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The founder of the alt-Right and White Supremacist leader says Israel should respect him

Heil Trump – Richard Spencer Goes into Nazi Mode
Richard Spencer
first came into prominence for his ‘Heil Trump’ rally held soon after Trump’s
inauguration.  He is an open anti-Semite
and White Supremacist and is credited with having first come up with the name
Alt-Right. When Trump ‘forgot’ to mention the fact that it was the Jews who
died in the Holocaust, Spencer wrote approving of Trump’s ‘de-judaification’ of
the Holocaust.  

 Jewish activists, Spencer wrote in a
short post for his new website, have long insisted on making the
Holocaust “all about their meta-narrative of suffering” and a way to “undergird
their peculiar position in American society.”  
White Supremacist Richard Spencer Hails Trump’s ‘de-Judaification’ of Holocaust

Spencer asks a Zionist Rabbi Matt Rosenberg if he supports multi racialism in Israel
The Holocaust, in Spencer’s eyes, has become a sort of moral bludgeon — used against white nationalists like himself.  White Supremacist Richard Spencer Hails Trump’s ‘de-Judaification’ of Holocaust
Trumps Fascist Trinity – Bannon, Miller, Gorka
Spencer was the
organiser of last weekend’s demonstration at Charlottesville in which a variety
of white supremacists and neo-Nazis attacked the unarmed crowd of anti-racists,
anti-fascists and members of Black Lives Matter.  The attack, which killed one woman and
injured several others, was the largest White Supremacist and neo-Nazi demonstration
in living memory in the United States.
It is reported
that 80% of the racists were armed and they were allowed by Police to wander
unhindered around Charlottesville.
Anti-fascist demonstration at Charlottesville in favour of removing statue of General Robert Lee
The election of
Trump has seen a coming together of a wide variety of White Supremacists, neo-Nazis
and fascists under the banner of the Alt-Right. 
They have in the White House three prominent advisors to Trump. There is
Steve Bannon, Trump’s Strategic Advisor and former CEO of Breitbart News, an
openly racist and White Supremacist magazine. Steven Miller, who has helped
devise Trump’s immigration policy and who was mentored by Spencer. Some of idea
of his views can be gleaned from this profile
in The Telegraph:
He took to
ringing his local radio stations to rail against multiculturalism and the usage
of Spanish-language announcements, and wrote for his high school newspaper a
column entitled “A Time to Kill”, urging violent response to radical Islamists.
Sebastian Gorka – Hungarian neo-Nazi and Trump adviser
The third member
of the unholy trinity is far-Right Hungarian Sebastian Gorka who helped form the New Democratic Coalition in Hungary with
ex-members of Jobbik, an openly fascist and anti-Semitic party.  Gorka also endorsed the Hungarian Guard, an anti-Semitic militia of Jobbik.  Gorka appeared at an inauguration ball for
Trump wearing the Vitézi Rend, a medal of a knightly order of merit founded in
1920 by Admiral Miklos Horthy, Hungary’s anti-Semitic ruler and Hitler’s ally
during World War II. Horthy presided over the deportation of nearly ½ million Jews
to Auschwitz.  Gorka was up to his ears
in fascist politics in Hungary, seeing Jobbik as too moderate. [EXCLUSIVE:
Senior Trump Aide Forged Key Ties To Anti-Semitic Groups In Hungary
Steve Bannon – Trump’s anti-Semitic Breitbart adviser – Invited by the Zionist Organisation of America to its annual  gala dinner as a speaker
It is no surprise then that Spencer finds no difficulty in
marrying his racist and anti-Semitic views with ardent support for Zionism and Israel.  In fact he sees Israel as a kind of model  for White Supremacism.  When Rabbi Matt Rosenberg of Texas A&M
Hillel challenged Spencer at a meeting to be inclusive to others, Spencer threw
the challenge back at the Rabbi.  ‘Would
you want Israel to be radically inclusive’
knowing full well that Rabbi
Rosenberg was like many Zionist ‘liberals’ – happy to support multi-racialism
in the USA but opposed to intermarriage and equal rights for non-Jews in Israel.
Spencer’s declaration will no doubt be embarrassing to those
like Rabbi Rosenberg who want ‘radical inclusion’ and tolerance in the United
States, because that benefits American Jews but who would be aghast if the same
principles were to apply to Israel.   The
fact is that what Richard Spencer says is all too true – White Supremacists are
only asking for what Zionists take for granted in Israel.  They are indeed White Zionists.
Tony Greenstein

Richard Spencer Tells Israelis They ‘Should Respect’ Him: ‘I’m a White Zionist’

Spencer tells Israel’s Channel 2 News: ‘Jews are vastly over-represented
in what you could call ‘the establishment’
Richard Spencer, a white nationalist and de facto leader of
the so-called “alt-right,” described himself to a reporter on Israel’s Channel
2 News as “a white Zionist” on Wednesday evening and argued that Israelis
should respect someone like me.”

