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Demonstration Outside Labour Conference Infuriates the Blairites


I am proud to say that Brighton & Hove Labour Party members played a prominent part in the demonstration calling for Iain McNicol, its reactionary General Secretary to go.  McNicol almost singlehandedly is responsible for Theresa May still being in office.  But for his disastrous decision not to give any aid to Labour candidates in Tory marginals, Labour would almost certainly have won seats like Hastings where Amber Rudd only squeaked through with a 300 majority.

If McNicol didn’t believe that Corbyn could win votes then that was down to the fact that throughout Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure McNicol has imbibed the poisonous milk of the Tory press and pundits instead of taking note of the mass rallies that Corbyn was addressing.

McNicol has rights but no rights for those suspended and left twisting in the wind – when under attack the Right rediscover ‘rights’ – McNicol’s only right is to leave without being kicked out

This blog, right from the start of the election campaign, predicted that there could well be a hung parliament at a time when every single pundit was calling it for Strong & Stable.  On April 20th I wrote my first blog post Labour Can Win if Corbyn is Bold – the Key Issue is Poverty and the Transfer of Wealth and followed it up on June 3rd with General Election – Is Labour on the threshold of victory?

Eloquent means that Baxter managed to open her mouth and out came the wounded shriek of someone who was kicked off the NEC by a record majority of voting members

So it was good to see today, outside the Labour Party conference a demonstration calling for McNicol to go.  Brighton and Hove members were there in force as we remember that it was McNicol and his NEC stooge Anne Black who suspended Brighton & Hove District Labour Party because the Left had won the elections at our AGM on June 2nd 2016.  Yet despite this we have bounced back and Momentum candidates have triumphed in virtually every single contest in the three constituencies.

Brilliant demonstration says it all
Right-wing cllr. Poison Penn knows for a fact that people have been  auto-expelled or suspended for good reasons.  Like Riad, a member of Hove CLP Exec, expelled because he was imprisoned 20 years ago for defying sanctions on Iraq which were killing thousands of people

McNicol has waged an unceasing war against the membership suspending thousands and denying them the most basic and elementary rights.  Natural justice is an alien concept to McNicol.  I was suspended 18 months ago on the ludicrous grounds of ‘anti-Semitism’.  When I was suspended Crooked McNicol’s minions refused to tell me what I had been suspended for and ignored my correspondence.  The first I learnt of the reasons for my suspension was when I read articles in the Telegraph and Times on April 2nd 2016.

For the first time in living memory the Blairites are in favour of workers’ rights – as long as they are paid over £100K of course!
Cllr Poison Penn despite protesting the rights of McNicol doesn’t get it – people suspended are innocent until proven guilty – even under Crooked McNicol’s flawed system of justice

McNicol did his best to keep Jeremy Corbyn off the ballot paper, hiding adverse legal opinion from the National Executive Committee and omitting to even tell Corbyn when the meeting was.  He has been dishonest and deceptive throughout his reign.  In conjunction with that other reptile, Tom Watson, he used every dirty trick in the book to try and keep the Blairites in power.

The final straw was when Labour Party headquarters gave no support to candidates in marginal seats.  Progress and McNicol had convinced themselves that Labour would lose not gain seats and so they poured in resources and money into seats where Progress MPs were standing, like Peter Kyle in Hove and Joan Ryan (Labour Friends of Israel) in Enfield but refused to support or help Labour candidates in Tory seats.
They really don’t get it – we are now expected to unite with these reactionary racists who led attacks on benefit claimants, single parents and asylum seekers.  Now they can’t get rid of Corbyn they want unity!
The Right really don’t understand the depth of loathing for McNicol and all he represents

Thus Russell Lloyd-Moyle, Labour’s candidate in Brighton Kemptown received no support whatsoever from the national party.  Lloyd was challenging the universally unpopular Tory Minister Simon Kirby in a seat that was only won by 600 votes in 2015.  Despite this we won back the seat with a 10,000 majority.  The same story was repeated throughout the country.

