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Owen Smith Struggled to get 200 even with Free Ice-Cream!

I spent most of my childhood in
Liverpool.  It was always known as a red,
militant city.  The workers – dockers,
carworkers, shipyard workers – were the most militant of all.  It was probably the Irish heritage –
Liverpool used to be known as the capital of Ireland because of the large number
of Irish immigrants.  But Liverpool has
always been a city of immigrants.  It has
the oldest Chinese community in Britain and a Somali community in Liverpool 8.  At the beginning of the Thatcher reign, some
of the fiercest riots were in Liverpool 8 as a result of the notoriously
brutal, violent and racist police.

In the 1980’s it was Liverpool City Council
under Militant that led the fightback against Tory cuts until it was defeated
under Derek Hatton.  Kinnock hypocritically
made his famous speech decrying a Labour Council that sent redundancy notices
by taxi to its workers, whilst arguing for a ‘dented shield’ policy that would
ensure that all Labour Councils conformed without question to central government
cuts.  .

After the first world war the government sent
the troops into Liverpool against strikers (who included the Police force!) and
two workers were killed.  The old
traditions haven’t died.  This photograph
of a rally for Jeremy Corbyn by the famous St George’s Hall is quite
amazing.  I’ve never seen a demonstration
that big in the City.  And to think that
Owen Smith also had a rally at the weekend. 
Even with a free ice cream van he could only muster 200 people at most!

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