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The Supporters of Tommy Robinson (Steve Yaxley Lennon) Joined Forces
with the Board of Deputies Demonstration Against the Palestinians

the past couple of years British Zionists have been trying to ban the annual Al
Quds demonstration in London, which met yesterday at the Saudi Embassy. The
pretext for trying to ban a demonstration in support of the Palestinians,
which is organised by the Islamic Human Rights Commission, was that the yellow
flag of Hezbollah was being flown.

It is of course no surprise that London’s
Mayor Sadiq Khan has joined in on the side of Jewish supremacists and racists.  This disgusting Uncle Tom never hesitates to try
and appease the supporters of Israeli Apartheid and Zionism. Not once did he
speak out about the slaughter of unarmed Palestinian demonstrators earlier this
month in Gaza.

The bourgeois Zionists joined forces with the boneheads in a common anti-Islamic cause 

What makes it worse is that last year
Darren Osborne, who was convicted of murdering an elderly worshipper at the
Finsbury Park mosque, had attempted to drive his van into the marchers.  The Police presence prevented this but it
would seem that the Zionist Board of Deputies wants to complete what the
fascist Osborne attempted. Mark Rowley, the UK’s most senior counter-terror officer said it was clear that Osborne had been motivated to attack Muslims by reading what Tommy Robinson had written about Muslims. Finsbury Park attacker turned violent by far-right posts from Tommy Robinson and Britain First, police say
Present yesterday were many of the same fascist thugs who
the previous day had held a demonstration calling for the freeing from a 13
month prison sentence of Tommy Robinson (Steve Yaxley Lennon).  
Bonehead looking lost
Gormless personified
On Saturday an estimated 15,000
members of the Football Lads Alliance had gathered in London. Like the EDL which Robinson founded, these fascists are ardent supporters of Zionism and Israel. Of course they
don’t love Jews anymore and it was noticeable that supporters of Robinson were
giving Hitler salutes.  This is the company
that the Board of Deputies and the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, which also
campaigned against yesterday’s demonstration, keep.
It is a feature of the far-Right
today that their hatred of Muslims has led to ardent support for Israel
and Zionism.  The fascist rally was addressed by
the leader of the Dutch Freedom party Geert Wilders, for whom ‘Israel
Is West’s First Line of Defense’
A lonely fash
Hoffman whitened up seemed out of sorts
Hundreds of these fascist thugs
stayed over to the Sunday in order to try and attack the Al Quds demonstration and they
linked up with a group of Zionist fascists who I have previously featured here
and here.
Amongst the Zionist fascists was Mark Harringman, who emailed me
asking me to take his profile down because it stopped him getting a job.  Harringman tried
to stick a camera in my face as a means of revenge!
Hoffman wasn’t his normal ebullient self – perhaps he’s having a late mid life crisis
When I went for a coffee I had to go
through a group of these Zionists who seemed besides themselves, jeering and
crowing.  I lost count of  how many times I was accused of being a ‘traitor’ – to whom I’m not sure.  I thought accusing Jews of dual loyalty was anti-Semitic!
The appropriately named Amanda Shitrit was particularly put out as she screamed
and howled.
 The CAA ‘charity’ rejoices in the unlawful attempt to block the progress of the march – it classifies a group of fascists as ‘anti-terrorism activists’
My old friend Jonathan Hoffman’s face
was plastered in white.  Is White
supremacy getting to him?  His alter ego
Thor Halland seems to have been absent altogether. Another missing face was
Joseph Cohen. As I remarked to a friend who came with me, I just love their
hate.  It must really hurt them to come
up against anti-racist and anti-Zionist Jews as they hang out with a bunch of boneheads
and assorted thugs.
Still as the American alt-Right proves,
with its founder neo-Nazi Richard Spencer declaring he is a White
and other neo-Nazis like Sebastian Gorka falling over themselves to
declare their love for Zionism and Israel, the political dividing lines have
now been drawn.  After all what is there
not to like about Israel if you are a neo-Nazi or White Supremacist?  Israel is the ideal ethno-nationalist state which
deports anyone who is Black who seeks asylum there.  It is a state at the forefront of hostility to
He reminds me of an old slogan of ours ‘Thick and dumb, Nazi scum’
The Zionist pretext for banning
Hezbollah is that it is a ‘terrorist’ organisation. The real reason is that
Hezbollah is the only Arab organisation to have successfully resisted Israeli aggression.
It was the determination of Hezbollah that forced Israel to withdraw from
Lebanon in 2000 and when Israel invaded and bombed Lebanon in 2006 Hezbollah
inflicted a heavy defeat on the Zionist forces.
All the nonsense about Hezbollah
being a ‘genocidally, anti-Semitic’
organisation should be treated with a very large pinch of salt.  Hezbollah isn’t a leftist organisation
