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On Palestine Corbyn has become a Trappist Monk

Of course everyone is
entitled to change their mind.  Sometimes
people even change the parties they belong to but I’m not aware of a time when Jeremy
Corbyn changed his mind about support a 2 state solution in Palestine or the
breaking of links with Labour Zionism. 
The primary purpose of
a 2 state solution was and is to justify a never ending peace process (in Israel its
known as the ‘piss process’).  As long as
the Peace Process can be said to be continuing so long will there be a
justification for the present Apartheid situation on the West Bank and the
pretence that Gaza isn’t occupied.
Corbyn has changed his tune since becoming leader
Netanyahu made it
clear during the General Election in Israel that he did not believe in a 2
State Solution.  His Ministers have made
it even clear.  Tsipi Hotoveli, the
Deputy Foreign Minister (there is no Foreign Minister as Netanyahu has also
taken that position) has made the position of the Israeli Government crystal clear:
Tzipi Hotoveli – the religious nutcase who is Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister
‘This land is ours. All
of it is ours. We expect as a matter of principle of the international
to recognise Israel’s right to
build homes for Jews in their homeland, everywhere.

Zionism from its
foundation has asserted Jewish sovereignty over all of the biblical Land of Israel
(Eretz Yisrael), which extends up to the Litani, east to the Euphrates and south to the Nile.  There is no recognition of shared sovereignty.  As Moshe Dayan explained to a group of university graduates: 
Moshe Dayan
the last 100 years our people are in the process of building up this country
and this nation, of expansion, of getting more Jews and more settlements to
expand the borders.  Let no Jew say that this is the end of the process.  Let no Jew say that we are near the end of
the road.
Ma’ariv, 7.7.1968.
The ‘peace process’
has only one function.  To maintain the
pretence that a 2 state solution is possible and therefore to provide
justification for the denial of any political or civil rights for over 4
million Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. 
It is a pretence that western leaders are happy to play along with.
When you’re surrounded by  New Labour sharks it’s best not to feed them
But for socialists and
Corbyn in particular to play along with this is despicable.  Corbyn was arrested at South Africa house
once protesting Apartheid in South Africa yet he is willing to go along with
Apartheid in Israel.   Because that is what the 2 State solution amounts to.
The Labour Movement Conference which Corbyn chaired in 1984
Of course the Jewish Labour
Movement and assorted hypocrites will pretend they support a 2 State solution,
knowing full well it won’t come about. 
However they oppose any pressure upon the Israeli state, such as
sanctions or BDS, to bring it about. 
Sanctions on Iran, a siege of Gaza (which is the most coercive form of
sanctions) is fine, but sanctions against Israel – let the heavens fall in
Report of LMCP Conference which Corbyn chaired – the Zionists tried to hoax the speakers that the conference had been cancelled
In the Spring
of 1984 the Labour Movement Campaign for Palestine held a conference at County Hall, London when the GLC was still in existence.  The Conference was sponsored by AUEW-TASS,
the engineering section of the Engineering Union, 11 MPs and Palestine Solidarity
Campaign as well as the London office of the PLO.   Among the speakers were Peter Tatchell and Richard Balfe MEP (he’s now Lord Balfe of the Conservative Party!).
One of its main
demands was for the breaking of links between Poale Zion, the British branch of
the Israeli Labour Party and the Labour Party.  Poale Zion has now changed its name to Jewish
Labour Movement
but it is the same creature. 
Now Corbyn is happy to preside over an absurd situation where JLM is
going to be ‘training’ people to recognise ‘anti-Semitism’ – which in their
view is opposition to the Israeli state and Zionism (a word they don’t like to use because Zionist, I mean the word, is ‘abusive’.
Jeremy Corbyn was the
Chair of the Conference and a very good and enthusiastic chair he was.  He was fully in support of the principle aims
of the conference so I am interested to know why he has changed his mind
about what, if the Trades Description Act applied to politics, would be called the Labour Friends of Apartheid Israel.
Jeremy Corbyn was one of the LMCP’s original sponsors – the LMCP’s platform included support for a democratic, secular state not a Jewish Apartheid state
It’s not terribly
difficult to discern the strategy of Corbyn’s advisers.  Keep you head down when it comes to anything
to do with Palestine.  Above all don’t
say anything about how the current campaign about ‘anti-Semitism’ is really
about criticism of Israel.  If you
concentrate on the bread and butter issues of austerity then other things will
disappear into the distance.  This is a
particularly stupid strategy because the Zionists, aided by their chorus in the
Mail, Guardian etc. will not let the issue of Palestine and Zionism die.  They will continue to root out ‘anti-Semitism’
in the party even if it does mean ludicrously examining every tweet for the
past decade in the hope that some minor misdemeanour might be discovered.  In my own case it has taken ludicrous lengths.  
The idea is to focus
on economics and ignore the political and questions of the State.  Pretend that the capitalist state is neutral as
opposed to an instrument to be used by one class against another.  Leave the question of monarchy and control of
the army to another time.  That is why
there was such a fuss made about Corbyn singing the national anthem.  Deference to the Crown and the institutions
of the State is important for Labour’s servile worshippers at the altar of the
capitalist state.  The monarchy provides
the icing over the division of the cake between rich and poor.  However rich or poor you are you can identify
with Mrs Windsor.
Even the mild-mannered
PLO representative in Britain, Manuel Hassassnian lambasted Corbyn’s silence
over Palestine.  Palestinian ambassador says leaders won’t stand up to Israel for fear of being labelled anti-semitic.  Corbyn used
to attend every AGM I can remember of Palestine Solidarity Campaign.  He was vocal on the oppression of the Palestinians.  Now he has taken a vow of silence as if he were a Trappist
monk when it comes to Palestine.
As Hassassnian said:  ‘“Jeremy
Corbyn (who) was an ardent, staunch supporter of the Palestinians and now we
hardly see any statements coming from him in support of Palestine.’

‘when the Star contacted the Labour Party
for comment on Mr Hassassian’s statements’ it ‘did not receive any responses.

Blairite clone Fabian Hamilton accuses BDS supporters of ‘anti-Semitism’

silence led to the ludicrous appointment of arch-Zionist Fabian Hamilton to a
junior shadow foreign office minister who in the Jewish News has accused supporters of BDS of
being ‘anti-Semitic’.  According to this
useless New Labour clone, opposing the military and police state that is the
life of Palestinians on the West Bank is ‘anti-Semitic’ and yet Corbyn appointed him despite knowing of his views.  

Corbyn has also gone along with the ‘anti-Semitism’ smears made against anyone those who are deemed a political threat by Labour’s Blairite civil service.  He has been attacked repeatedly by the Jewish Chronicle’s editor Stephen Pollard yet not once has he pointed out that Pollard acted as an apologist and worse for anti-Semitic politicians Robert Zile and Michal Kaminski, Latvian and Polish MEPs, whose anti-Semitism was only exceeded by their support for Zionism.

If Corbyn is so willing to bow down to the Zionist lobby today, he will bow down to the financial lobbies tomorrow.

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