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You can book a ticket for £5 here

Tony Greenstein – An Ordinary Hero

It was about 6 months ago that I was approached by Helena Aksentijevic as to whether I would agree to her making a half hour film about my role in the Palestine solidarity and anti-Zionist movement.

Helena had already made a number of similar films about people in Palestine solidarity and in opposition to Zionism such as Moshe Machover, Sabby Sagall, Ghada Karmi, Naomi Wimborne Idrissi, Bernard Regan and Stephen Kapos.

I was more than happy to cooperate as it a way of explaining why I have been active on the issue of Palestine and Zionism for over 50 years and how I became an anti-Zionist.

Tickets will cost £5 to defray the costs to P21 Theatre who have kindly allowed us to use the venue. There will be light refreshments and I am also happy to reduce the price of a signed copy of my book from £12 to £10.

The evening will start off with the film and then I will have a discussion with Luca Salice, who is a translator and visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster, as well as co-chair of Camden PSC, before opening up to the audience for a Q&A.

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  1. Andrea Kerr on 08/05/2024 at 1:50pm

    The world has seen terrible things over the years on our TV screens but the ethnic cleansing, the scale of uninhibited slaughter in Gaza is unprecedented.

    Israel’s crimes against humanity will go down in history. Netenhau will sit beside Hitler in the halls of hell. Such unwarranted evil.

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