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SPECIAL OFFER – Free Copy of ‘Fighting Fascism in Brighton’ for the next 25 People Who Purchase Zionism During the Holocaust

Review in Brighton & Hove Argus 15.3.12.

I will give the  next 25 purchasers of my book Zionism During the Holocaust a free copy of my first book, ‘Fighting Fascism in Brighton and the South Coast’. Buying Zionism During the Holocaust directly from me costs £10 paperback and £15 hardback (inc. p&p), one-third less than the publisher’s price!

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As Zionism During the Holocaust shows the Israeli state and Zionist groups, even after the holocaust, continued to work with neo-Nazi groups and governments. Major Nazi war criminals such as Walter Rauf, who was personally responsible for the death of over 100,000 people and the inventor of the gas truck, was employed as an Israeli agent after the war. They even paid his passage to Ecuador to escape prosecution as a war criminal.

Review in Morning Star 14.3.2012

During the period of the Argentinian Junta (1976-83) Israel supplied weapons and training to those who were, at the very same time, murdering up to 3,000 Argentinian Jews.

March by the Mothers of the Disappeared in Buenos Aires – Israel was a Major Supplier of Arms to this Genocidal neo-Nazi Regime

You will also read about why the accusations against Ken Livingstone, that he was anti-Semitic for mentioning the collaboration of the Nazis and the Zionists, in particular the Ha’avara trading agreement, was false. When world Jewry was building a Boycott of Nazi Germany campaign, which had already inflicted major economic damage on the Nazi economy, the Zionists rode to the Nazis’ rescue with an agreement which resulted in 60% of capital investment in Jewish Palestine between 1933 and 1939 coming from Nazi Germany.

Canadian Parliament Gives SS ‘Hero’ a Standing Ovation

This has been the week when the hypocrisy of Western foreign policy was on display for all to see with the honouring of Yaroslav Hunka, a volunteer in a Ukrainian Waffen SS unit.

Speaker of the Canadian Parliament Anthony Rota introduced Hunka as a Canadian and Ukrainian war hero who fought for the Waffen-SS Galicia Division or the SS 14th Waffen Division.

Canadian Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland, posed with a Banderite Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) flag in February 2022. Image credit: Sputnik News/Wyatt Reed

Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland  is a long standing supporter of Canada’s Ukrainian neo-Nazi exiles. See Chrystia Freeland: Canada’s fascist queen

It was neither a mistake nor an accident. In his introduction Rota said that Hunka ‘fought for Ukrainian independence against the Russians.’ And who was it who fought against the Russians in the Second World War if not the Nazis and their collaborators in Eastern Europe?

The Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) of Stepan Bandera was prominent in that fight just as it was prominent in the holocaust and mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Jews and Poles.

The West, including Israel, has openly armed and trained Ukraine’s armed forces knowing full well that they have integrated the neo-Nazi Azov Brigade (now upgraded to a battalion) and other far-right forces into them. In the process the West and the Zionists have transformed Nazis into nationalists.

The fact that Ukraine is the only country in the world which has a national holiday in memory of a Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera should have been enough in itself. But that too was simply ignored.

The Anti-Defamation League, America’s premier Zionist organisation, has openly set about whitewashing Ukraine Nazis. In an interview by Andrew Srulevitch, its Director of European Affairs with Dr. David Fishman, we were told that ‘“When Ukrainian nationalists and Jews look at those red and black flags, we see two different things.” He was referring to the Nazi colours black and red.

Fishman went on to say that

For Ukrainian nationalists, UPA and Bandera are symbols of the Ukrainian fight for Ukrainian independence. The UPA allied with Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union for tactical – not ideological – reasons. 

David Fishman – interview with america’s anti-defamation league

Walter Rauf – The Nazi Agent  that Israel Employed Post WW2

But this is simply not true. They were willing participants in the holocaust. As Daniel Lazare wrote in a 2015 review of Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe’s book Stepan Bandera: The Life and Afterlife of a Ukrainian Nationalist.

“Bandera envisioned the Ukraine as a classic one-party state with himself in the role of führer, or providnyk, and expected that a new Ukraine would take its place under the Nazi umbrella.”

 “The OUN had played a leading role in the anti-Jewish pogroms that broke out in Lviv and dozens of other Ukrainian cities on the heels of the German invasion, and now they served the Nazis by patrolling the ghettoes and assisting in deportations, raids and shootings.”

In 1943, Banderite members of the OUN formed their own militia, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, or UPA. The UPA began the ethnic cleansing and extermination of Poles from territories they saw as belonging to Ukraine. See

Israel lobby group ADL rehabilitates Hitler’s accomplices in Ukraine & Chrystia Freeland: Canada’s fascist queen about Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister, a supporter of Bandera and Ukrainian neo-Nazis and

Canada’s honoring of Nazi vet exposes Ottawa’s longstanding Ukraine policy by Max Blumenthall’s Grayzone

Chrystia Freeland – Canada’s Fascist Queen and Deputy Prime Minister

Ukraine Designates National Holiday to Commemorate Nazi Collaborator

Ha’aretz 27.12.2018

Separately, the state banned ‘Book of Thieves’ which criticizes the anti-Semitic actions of a different national leader for ‘inciting ethnic, racial and religious hatred’

Activists of the Svoboda (Freedom) Ukrainian nationalist party hold the photo of Stepan Bandera in Kiev, October 14, 2013. Credit: Gleb Garanich/Reuters

Ukraine designated the birthday of a Nazi collaborator as a national holiday and banned a book on the anti-Semitic actions of another national leader.

The Ukrainian parliament last week declared January 1 as a national day of commemoration for Stepan Bandera, who briefly joined forces with the Nazi occupation of Ukraine. A nationalist, Bandera hoped the Germans would allow his country sovereignty from the Soviet Union, though the Nazis later arrested him.

Some of his supporters at the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, which he headed, committed countless war crimes against Jews.

The region of Lviv, Bandera’s native city, this month declared 2019 “Stepan Bandera Year,” sparking protests by Israel. Tarik Youssef Cyril Amar, the former academic director of Lviv’s Center for Urban History of East Central Europe, this week returned an award conferred on him by the city in protest.

Separately, Ukraine’s State Committee on Television and Radio Broadcasting banned “Book of Thieves” by Swedish historian Anders Rydell, which includes critical analysis of the actions of Symon Petliura, an early-20th century nationalist whose troops murdered countless Jews in pogroms beginning in 1919.

The December 10 decree banning the book accused Rydell of “inciting ethnic, racial and religious hatred,” the Regnum news agency reported Wednesday.

A Russia-born Jew killed Petliura in Paris in 1929 as revenge for the pogroms.

The whole book ban is very symbolic in itself,” said Ukrainian Jewish Committee Director Eduard Dolinsky. Both communist and Nazi authorities systematically banned books.

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