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Suarez has produced an important book on the bloody and terrorist origins of
the Israeli state.  It is for this reason
and no other that Zionist organisations in this country – primarily the Board
of Deputies of British Jews and the so-called Campaign Against Anti-Semitism have
been waging a campaign to prevent halls from staging his talks.

Portsmouth City Council via its Prevent Officer Charlie
used the bogus pretext of ‘anti—terrorism’ to stifle out
free speech in Portsmouth.  It is
incumbent upon the Palestine solidarity and wider labour movement to ensure
that Israel’s policy of censorship is not exported to Britain. 

means first and foremost that Palestine Solidarity Campaign and other groups should
rise to the challenge by organising a speaking tour for Tom Suarez.  They want to shut him up, we should say no to
Zionist Political Terrorism.  Free Speech
is a principle that Zionism is not going to destroy in this country.
Tony Greenstein
It’s shocking that someone should call Israel racist or fascist
Jonathan Cook
15 May
Suarez has written an important history of early Zionism, State of Terror, finding in British archives a wealth of
evidence damaging to the Zionist cause. The archives reveal a troubling story
of a colonial settler movement prepared to ally itself with powerful
anti-semites in European 
governments to achieve its goal of creating a
Jewish state in Palestine. That included at different times dealing with the
Nazis and the Italian fascists.
It is
also worth remembering that British officials who aided the Zionist
movement were far from immune to anti-semitism either. The Balfour
Declaration, 100 old years this year, was Britain’s promise to the Zionists to
help them create a “national home” at the expense of the Palestinian people.
But as Edwin Montagu, the only Jew in the British cabinet at that time,
realised, it was also a very good way for Britain’s anti-semitic elites to
rid themselves of a domestic Jewish population while also creating a
colony-state in the Middle East dependent on Britain.
The notorious racist Jonathan Hoffman spearheads campaign to suppress free speeech
Suarez’s books reveals in shocking detail, any means were seen as legitimate by
the Zionists, including violence and terrorism against Palestinian civilians,
the British, and even fellow Jews, in their efforts to drive out the native
population. A lengthy
from Suarez’s book, published by Mondoweiss, gives a disconcerting
taste of what the Zionists were prepared to do to win themselves someone else’s
single most deadly terror attack conducted by the Zionists in Palestine was not
the blowing up of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1946, as is commonly
remembered. It was “the Jewish Agency’s bombing of the immigrant ship
Patria in 1940, killing an estimated 267 people, of whom more than 200 were
Jews fleeing the Nazis.”
How shocking – the Daily Mail is affronted by the idea that Zionism is either fascist or racist – being a paragon of anti-racism itself
Jewish Agency, the Zionists’ government-in-waiting in Palestine, wanted to foil
British efforts to relocate to Mauritius these Jewish refugees
fleeing Europe. For the Zionist leadership, it was worth killing
Jews if it aided the cause of creating a Jewish state in Palestine.
As Suarez concludes, the terror attack “was no aberration, but the driving
principle of the Zionist project: Persecuted Jews served the political project,
not the other way around.”
Similar uses
of terror continued after Israel’s creation in 1948, part of false-flag
operations to drive Jews out of Arab lands as a way to bolster the Jewish
majority in the new state of Israel.
also reminds us that before the rise of Hitler the Zionist movement was far
from popular, even among most European Jews:  most Jews
and Jewish leaders dismissed Zionism as the latest anti-Semitic cult. They had
fought for equality, and resented being told that they should now make a new
ghetto – and worse yet, to do so on other people’s land. They resented being
cast as a separate race of people, as Zionism demanded.
The Daily Mail – the paper which supported Hitler – is concerned about allegations that the Zionists (who it calls Jews) exploited the Holocaust – it is a matter of record that they did!
after Hitler launched the Holocaust, most Jews fleeing Europe wanted to head to
the new promised land of the United States, not a territory unknown to
them in a region, the Middle East, most would have associated with deserts and
backwardness. But US Zionists lobbied their own officials ferociously
to get the doors closed to most of these Jews, forcing them to become
Zionists in Palestine.
In 1944
US Zionist leaders sabotaged President Roosevelt’s provisional success in
establishing a half million new homes for European DPs [displaced persons],
most of these homes in the United States and Britain. When Roosevelt’s aide
Morris Ernst visited the Zionist leaders in an attempt to save the program, he
was, in his words, “thrown out of parlours and accused of treason” – “treason”,
because he was Jewish, and the Zionists owned Jews.
This is
archival history that has been intentionally forced down the memory hole –
by Zionist organisations, by Israel and by British officials – for very good
reason. It risks reminding us that Israel emerged out of an unholy alliance
between, on the one hand, British anti-semites and colonial officials and, on
the other, Jewish ethnic supremacists who had adopted for themselves the ugly
ideology of Europe’s racial nationalists.
intelligence officials in the Middle East, points out Suarez, understood the
roots of Zionist ideology. In a report in 1943, they concluded that
Zionism in Palestine was “a type of nationalism which in any other country
would be stigmatised as retrograde Nazism”.
tactics of the Zionist leadership haven’t much changed even now that
their state, Israel, has been achieved. Today, they don’t need to blow up
hotels to get their way. Instead, its more fanatical devotees use
respectable kinds of terror to silence anyone, like Suarez, who wants to remind
us of this hidden history and help us understand how the past can
cast a very clear light on the present.
I advise
you to read this post by him explaining how Zionist leaders in the UK,
backed by media like the Daily Mail (a paper that has a long history of
anti-semitism and that expressed sympathy for the Nazis back in the 1930s),
have worked on a ruthless misinformation campaign to seek to discredit Suarez
and prevent him from holding public events. The catalogue of cancelled speaking
engagements he documents is truly exasperating.
too few organisations emerge from this affair with honour. These confected
smear campaigns still work because we let them. The Quakers, who have had a
relatively good history of supporting pro-Palestinian activism, have let
themselves down badly in twice bowing to such intimidation.
The goal
of Zionist activists like Jonathan Hoffman and Zionist organisations like
the Board of 
Deputies of British Jews is not just to silence
Suarez. They want to pillory him as a warning to anyone who might think to
follow in his footsteps. Similar intimidation campaigns in the UK to stop
criticism of Israel have been launched against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and
a raft of Labour activists who support Palestinian rights.
Will any
academic, young or old, dare to unearth more of these of official documents
telling the real story of Israel’s creation? Would any of them want to suffer
the smears and the irreparable damage to their professional reputations after
seeing what has happened to Suarez.
campaigns against journalists (I have some personal experience of this!) ensure
that they mostly keep their heads down too. They won’t be publicising or
reviewing Suarez’s book.
When politicians,
writers, thinkers, journalists and academics are all targeted if they dare to
speak even a little truth about Israel or about Zionism, who is left with any
prominence who can do so?
Hoffman and smear artists like him know the answer very well. Which is why they
are not about to stop using misinformation
and falsehoods
to blacken the name of anyone with integrity like Suarez who
tries to offer some illumination.

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