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The Response of Liberal Racists is to Downplay the Specificity of the Murder of Black People
Black Lives Matter has
grown up in the United States in response to the continued murder of Black
people, men in particular, by the racist police forces in the United
States.  In reaction to a movement that
has grown up in opposition to racism, the usual liberals and overt white
racists have been saying ‘All lives matter’. 
Which of course they do but it’s not whites who are the target of racist
police forces but Black lives.
We also see the nature
of Obama – the Black President who is politically White.  When 5 cops were gunned down in Dallas Obama
hotfooted it back to the memorial service. 
Likewise he didn’t hesitate to condemn the  shooting of 3 cops in Baten Rouge where 2
Black men had previously been murdered. 
He wasn’t however able to make it in person to Fergusson in Louisiana when
Michael Brown was murdered nor has be spoken up about the literally hundreds of
Black people who have been murdered by US cops. 
But when Black people seek retribution for those murders then Obama says
that violence against the state can never be justified.
Liberals like to
portray the US as a democracy but we see how the power that spreads dictatorships
throughout the world, from Latin America to the Middle East, is itself
thoroughly undemocratic.
The US Police forces
are themselves like mini armies.  They
have tanks, armoured personnel carriers, tanks and airplanes even.  And if this is not enough there are the
National Guard in each state, in essence a wing of the army and the SWAT
teams.  In all the United States if the
most militarised society in the world. 
Democracy is paper
thin in the USA.  Elections are conducted
between two capitalist parties – Democrats and Republicans.  They are peas in a pod.  That is why people were energised by the
campaign of Bernie Sanders, a traditional social democrat from Vermont who
found himself alongside the Democrats. 
Big business and capital was mobilised to stop someone who was talking
about redistributing wealth, a unified national health service and questioning
some aspects of the US’s military role overseas.
The election we have
now between Hilary Clinton, the embodiment of a US multi-national and the
racist Donald Trump is one that all progressives should avoid.  It is no choice and I would vote for an
alternative such as the Green party candidate. 

Tony Greenstein

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