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The Orwellian World of the Guardian/Observer – How Lies Become the Established Truth

According to The Observer it is an Established Fact that John Ware’s Panorama Programme ‘Is Labour Antisemitic‘ is ‘Damning’

One of the nastiest Blairites who presided over a racist immigration policy is nonetheless concerned about ‘antisemitism’

According to today’s Observer, in a report over the justifiable expulsion of Lady Hilary Armstrong, for signing the Lord’s letter attacking Jeremy Corbyn for ‘anti-Semitism’, John Ware’s hatchet job of a Panorama Report is described as ‘damning’.

These propaganda techniques are taken from the book of Goebbels. Repeat a lie long enough, ignore any criticism to the contrary, and hey presto any lie becomes the established truth.

I have sent a letter to the Observer, but in the present climate its chances of being printed are about minus zero!

Presumably Mark Townsend didn’t consult my article asking a mere 106 questions on this hatchet job. He could though have used his brain (these days unlikely for a paper thatcensors Steve Bell for an ‘anti-Semitic trope’.

Below is the letter I sent to the Observer.

Tony Greenstein

John Ware has a long history of racist and Islamaphobic comments – he believes Islamaphobia is ‘reactive’ unlike ‘irrational’ antisemitism

Letters Editor
The Observer
Kings Place,
90 York Way
London N1 9GU

Dear Sir/Madam,

Your report on Hilary Armstrong’s expulsion from the Labour Party [Hilary Armstrong ‘very sad’ over vote to expel her from Labour party, July 21] is a good example of how a lie becomes an established fact through repetition.

You refer to ‘a damning report by the BBC’s Panorama programme into the party’s handling of allegations of antisemitism.’

There was nothing at all damning in this crude hatchet job by John Ware. Leaving aside Ware’s own damning record of Islamaphobia even the Observer cannot fail to have noticed that not one of the Labour Party ‘victims’ of anti-Semitism were captioned. All of them were close colleagues, officers of the Jewish Labour Movement, a small pro-Zionist group.

It is noteworthy surely that there were no interviews with the many Jewish members of the Labour Party who are not Zionist or who do not subscribe to the fable that the Labour Party is an anti-Semitic party.

The testimony of the so-called whistleblowers concealed more than it revealed. None of them were asked about the thousands of suspensions of Labour Party members whose only crime was that they were supporters of Jeremy Corbyn. In a parliamentary or local election that would be called for what it is, gerrymandering.

If this programme had been broadcast in any other country it would have been called out for what it is. A piece of propaganda.

Yours faithfully,

Tony Greenstein

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