel member Edward Sutherland, a Christian Zionist, in May 2022 was reprimanded by the General Teaching Council for posting ‘vile’ anti-Semitic messages on Facebook using an alias, Stevie Harrison.

Sammy Stein (right), Chair of Glasgow Friends of Israel and Max Dunbar, ex-BNP and neo-Nazi holocaust denier have a friendly chat before harassing Scottish PSC stall

The reference of John Byrne to ‘payback’ is the murder of 50 Muslims in New Zealand in an attack by a neo-Nazi

Razan  al-Najar was a medic tending to the wounded when Israeli snipers murdered her. The disgusting suggestion by GFI that she deliberately got herself killed or that Hamas raped/bribed her shows the depths to which SUTR’s friends will sink. Israeli snipers killed over 300 and injured thousands of peaceful demonstrators at the Great Return march in 2018 and GFI support that.  

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