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Its fine 4 JLM President
Louise Ellman MP to Defend the Abuse of Palestinian Children but Criticism of
Young Zionists is a Child Protection Issue!


My question to Adam Langleben – why is the JLM silent about abuse of Palestinian children but concerned about publicising the names of JLM’s young activists?  Racism? 
These two children were murdered yesterday by Israeli bombers in Gaza

I seem to have stirred up a veritable Zionist
hornet’s nest! 

Last Saturday, before going off to the
anti-fascist demonstration in London, I posted a blog
concerning an Open
by 18 young Zionists, mainly members of the Jewish Labour Movement, criticising
Labour’s new Anti-Semitism Code of Conduct.  Their letter repeated the criticism of other
Zionist organisations. It is clear that their elders (though not betters) including
JLM’s Campaigns Officer Adam Langleben inspired them.

This Open Letter was widely distributed on the net but it is a threat to under the 18s who signed it if I publicise it – 
I have previously posted about Langleben’s
political dishonesty in The
Chutzpah of Adam Langleben & the Jewish Labour Movement
.  Langleben was a Councillor in Barnet and one
of the instigators of the false anti-Semitism campaign before the last local
elections. So successful was he in convincing his electorate that the Labour
Party was anti-Semitic that they decided not to vote for him! Of the 3 Labour
candidates Langleben came bottom which may speak volumes about his laziness as
a Councillor.
The young Jews who said Kaddish for the victims of Israeli terrorism and mass murder in Gaza were the ones who were subject to intimidation and threats of violence – the JLM of course was not involved in this protest
The 18 young Zionists who signed the Open Letter spoke
of the NEC’s incomprehensible decision to abandon the IHRA
definition of antisemitism’
  The letter urged support for the International Holocaust Remembrance
Alliance definition of anti-Semitism
. [IHRA] which conflates anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. They
falsely alleged that Labour’s Anti-Semitism
acceptable ‘the antisemitic trope of
alleging that Jews, by virtue of their identity, have their loyalties primarily
to the State of Israel.’
As I explained in my article
the exact reverse is the case. Although one of the IHRA’s 11 illustrations says
that ‘Holding Jews collectively
responsible for actions of the state of Israel’
might be anti-Semitic,
another illustration states that ‘Denying
the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the
existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor.’
Leaving aside that claiming
Israel is racist has no relevance to the question of self-determination.
The child abuse that the JLM justifies
The latter illustration, which our
young Zionists ‘forgot’ to mention, is deeply anti-Semitic. It talks about the
right of self-determination of the Jewish people. Only nations have the right
to self-determination which is the right to form a state.  Jews live in many different countries, they
speak many different languages, they are clearly not a nation.  What this is about is race not nationality.
The idea that Jews have anything more in common than their religion is the
foundation for the Nazi and anti-Semitic world Jewish conspiracy theory.  According to the latter Jews are not loyal
citizens of the countries where they live but form a common international bond
in which they are loyal only to themselves. 
This is the theme of the famous Czarist forgery the Protocols
of the Elders of Zion
Works for Andrew Dismore, former Labour MP and GLA member – a collaborator who goes out on a limb to support Israel’s apartheid state
What this provision is saying is that
the State of Israel is national state of Jews world wide, which it does claim
and therefore all Jews owe it loyalty. If this is true then of course it is not
anti-Semitic to blame Jews for what Israel does because it is their Jewish,
state.  Just as it isn’t racist to blame
British people for what the British state does on their behalf, unless they
disavow its actions.
It’s a strange logic which says you can’t quote people who openly post because they are under 18 – Zionist victimhood knows no limits
Langleben’s concern about ‘under 18s’ doesn’t extend to Palestinian victims of his favourite state
In other words the IHRA is, according
to its own definition, anti-Semitic! 
However I wouldn’t expect our young Zionists, who are not known for
their critical faculties, to challenge the Zionist nostrums they were reared
What is remarkable is that I was immediately
subject to a fierce counter attack, not about the content of my blog but
because some of the authors of the Open Letter were under 18!  Langleben tweeted at 9.00, although I didn’t
see it until I got back in the evening from the anti-fascist  demonstration in London which his friends in
the Campaign 4 Truth attended (on the
fascist side!).  Langleben wrote:
I strongly recommend you
remove all images of these young people from your blog of hate immediately.
Many are under 18.
My response was:
all these images r in the public domain – if
people choose 2 put them up they cant complain if others use them – ur being
your usual dishonest self since you have nothing to say about the message which
is stop justifying Israeli apartheid thru false accusations of antisemitism
All the images I used on the blog
were taken from the signatories own twitter feeds.  In other words they were all public.  Nonetheless I tweeted Langleben back that I
would remove any images. A day later Langleben put out another tweet.
You have written nasty libellous stuff about me
and many people but you are too insignificant to pursue. I personally don’t
care what you say. I do care about under 18s. I have sent you the names.
Ahed Tamimi – Israeli army video of her early morning arrest
Langleben said he was concerned about under-
