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The Zionists Examine Palestinian Supporters’ Speech for Traces of ‘anti-Semitism’ 

Whilst working with anti-Semites from the EDL to neo-Nazis

David Ward MP

Latvian Waffen SS march that Robert Zile MEP supports

Today I had a letter in the Guardian defending David Ward MP, the Bradford East MP for the Lib Dems against false charges of ‘anti-Semitism’:

Purpose of Zionist supporters in accusing people of ‘anti-Semitism’ allegations are to deflect attention from the Israel’s racist policies and regime.   The individuals concerned will have never worked on anti-racist campaigns, can be relied on to be Islamaphobic and almost certainly support the right or far-right in this country.  If ever anti-Semitism became a major issue in Britain, they’d be the first to collaborate.

You wouldn’t think that only last year a gaggle of neo-Nazis were invited to pay homage to the Jewish dead of the holocaust at the Yad Vashem holocaust memorial and propaganda museum.

Far right and anti-semitic MPE who leads right-wing nationalist group in European Parliament

Our favourite Rabbi Schochet, who is so voluble when it comes to ‘anti-Semitism’ was an entirely different approach to supporters of Israel.  He is quoted in the Jewish Chronicle as saying that ‘

“We are intending to host Michal Kaminski at an
evening open to the entire community once his itinerary is confirmed. It
is hoped to hold this event in liaison with Conservative Friends of
Israel and I personally hope to host him in a private capacity on a
Friday night.

“I decided to extend the invitation precisely because of the
ambiguity surrounding him. Mr Kaminski is known to have a colourful past
but is presently a strong supporter of Israel and is leading a lobby
against the anti-shechitah parties.”

Kaminiski – not happy

I guess that ‘colourful’ is one way to describe an open fascist (despite denying wearing fascist symbols he was caught out).

Nor would you imagine that Michael Kaminiski of Poland’s Justice and Freedom Party would have been invited to Yad Vashem.  He it was who opposed an apology for the burning alive of hundreds of Jews at Jedwabne in Poland was nonetheless a strong supporter of Israel.   Indeed, as Glenn Back has demonstrated with his accusations of Jewish financial intrigue, with George Soros in particular being behind the economic crisis, if you want to hid your anti-Semitism you become a Zionist. Glenn Beck, a believer in Jewish conspiracy theories, was nonetheless given a rapturous reception by Israel’s Knesset.

Glenn Beck, was too anti-Semitic even for Fox.  For 2 days he ran a feature on Fox attacking George Soros, a survivor of the Hungarian holocaust, as a Nazi collaborator as well as repeating many well-worn anti-Semitic themes:  He also devoted another programme to a conspiracy theory about various bankers, including the Rothschilds, to create the Federal Reserve. To make this case, Beck hosted the conspiracy theorist G. Edward Griffin, who has publicly argued that the anti-Semitic tract “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” “accurately describes much of what his happening in our world today.”

For example Deputy Minister Ayoob Kara of the governing Likud Party invited a neo-Nazi millionaire to Israel for talks  and possibly the worst and most vivid example of how Zionists really think about the holocaust victims (who were previously held in contempt and known as soap) Yad Vashem, the Zionist attempt to capitalise on the holocaust by erecting a museum with a very particular Zionist slant (it is build next to the Deir  Yassin village which was the subject of a masacre by Zionist militias)  – has become the top tourist attraction for Europe’s neo-Nazi and far-Right politicians. 

This is the context for the vicious attack on David Ward, Lib Dem MP for Bradford East, who is in danger of the Jenny Tonge treatment.  Except that, given the state of the Lib Dems nationally, standing as an independent in Bradford East with the support of the Asian community might be the best was to hold on to his seat.  But David Ward of course, od is no anti-Semites:
“Having visited Auschwitz twice – once with my family and once with local schools – I am saddened that the Jews, who suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the Holocaust, could within a few years of liberation from the death camps be inflicting atrocities on Palestinians in the new State of Israel and continue to do so on a daily basis in the West Bank and Gaza, he has been the subject of outraged condemnations.’
It is an extremely pertinent question.  How would Jewish people who had suffered from the Nazis become the perpetrator of massacre and expulsion.  Of course this is too simplistic.  Zionism was an independent settler-colonial project with its own internal dynamic.  It was interest in one thing above all – building a Jewish state.  Saving Jews came way down in its lists of priorities.  Indeed the movement to save Jews to anywhere but Palestine and Boycott Nazi Germany went against Zionist interests.  The biggest enemy was ‘refugeeism’ which sought to save Jews anywhere in the world.  This was anathema to Zionism which wanted emigration ONLY to Palestine.

But the Zionist were having none of this.  The comparison between what the Jews suffered under the Nazis and what the Palestinians are suffering is anathema to them.  Right on cue, Ken Pollock of the Zionists’ Holocaust Educational Trust mimed that ‘”These comments are sickening and unacceptable and have no place in British politics,” “My Jewish husband is worth a thousand of you, @DavidWardMP,” wrote Louise Mensch (which, to be fair, does not count as an edifying contribution to an already pretty unedifying debate.)  Mensch is the Tory MP for Kettering who bolted and handed the seat to New Labour when she realised that she wasn’t going to be re-elected.

The main mistake David Ward made was a trivial one.  He should have used the term ‘Jewish people’ instead of all Jews.  Perfectly understandable since Israel claims its atrocities and murder are carried out in the name of all Jews.

In ‘Why does Latvia still honour the Waffen-SS?’ the now described Zionist fraudster, Dennis MacShane asks in the New Statesman of 16th March 2012 why Robert Zile, a Latvian MEP who marches with the veterans of the Waffen SS each year is  linked with the same right-wing group.  He might also have asked why it is that Israel welcomes him to Yad Vashem with open arms as an honoured guest?

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