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Hopkins backs up the Pittsburgh murderer
are Responsible for using refugees to undermine the White nations

By their friends shall ye know them
Hopkins is a byword for racism and bigotry. 
What is in the throat of the tabloid leader writers is on the Twitter
feed of Katie Hopkins.  There is no neo-Nazi
insult that is too vile or genocidal for Katie Hopkins.  Hence why the Mail
her on
from the Sun.
However Hopkins
has managed to excel herself with her latest tweet justifying Robert Bowers, the
murderer of 11 Jews at Pittsburgh. In his last message Bowers
tweeted ‘HIAS likes to bring invaders in
that kill our people. I can’t sit by and watch our people get slaughtered.
Screw your optics I’m going in.’
HIAS being the Hebrew Immigrant Aid
Society. Hopkins tweeted:
‘Watching the pin-the-blame on
the donkey after #PittsburghSynagogue. Gab. Trump. White Supremacists. The
Media. Muslims. Look to the Chief Rabbi and his support for mass migration
across the Med. There you will find your truths.” #Pittsburg
It’s not
clear which Chief Rabbi she is talking about. Britain’s Chief Rabbi, the
hapless Ephraim Mirvis, has never supported mass migration, but it is a useful
myth. The Chief Rabbi is a metonym for Jews. In other words the Jews are responsible
for the refugees which Trump railed against in the recent Congressional
election campaign.

Katie Hopkins anti-semitic comment on Ed Miliband’s wife, Justine
The Jewish
Chronicle engaged in some synthetic outrage Katie
Hopkins condemned for blaming Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue shooting on
‘Chief Rabbi’s support for mass migration
, but they carefully refrained
from publicising her support for Israel.
It is a
favourite theme of the neo-Nazi Right that the ‘problem’ of refugees is the ‘fault’
of the Jews. It would seem that Katie Hopkins, who spends increasing time in
the company of the far-Right, has adopted this meme.

Hopkin’s  reaction to the suicide bomb at Ariande Grande’s
concert in Manchester, when 22 people were killed, was to call
for a ‘Final Solution’ of Muslims, which led to her departure
from LBC.

Katie thinks the world of Tommy Robinson aka Yaxley Lennon
Hopkins is however a consistent bigot. 
She may be the highest profile racist in Britain today, apart from her
good friend Tommy Robinson, but she is also a sincere and dedicated Zionist.
When it comes to BDS, as opposed to bombing, Katie is full of concern for Palestinian jobs – no matter that they deliberately stifle the Palestinian economy
Palestinians, the original inhabitants are ‘rodents’ i.e. vermin – neo-Nazi language from the Sun and Mail’s former columnist

Katy Hopkins concern for Israeli families contrasts with her disinterest in the victims of the aerial bombing of Gaza’s infrastructure
She visited Israel
and went out of her way to praise the Israeli military and the settlers and
demonise the Palestinians.  However none
of this prevented her from being an anti-Semite. Quite the contrary to her diaspora
Jews must seem pitifully weak.
Let us
recall other comments that went virtually unnoticed by the Zionists until she
picked on the Jews. As thousands of refugees were drowning in the Mediterranean,
as they tried to flee civil war and famine in Africa, Katie Hopkins, took a
pride in demonstrating how ‘tough’ she was. 
One of her most infamous
“Make no
mistake, these migrants are like cockroaches. They might look a bit “Bob
Geldof’s Ethiopia circa 1984”, but they are built to survive a nuclear bomb.
They are survivors”
Courtesay of the Daily Mail, Katie Hopkins went out to meet fellow fascists
UN high
commissioner for human rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein
, pointed
that the term “cockroaches
was used by both the Nazis and those behind the genocide in Rwanda. In the Sun she wrote
No, I don’t care. Show me pictures of coffins, show me bodies floating
in water, play violins and show me skinny people looking sad. I still don’t
Katie Hopkins with holocaust denier Peter Sweden
Hopkins joined
the C-Star in Sicily, which had been crowd funded by the fascists, whose
purpose it was to prevent the rescue of drowning refugees. Ironically the
fascist ship broke down and had
to be rescued
by the German ship Sea Eye
which was there to rescue refugees! It was whilst meeting the group Defend Europe
in Sicily that she posed
for photographs
with Peter Sweden, who is a holocaust denier. Sweden
tweeted that
globalists (mainly Jews) are the ones bringing in the Muslims to Europe, they
seem to work together”
and “it is
the Vatican and the Jews who are behind the NOW [New World Order]
The collected sayings of Peter Sweden
Marie van
der Zyl, the President of the Board of Deputies wrote
“It is
distressing to see Katie Hopkins posing for a photograph with a Holocaust
denier, as part of her trip to support the ‘Defend Europe’ campaign,”
It must be distressing
for Zyl, who fully supports the equally
bigoted policy
of Israeli Ministers when it comes to refugees.
After all it
wasn’t all that long ago when Katie Hopkins was an honoured guest at the annual
dinner and dance of the Zionist Federation. 
And who could possibly object to her presence when Israeli Minister
Gideon Saar was the guest speaker?  Saar
even had the chutzpah to claim that Israel didn’t deport asylum seekers.  Even as dedicated a Zionist as Rabbi Lea Mühlstein was
walked out.
The Jewish Chronicle claimed that the dinner
was ‘marred by the heckling of Gideon Sa’ar’. Katie
Lovely to
spend time with friends & supporters @ZionistFed celebrating 70 years of
Israeli Independence. Go Bibi. Go Israel”
Katie Hopkins was a hit with those who attended the Zionist Federation dinner
Katie seems to have had a wonderful
time having her photo taken with fans and of course the chief ghoul himself,
Mark Regev.
This provoked Daniel
Sugarman, a hack journalist to complain that Katie Hopkin’s presence at the Zionist
Federation’s Gala Dinner was akin to a pork chop at a Friday Night Dinner. Most
unfair to pigs. Katie
Hopkins, Tommy Robinson, and why Israel needs to up its media game
. Daniel ran through some of Katie’s
more unsavoury comments on “cockroaches”, the need for a “final solution” and her
letter “dear black people: if your lives
matter, why do you shoot and stab each other so much?”

Katie  Hopkins enthusiasm for Poland’s antisemitic government comes as no surprise

All of the above is true of course
but how is this different from referring
to African refugees as a ‘cancer’.?  This is exactly what Miri Regev, Israel’s
Minister of ‘Culture’ (as in Goebbels) did. 
Admittedly Regev apologised for using the term – that is she apologised
to cancer patients for having compared them to refugees. An Opinion Poll conducted
by the Israeli Democracy Institute found 52% of Israelis supported
her comments, and 33% supported violence against refugees. The moral of the
story is that Katie should emigrate to Israel where she can convert to membership
of the Jewish race and can then join the Israeli government. Sugarman found it
but, sadly, not surprising. There are unfortunately some within the wider
Zionist movement who appear to believe that any amount of loathsome behaviour
is bearable, as long as a perceived support of Israel is there.’
Katie had tweeted about how she had “pencilled him in” (Mark Regev) as her
fourth husband.  Clearly it would be a
match made in hell. But Sugarman is being a hypocrite. There is nothing that
Katie said that has not been said every day by Israeli politicians. 
For those
interested there is a fascinating interview
in the November 2018 edition of the Israel Today magazine with Katie Hopkins
which informs us that she is ‘one of the few willing to speak truth
to ills in our societies, irrespective of the consequences of doing so’.
Tony Greenstein

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