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Times April 14th 2016

Nearly two weeks ago (April 2nd) The Telegraph and The Times printed stories which implied that I had been suspended for anti-Semitism from the Labour Party and that those allegations had some merit.

The information had been leaked by the Compliance Unit of the Labour Party to papers which are not normally known to support Labour, thus demonstrating that some staff working for the Labour Party prefer to feed the Tory press as part of their campaign to remove Jeremy Corbyn from the leadership.

Because, make no mistake about it, my suspension is not on account of what I have done but as a means of getting rid of the current leadership.  From what I have heard so far there are at least 50 such suspensions, all of left-wingers, around the country.  In one constituency, Rushcliffe 10 people have been suspended because they entered a ‘closed’ meeting.  If the Right makes an allegation John Stolliday and his witch-hunting unit suspends them.

After contacting The Times and letting it be known that m’learned friends were more than eager to have a quiet chat in the Royal Courts of Justice the Times decided that discretion was the better part of valour!

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