It is absurd that the leader of the Party has a General Secretary whom he cannot trust.  When Zionist Michael Foster took the Labour Party to court last summer to prevent Corbyn’s name appearing on the ballot paper, Jeremy had to hire his own barrister and ask the court to be joined in the action because he feared that McNicol would reach a deal with Foster and concede the case.

What Cllr. Caroline ‘Poison’ Penn terms ‘anti-semitic’ is support for the Palestinians and opposition to Zionism.  Her opposition to antisemitism can best be gauged by living in the same flat as a supporter of the BNP

Corbyn big mistake was not to challenge the right-wing Blairite machine in the Labour Party.  When he won the election against Owen Smith last year he should immediately have signalled that McNicol had to go because he had tried to fiddle the election by suspending thousands of members.  Unfortunately Corbyn was to nice to face McNicol down.  Corbyn now needs to use the left majority on the NEC to get rid of McNicol.

McNicol is useless, inefficient, dishonest, someone who has presided over the leaking of information to the press about members who have been suspended, he has denied natural justice to those accused and hasn’t given a toss about the effect on people of having their membership rights withdrawn.  For many people, being suspended has been totally traumatic.  McNicol is a reactionary toerag who should be thrown out of the Labour Party and removed at one from his highly paid sinecure.


Far-right Brighton Progress councillor Caroline ‘Poison’ Penn reveals that members of Hove Executive took part in the demonstration and that they should be ashamed of  standing up for the thousands suspended or expelled

Tony Greenstein

Pathetic right wing asks Corbyn to support the traitor who tried to get rid of him

#ResignMcNicol protest causes outrage among Labour right

24/09/2017 · by SKWAWKBOX · Bookmark the permalink. ·

The first of a series of direct-action protests against Labour General Secretary Iain McNicol took place a short time ago outside Labour’s Brighton Centre conference venue, as protestors held signs near the entrance to the centre, wearing t-shirts that spelled out their message:

It didn’t take long for the message to have an impact inside the hall. Johanna Baxter, who was overwhelmingly voted off the NEC (National Executive Committee) during last year’s election of CLP delegates, stood to express trembling outrage at the protest against ‘an employee of the party’. McNicol’s performance in his post was not a factor in her speech.
More protests are planned throughout the conference

#ResignMcNicol protest upsets fragile Labour right-winger

I’m not sure it’s fair to say the protest against Labour’s ultra-right-wing secretary Iain McNicol caused outrage among the Labour right, just because Johanna Baxter may have turned on the water works again.
You’ll recall Ms Baxter criticised Jeremy Corb
yn last year for opposing secret voting at a Labour NEC meeting on whether he should automatically go on the ballot paper for that year’s party leadership election.

Mr Corbyn’s supporters had threatened to hold Mr McNicol legally liable for the
cost of high court action if the decision went against the Labour leader.

Ms Baxter had to be prompted by an interviewer before she
remembered to suggest that open voting would lay some NEC members open to abuse
by supporters of Mr Corbyn.

She had previously released her contact details to the
public, calling for opinions on whether Mr Corbyn should be allowed onto the
leadership ballot paper without nominations from the Parliamentary Labour Party
– and then cried crocodile tears while falsely claiming bullies had published
her details online as part of a campaign of intimidation against her and other
NEC members, to make them support Mr Corbyn’s case.

In fact, she has been responsible for a lot of naughty
behaviour. Here‘s
an article listing some of it.
But she is still only one person.

This Writer brought a motion before my own Constituency
Labour Party, demanding Mr McNicol’s removal, a year ago. It was rejected on
the advice of the secretary – advice which I consider to have been mistaken.

I am therefore heartened to see that other CLPs were
successful in putting through motions of censure against the errant party

I think his removal is probably supported by a
large proportion of the party – especially those he tried to exclude from
participation in party democracy last year.

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