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 18 Months Ago, During the Bombing Of Gaza, Israel’s Military Destroyed the Centre. They Even Tore Up Children’s Books

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In May 2021, whilst Israel was bombing Gaza and killing another 60 children the Israeli ‘Defence’ Forces were busy at work in Jenin. Having nothing better to do they raided the Al Tafawk Children’s Centre ‘looking for arms’.

And just to be sure that they weren’t hidden anywhere they took door handles off doors, destroyed the stairs, smashed up the water pipes and as the icing on the cake one Jewish Nazi tore up the children’s books.  All you understand as part of a search for arms because where better to find a revolver than between the pages of nursery rhymes?

The reason given for this last act of destruction was that the children would only grow up to be ‘murderers’ and so there really was no need to read.  Those with an eye to history will remember the speech of Heinrich Himmler on October 6 in Posen, Poland to the Higher SS Police commanders when he explained why Jewish children also had to die.  It was because they too would become murderers and avenge their parent’s deaths.

Only two days ago 3 Palestinians were murdered and 8 injured when the Israeli military shot up a car. This continuous wave of attacks, meant to stem the growing Palestinian resistance has made Jenin, in the north of the West Bank, Israel’s prime target alongside Nablus.

Mahmoud – a child murdered with impunity by Israeli soldiers earlier this year

The Al Tafawk Children’s Centre plays a key part in ensuring that the children of the Jenin refugee camp have somewhere to go, a place of safety. Yet even here tear gas wafts in as bored Israeli soldiers fire off a few volleys at the Centre. Their outside garden has been trampled on by the military and there is a constant threat to the children as the military eyes the Centre from outside.

The Al Tafawk Centre offers a place for children to play in relative safety

The reason is clear.  Any Palestinian civil organisation is a threat to Israel’s desire to ethnically cleanse the West Bank. As Prime Minister Yair Lapid, the moderate you will remember, said – Israel’s goal is ‘maximum land and maximum Jews’.

With openly fascist Ministers now in charge of the military administration in the West Bank we can expect even worse to come.

Many of the children have seen their parents hurt or injured and one of the 3 Palestinians killed 2 days ago was the father of one of the children using the Centre.

I have a simple request to make of you.  We can celebrate Xmas in peace knowing that our children are not likely to be shot ‘by accident’ by  the British army, or at least not yet. But in Jenin it is different.  Israel has thought nothing of shooting live bullets at the vehicle which brings children to the Centre each day.

No doubt if one of the children is killed then Luke Akehurst of We Believe in Israel will justify it, claiming that it was all a ‘tragic accident’.  This is the Israeli army’s last defence when their excuses have run out as with the murder of the 4 children playing on  Gaza’s beach in 2014.

The Israeli military thought nothing of firing at the car taking the children to the Centre

I have a simple request to make.  The Centre provides what is often the only meal of the day for over 150 children. It provides a place to play and it employs teachers to teach them. Every other month we pledge to give at least £1,000 from the Brighton Trust.  However we can only do this if people are willing to contribute to our Crowdfunder. Please help us.

So I am asking you, as the festive season approaches to dig deep and make a donation, however big or small, to our Crowdfunder.

Many thanks

Tony Greenstein

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