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Why I wonder has Manuel Cortes of the TSSA been pushing so hard to have Jackie Walker removed as Vice Chair of Momentum.  It would seem that it is related to his close personal connections with First Group, the employer that his union negotiates with.  In other words some form of  sweet-heart relationship between him and First Group.
Judge for yourself this interesting article from the much about
labour blog
about why Manuel Cortes, President of TSSA is so keen to remove the Black-Jewish
Vice Chair of Momentum, Jackie Walker, from her position. 
Call for Manuel Cortez to Explain his links with
Mike Katz of the Jewish Labour Movement and First Group
Walker has been suspended from Labour according to news articles over comments
made in a training event run by (amongst others) Mike Katz.
Cortes the GenSec of TSSA (Travel workers union) has spoken out against her.
of TSSA represents workers in discussions with First Group.
Katz (Vice Chair of the Zionist Labour Movement) works as PR for First Group.
Katz previously worked for TSSA.
Cortes of TSSA could reasonably be asked several questions:
  1. Has he ever met or had communication with Mike
  2. Has Mike Katz had any influence on Manuel in his
    stance on Jackie Walker.
  3. Has Manuel consulted anyone within TSSA on his
    stance on Jackie Walker.
  4. Has Manuel asked his staff whether they were
    aware HMD marks many Genocides.
  5. What objection has Manuel got for Jackie Walker
    asking during the training event the scope and publicity of HMD
  6. Does Manuel think training events should be
    filmed without participants permission.
  7. Does Manuel think there can be false accusations
    made against people for political purposes.
  8. Would Manuel take a private sector senior
    position in a Transport company that TSSA workers worked in if offered if
    he leaves TSSA
  9. Does Manuel think natural justice means that
    statements made against an accused  by a senior person is prejudicial
    to a fair hearing.
  10. Does Manuel accept that Jackie Walker has been a
    tireless anti racism campaigner
would be great if Manuel Cortes could make a public statement on these
questions so we can have answers. 

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