politically but nor are its opponents. 
However it is a lie to say that it is hostile to Jews as Jews. Many Jews
such as Norman Finkelstein have met with its leaders. This is, once again, an
attempt to transplant European anti-Semitism to the Arab world. Anti-Semitism was
not a phenomenon in the Arab world and even today anti-Jewish expressions are
the consequence of imperialism and the Zionist colonisation not because of an
adherence to racial doctrines.
Mark Harrigman – in your face
Nor is Hezbollah a ‘terrorist’
organisation. Apart from the fact that the definition of a ‘terrorist’ organisation
is that it lacks a mass base and therefore substitutes violence for political
activity, Hizbollah has never planted bombs in the cities of Europe
or any other country. It has fought in Syria at the invitation of the Syrian government,
a mistake in my view, but it is no more a terrorist than any other group or
state fighting in Syria such as the Russians or the Americans.
(and Hamas) are often painted by Zionist propagandists as the equivalent of Al
Nusra/Al Quaeda (which Israel supports in Syria) or ISIS (which they are
strongly suspected of supporting). 
However both groups have come into conflict with these Jihadist groups,
in particular ISIS.  It is noticeable
that when an offshoot of the Yemen Al Qaeda group carried out the Charlie Hebdo
murders in France and then followed up with the murder of 4 French Jews in
Paris, that both Hamas and Hezbollah condemned these killings.
A slightly intellectual looking fascist –  anyone know his name?
Hezbollah’s rhetoric about wiping Israel
off the face of the earth is crude but what they really mean is eliminating Zionism
and the Israeli state not the people who live in Israel. Hezbollah came into
existence as a result of Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 1982 when over 20,000
people were killed and 100,000 were injured as Israel bombed and devastated Lebanon’s
cities.  This is the real terrorism. The
reality is that behind the rhetoric is a pragmatic approach which has seen a 12
year ceasefire on the Lebanon border, which Israel has not for once broken because
Hizbollah’s rockets undoubtedly act as a deterrent.
Mark Harrigman – not exactly one of the Zionist intellectual elite
As Metropolitan Police Commander
Jane Conners wrote
in a letter to that disgusting supporter
of Israeli child abuse, Louise Ellman, MP for Tel Aviv South and Liverpool
Riverside: “Purely holding a flag does
not necessarily incite religious or racial hatred.”
It’s obvious really.  Hezbollah, which is a Lebanese national
liberation movement has both a political and a military wing, just as in
Ireland the IRA was the military wing and Sinn Fein was the political
wing.  Kurdish
groups do likewise.
This one was giving out ‘free  Tommy Robinson’ flyers
I think the organisers of the march (which because it was so delayed I couldn’t
stay for) need to consider the wisdom of having the Hezbollah flag flying when
the march is about Palestine.  Tactically
it may be better to just have Palestinian flags flying. The question of Hizbollah flags is a pretext however what is essential is that it isn’t used as an excuse to ban the demonstration as a whole.
Nonetheless the idea that the demonstration,
which has been held for over 30 years, should be banned is an outrage.  Even more so when the people who are calling
for a ban are the very same ones who are happy to go on demonstrations with real
fascists and Muslim hating anti-Semites.
Melanie – a picture of stupidity – whenever she sees me she calls out but is reluctant to engage in conversation – a former model I believe
A real charmer
If anyone is genocidal it is the
representatives of Israel, such as its rabbis who regularly compare the Palestinians
to the Biblical Amalek.  For example the
Chief Rabbi of Safed, Shmuel Eliyahu, said
in 2007 that Israel “must kill 100,000,
even a million
” people in Gaza if that was necessary to stop Palestinian
resistance fighters from firing rockets into Israel by way of retaliation.  Eliyahu also justified rape by Israeli soldiers
in war because otherwise they would lose their motivation to fight! [Rabbi
who urged Gaza genocide excused rape by soldiers
] Or Israel’s
fascist Defence Minister Lieberman who recently said that ‘there
are ‘no innocent people’ in Gaza as 30 Palestinians martyred
It seems as if it was away day for the fascist OAPs
Lieberman has previously told of how
he dreams of being able to drown
thousands of Palestinian prisoners and cut off the
of Arab Israelis.  This
is a man who can actually put his threats into action.  The wilder statements of Hizbollah are just
empty rhetoric.
That is why the hypocrisy of ‘Labour Zionists’
such as the Jewish Labour Movement is so nauseating. Today there is no excuse
for anyone pretending to be a socialist and a Zionist.  That is why the removal of the JLM and Labour
Friends of Israel from the Labour Party is an absolute priority.
Mandy Blumenthall and a group of Zionists making friends with Tommy Robinson’s supporters
Is that Mark Lewis in the wheelchair?
looks as if he’s seen better days
This lot didn’t seem to like being photographed

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