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The BBC/Mail Myth of ‘Infiltration’

The anti-Labour Daily Mail is concerned for the leadership of the Labour Party!!

You would have thought that with thousands, up and down the country,
attending his rallies, compared to the handful turning up for the other
candidates that the penny might have dropped. 
Jeremy Corbyn is riding the crest of a wave of revulsion and hatred of
this government, something New Labour MPs who abstained on the budget proposals
don’t understand, yet all they can bleat about is that it must be due to ‘infiltration’.

Desperate allegations from the defeated New Labour entryists

The hundreds of thousands who have registered as supporters or joined the Labour
Party have all been got up to it by the hard Trotskyite left who couldn’t
organise a piss-up in a brewery.  We have
tales of a handful of Tory self-publicists joining the Labour Party to vote
Labour, but of course nothing is said about the daily drip drip of poison from
the Tory Press.  Most of these Tory nerds
are playing a game of double bluff – i.e. deliberately providing New Labour
with a ready made excuse to halt the elections.

Burnham complains of ‘infiltration’ yet speaks to a handful

We even have the master of the dark arts, Alistair Campbell, complaining
that Corbyn’s supporters are behaving like the nasty SNP cyber-nats oblivious
to the sewer rat MP for Bassettlaw John Mann, who tried to insinuate that
Corbyn was soft on child abuse (something even the Daily ‘Hate’ Mail has
steered clear of. [‘A new low for Labour leadership race’: Jeremy Corbyn hitsback at rival’s attempt to accuse him of ‘non-action’ on child abuse.]

Part of the Labour Right – knowing they’ve lost – want to stop the election and change the electorate!

We have had the ‘hate’ Mail and the Zionist Jewish Chronicle effectively
alleging that Jeremy Corbyn was anti-Semitic. The Guardian’s description of one
rally in Middlesborough, ideal UKIP territory where the Left is a small
handful, is indicative:

Corbyn speaks to over 1,000 in Middlesborough

You almost feel sorry for the other Labour leadership candidates after
attending a Jeremy Corbyn rally. Yes, Andy Burnham got a
decent reception
and even a little wolf-whistle at the People’s History Museum on Monday. And Yvette
Cooper nearly filled the
upstairs room
at a cinema in Manchester last Friday.

Yet while they fight for what is looking increasingly like second place,
Corbyn speeds up to Middlesbrough on a train service he has promised to
renationalise, drawing more than 1,000 excited supporters on a wet Tuesday in
August. He doesn’t even seem to be trying that hard, yet receives wild applause
when discussing the most arid topics – who else could prompt such fervour when
outlining his position on the Transatlantic Trade
and Investment Partnership
? (He’s against it.)

Like all places he speaks – Corbyn draws in hundreds if not thousands

First in the rain-sodden queue outside Middlesbrough town hall on Tuesday
was Maggie Gee, a retired tutor from Redcar. The rally wasn’t scheduled to
start until 4pm but the 66-year-old was taking no chances. Arriving at noon to
find herself alone, she popped off for some dinner and returned at 1.15pm with
her brolly. She voted Green in the
general election but is a member of Ken Loach’s Unity party. Gee said: “I was
driven away from the Labour party when we had Vera Baird
imposed on us,” she said beforehand, referring to the former solicitor general
who was parachuted into the (then) safe seat of Redcar in 2001.

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