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The Zionists didn’t like my letter in the Guardian and being reminded of what Gerald Kaufman said

Kaufman compared Israel in Gaza to the Nazis in Poland

The Guardian printed a letter I sent to them yesterday.  It has set the cat amongst the Zionist pigeons, one of whose main objectives is to silence the Palestinian voice.  Only this last week we have seen 3 University Israel Apartheid weeks disrupted or prevented altogether.

The letter  which I sent to the Guardian had the 3rd and final parargraph cut.  In it I said that today Gerald Kaufman would have been defined an anti-Semite under the new IHRA definition of anti-Semitism.  Of course various Zionist black propagandists, led by the misnamed Campaign Against Anti-Semitism are already doing their best to traduce Gerald Kaufman’s memory.  That is why we have to build a resistance to this McCarthyite definition of anti-Semitism.

The letter which I sent to the Guardian read contained a 3rd paragraph which was cut. 

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance
definition of anti-Semitism, which Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have recently
adopted, states that ‘Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to
that of the Nazis.’ are anti-Semitic. It is ironic that at the same time as
paying tribute to its late Father of the House, the House of Commons
effectively called him an anti-Semite.

I also described the 1,400 Palestinians who died in Operation Cast Lead as being murdered, not killed!

Zionists really don’t like free speech.  Sometimes their hasbara organisations (UK
Censorship Watch/Campaign Against Anti-Semitism etc. etc.) really do imagine
that they are in Israel where everything has to be passed by the censor

Zionist McCarthyite organisations didn’t like being reminded that Gerald Kaufman compared Israel in Gaza to the Nazis
Actually for Jews it is still possible to get away with quite a lot in Israel.  But their counterparts in Israel, like the fascist Im Tirzu, are also busy closing down free speech for leftist and anti-occupation activists.  Zionism is closing in on itself as the McCarthyists get the upper hand.  And they want to spread their police state mentality to Britain by redefining any opposition to Israel as anti-Semitic.
It should be a no brainer – but Gideon Falter thinks its ok not to rent to non-Jews – would it be anti-Semitic to refuse to rent to Jews in UK?  Uri Ariel is now agriculture Minister in the Israeli Cabinet
Let us remind ourselves of what Zionism in Israel really means.  In Safed the Chief Rabbi, Shmuel Eliyahu, a state official, paid by the state, called for inhabitants of this Jewish city (because most towns and cities in Israel are segregated) not to rent their flats or apartments to Arabs.  What was the reaction?  When there was international criticism and Netanyahu made a token criticism (never followed up, Eliyahu continues to have his salary paid by the state to this day) hundreds of rabbis joined in to support Eliyahu.  That is Zionism – the purification of Israel in order that it it as Jewish as possible.
These Zionists imagine that they are on the West
Bank where the exercise of free speech and telling the truth is classified as ‘incitement’
by the occupying authorities and is met by detention without trial and a little
torture for good measure.
Gideon Falter is trustee of the JNF UK Ltd, which refuses to rent or lease land to non-Jews?  Racist?  It’s anti-Semitic to ask it! – as the above, which is found on the JNF site said, 70% oppose allocating JNF land to non-Jews and over 80% of Israeli Jews prefer a Jewish to a democratic state
The Zionists have done their best to vilify Gerald Kaufman,
a Jewish MP, Father of the House of Commons and someone who understood his Jewish
heritage to mean that if you oppose anti-Semitism then you must oppose Israel’s
racism towards Palestinians.  We can see
the hypocrisy of these groups from the fact that the Chair of the Campaign
Against Anti-Semitism, Gideon Falter is also a trustee of the Jewish National
Fund,  The JNF, which owns and controls
93% of the land in Israel, does not allow non-Jews to access, rent or benefit
from that land.

Racism?  Perish the

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