18s. Which under-18s I wondered?  Was he concerned
about Ahed
a 16 year old girl who was put in military detention in Israel at the end of
last year for slapping a heavily armed soldier who had nearly killed her cousin
by shooting him in the head?  Ahed
received an 8
month prison sentence
, without remission. 
An Israeli soldier, Elor Azaria, a Kahanist who murdered an injured
Palestinian lying unconscious on the ground, firing directly at him, received
served just 9
.  In other words the penalty
for killing a Palestinian was one month more than slapping a soldier.
Ahed was also subject to threats
of rape and ‘unspeakable acts’ by
Israeli journalist Ben Caspit. Adam Langleben might protest that he is not
responsible for what Israel does.  However the organisation of which he is a
senior officer, the JLM, is affiliated to the World Zionist Organisation which
is responsible for settlement in the West Bank. The JLM is by its own admission
the ‘sister’ party of the Israeli
Labour Party, which supports the settlements. 
But even worse its own President, Louise Ellman MP has gone out on a
limb to defend the practice of the Israeli military in raiding homes at night
to seize children as young as 12, the practice of blindfolding them, beating,
(according to Amnesty
, 60%
of children are tortured on arrest), sexually
them, shackling them and not allowing them access to parents or
lawyers. All small beer compared to publicising peoples’ names.
On the 6th January 2016
the House of Commons held a debate on Child
Prisoners and Detainees: Occupied Palestinian Territories. Three times
Ellman intervene to support Israel’s abuse of Palestinian children. My
criticism of Ellman was held by Labour’s National Constitutional Committee to
have ‘shamed’ her and was one of the
reasons for my expulsion.  Ellman placed
the blame for Israel’s child abuse on the Palestinians.  Not
has the JLM dissociated itself from the words of their President.
According to this wretch, Palestinians would love their occupiers but for ‘incitement’.
the context in which these situations occur is an
organised campaign conducted by the Palestinian authorities of incitement, to
try to provoke young Palestinians to carry out acts of violence towards other
civilians, some of which result in death, including the death of young
‘I note my hon. Friend’s comments that a child should not be
detained, and I assume that she
means in any circumstances. Suppose a child was
involved in an act of violence that resulted
in the deaths of other human beings. That is
what has happened with young Palestinians throwing stones—people have been
killed. In those circumstances, surely she thinks that there should be
‘Does my hon. Friend really believe that the
solution to this horrendous conflict between two peoples—the Israeli and the
Palestinian people—can be found by encouraging individual child Palestinians to
commit acts of violence against other human beings?’ 
Sara Conway is not above using child protection issues to clamp down on free speech as she appeals to the Metropolitan Police
The best one can say about Conway is that she is an airhead who has nothing to say about anything – full of the usual trite cliches about young people
And where Langleben led, others followed.  Councillor Sara
was most concerned at my post but apparently not at the fact that
everything in my post was online and public. She even appealed for help to the
Metropolitan Police! So was Councillor Arjun
who was anxious to demonstrate how even Black and Asian councillors
can stand up for Israeli Apartheid in the best traditions of Raj collaboration.
If you want to find out what Jack looks like you’ll have to go to his  Twitter feed
Adam messaged me with just 3 names out of the
18 who were under 18 – Jack Lubner, Sadiyah Akther and Josh Newmark.  My
only mention of Sadiya was to reprint the Open Letter to which her name was
attached.  Apparently it is a child
protection issue if I reprint an Open Letter which she has signed!
I republished the twitter exchanges of Josh
Newmark, viz. that Jeremy Corbyn was a ‘dick’.
I also republished the image of Jack Lubner
which is available on his Twitter feed. For the sake of argument I blacked out
his face, although anyone who is really interested in what he looks like can
find it by going to his Twitter feed.
So what is all this about?  It is another exercise in Zionist False
Victimhood.  It is about making out that
those who support Zionism and Israeli Apartheid are the Victims, whereas the
real victims, the Palestinian are the oppressor.  This is the logic of the old Westerns when
John Wayne and co. were always under attack, for no obvious reason, by the
native Indians.
Despite the RMT Assistant General Secretary Steve Hedley being glassed in the face, according to these fascist Zionists it was ‘peaceful’
It is touching to see how the open fascists Campaign for Truth backs up Adam Langleben and the JLM
Support for the JLM from the Zionists’ fascist wing – the C4T was there yesterday supporting Tommy Robinson who combines neo-Nazism with ardent support for Israel, not the copy to Katie Hopkins
The C4T just loves Katie Hopkins, who believes refugees are vermin – however they leap in to support Langleben and the JLM – as we’ve always said the differences between different Zionists are no more than tactical

What is sad is that the Labour Party tolerates those
who justify racism like Councillors Conway, Mittra and of course the JLM
leadership. What is interesting is that also joining in the attack was none
other than the Zionist  Campaign for Truth.  The CfT is an open supporter of Tommy
Robinson and his fascist friends.
Whilst Langleben was tweeting yesterday and the
CtF was backing him up, I was joining an anti-fascist demonstration in
London.  Of one thing you can be sure,
those who oppose ‘anti-Semitism’ in the Labour Party are not interesting in
opposing the real anti-Semites.
Tony Greenstein

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