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The Scandal of Jo Bird’s Suspension – Jon Lansman’s Corrupt War on Democracy

Even Tony Blair did not suspend socialist candidates standing for election – Lansman’s corrupt racism marks a new low 

Any socialist who stays in Momentum believing that there is anything ‘left-wing’ about the organisation needs their head examining. Lansman, its Chair and Owner, has become the Chief Witchhunter and Jennie Formby his silent accomplice

If Lansman spoke the truth about Israel today he would be suspended from the Labour Party!

So lacking in confidence is Lansman in the chances of his 2 White candidates (to replace two Black members of the National Executive) that he decided to take out the front runners – Jo Bird and Mohammed Mirzam.

This is what is normally called gerrymandering. It is electoral corruption. Remember that the Chakrabarti Report recommended that

The Campaign Against Antisemitism Barked and Lansman Jumped

such an interim suspension being public ought to be the greatest exception rather than the rule, in for example, a case where the person concerned continues (despite warning) with public repetition of their allegedly offending remarks and publicity of their suspension is the only way to protect the reputation of the Party. (my emphasis)

It seems that all the worst aspects of Chakrabarti have been implemented (‘zio’ being anti-Semitic) but not those parts dealing with due process and natural justice.

The suspension of Jo Bird on charges of ‘anti-Semitism’ is entirely bogus. The idea that if you want to fight ‘anti-Semitism’ that you should suspend and expel Jewish anti-racists and anti-Zionists belongs to the world of Doublespeak and 1984

When Lansman was a socialist he too criticised ‘Jewish Apartheid’ – now anyone saying this will be suspended

Anti-Zionist Jews, by definition are anti-racists. People who refuse to accept the argument of ‘kith and kin’, that you should support any iniquity or injustice because it is carried out by Jews. Lansman subscribes to all the most vile racist tropes. ‘Kith and kin’ used to be the argument of supporters of Apartheid South Africa, that those who were implementing apartheid were ‘our’ stock. For Lansman it is being Jewish that matters

John McDonnell backs the Right again

Lansman has become a vile racist and Zionist. There was a time when he criticised the Board of Deputies for weaponising anti-Semitism. He was not reluctant to call Israel an apartheid state. He spoke of the ‘Shame of the Board of Deputies ‘for marring Holocaust day with a false accusation of antisemitism’. This was in respect of an allegation that a cartoon of Netanyahu cementing the bricks in a wall with the blood of Palestinians.

But that was in 2012. In 2020 Lansman, the campaign manager for the pathetically weak Rebecca Long-Bailey, endorses the Board of Deputies 10 Pledges which include the IHRA misdefinition of anti-Semitism. Allegations of Apartheid and comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany are now ‘anti-Semitic’. Indeed anything the Board or Israel’s apologists say is anti-Semitic must be accepted as holy writ

Today suggesting that ‘antisemitism’ complaints are fake is itself proof of antisemitism – but there was a time when Lansman made the same allegation – it’s a great pity that Lansman can’t suspend himself now for past iniquities!

Lansman has gone along with all of this. He has learnt nothing from the disaster of December 12th and how acceptance of the Zionist agenda and the continual apologies for ‘antisemitism’ coupled with the witchhunt merely emboldened Labour enemies. Now Jo Bird, who hasn’t a racist bone in her body, is the latest sacrificial lamb on the altar of Lansman’s vanity.

Although he doesn’t seem to use it any longer, you might want to leave a message on Lansman’s mobile (07710 541410) and text a message! Or send him an email at [email protected]. I’m sure that he will appreciate your concerns!

Jewish Voice for Labour have issued a statement on their Facebook page.

Labour List has reported that Jo Bird has been suspended. The Party keeps confidential what Jo, the only Jewish candidate standing for the NEC, has been suspended for. Given previous events, we have to assume that it because of allegations of antisemitism

Jo is the leading left candidate running for the NEC so the timing of this suspension is deeply suspicious and has the hallmarks of a deliberate attempt to undermine members’ wishes and Party democracy.

We urge all Labour Party members to argue for Jo’s candidature to be considered at CLP nominating meetings. If this is prevented members should consider the option of calling an emergency AMM/GC as soon as possible after the nominating meeting to discuss and condemn threats to the Party’s democracy from the misuse of our disciplinary processes to secure partisan advantage in internal elections.

If the suspension is for antisemitism we can say we have known Jo for a long period and worked closely with her. We know she is a proud Jew and opposed to antisemitism just as she is has shown over the years to be an active opponent of all racism.

Suspension before investigation is an extreme measure and the Party must show to all members why they have taken such a step in the middle of an election process.

The Lansman of 2012 would have long ago been suspended in today’s Labour Party

I have posted a short comment beneath the statement regretting that they describe Jo as ‘proud to be Jewish.’

It is a pity that this statement is marred by the phrase ‘We know she is a proud Jew ‘. Being a Jew is nothing to be proud of (or ashamed of). It is a fact of life, an accident of birth. When people proclaim they are proud of their ethnic, religious origins it is usually a sign that racism is on the agenda. You know proud Hindus in India. Proud Jews in Israel.

I am sorry that this stupid remark has marred an otherwise good statement.

I should add that Hannah Arendt was asked whether she was a proud Jew and was filled with Ahavath Israel, love of the Jewish people. She responded that no, she loves her friends and acquaintances not a whole people and that being born a Jew is nothing to be proud of.

What is crucially important is that the fight against Jo’s suspension and the electoral corruption that is part and parcel of it is not hindered by the requirement that the process of kept confidential. This is an outrageous stipulation designed to prevent people campaigning against injustices. It is the decision of the person accused, and no one else, whether it should be confidential. Given it has already been publicised I hope Jo doesn’t stick by a stipulation designed to inhibit any campaign in her support.

Even bourgeois justice doesn’t require that the accused remain silent!

There is however one thing that JVL can do. A component part of JVL is the Jewish Socialist Group. Among its members is one Jon Lansman! It would be symbolically important for JSG to expel the treacherous Lansman from its ranks.

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