The anchor had asked Spencer about the role of “alt-right”
supporters in a march in Charlottesville, Viriginia on Friday, in which
torch-bearing white nationalists shouted “Jews will not replace us!” in protest
of the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.
“Let’s be honest,”
Spencer said, when asked whether such slogans constitute anti-Semitism. “Jews
are vastly over-represented in what you could call ‘the establishment,’ that
is, Ivy League educated people who really determine policy, and white people
are being dispossesed from this country.”

Asked how the mainly Jewish audience at home should take his
remarks, Spencer responded:
 “… an Israeli
citizen, someone who understands your identity, who has a sense of nationhood
and peoplehood, and the history and experience of the Jewish people, you should
respect someone like me, who has analogue feelings about whites. You could say
that I am a white Zionist – in the sense that I care about my people, I want us
to have a secure homeland for us and ourselves. Just like you want a secure
homeland in Israel.”

This isn’t the first time Spencer has tried to wink at
Israel. Last December, he told Haaretz that he “respects Israel” and that he
would “respect” the decision to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to
In an August 2010 article called “An Alliance with theJews,” published on his Radix Journal website, Spencer argued that Israel could
become an ally of white nationalists in the United States. He wrote that in the
face of the threat of nuclear weapons in countries hostile to Israel, there
would be “hard-liners” in Israel who would prefer to see the extreme right in
the White House.
Spencer, however, has also made headlines and sparked
widespread outrage by making anti-Semitic remarks and engaging in Holocaust
denial. Last December, for instance, the “alt-right” leader praised
Trump’s Holocaust Remembrance Day statement that failed to mention Jews and
anti-Semitism as an important step, dubbing it the “de-Judaification
of the Holocaust.
Jewish activists, Spencer wrote in a short post for his
website, have long insisted on making the Holocaust “all about
their meta-narrative of suffering”
and a way to “undergird their peculiar
position in American society.”
Spencer, a onetime Duke University PhD student, championed
Trump through the presidential campaign – and though he has been critical of
the president at times, seems to have come around to Trump. While he claims
he’s not a Nazi, Spencer also does not outright condemn Hitler, calling him a
“historical figure.”

YNet, Yaron
21.11.16 , 13:48
Israel does not appear shocked by the appointment of racist anti-Semites to senior positions in US President-elect Donald Trump’s
administration. There is no wonder there. First of all, it is not in our power
to change it. Our complete dependence on the United States forces us to hold
our tongue and restrain ourselves.
  • Second, a world view which supports white
    supremacy matches our government’s interests. If Trump’s people are more
    disgusted by Arabs than they are by Jews (the liberals, the Wall Street
    people, journalists from the East Coast, lovers of black people, Hillary
    Clinton’s friends), we have struck quite a good deal. Trump and his
    friends see Israel as a forefront against the barbarians, and they are not
    exactly very observant.
To do the Netanyahu government justice, let me
qualify my statement by saying that all forms of Zionism hold the perception
that a certain extent of anti-Semitism benefits the Zionist enterprise. To put
it more sharply, anti-Semitism is the generator and ally of Zionism. Masses of
Jews leave their place of residence only when their economic situation and
physical safety are undermined. Masses of Jews are shoved to this country
rather than being attracted to it. The yearning for the land of Zion and
Jerusalem is not strong enough to drive millions of Jews to the country they
love and make them hold on to its clods.
Steve Bannon, Trump’s controversial new chief
strategist (Photo: AFP)

As the Jews in Israel long for immigrants with a
certain affiliation to their people, and as Zionism—like any other
ideology—needs constant justification, we have a secret hope in our hearts that
a moderate anti-Semitic wave, along with a deterioration in the economic
situation in their countries of residence, will make Diaspora Jews realize that
they belong with us. Is proof even necessary? No one will protest the assertion
that the rise in anti-Semitism in France gave us some satisfaction, in the
sense of “we warned you, didn’t we?” Late Prime Minister Ariel Sharon did not
hesitate to make such a declaration, angering the French government and many
Jews who see themselves as unconditional French citizens. Thousands of Jews
from France who see Israel as a lifeboat, as an insurance policy, purchased
apartments here and raised real estate prices in the coastal cities. That’s
good. It proves Zionism was right. Furthermore, no one can deny that the
economic crisis in the Soviet empire, coupled with the nesting anti-Semitism
there, were the cause of the immigration to Israel of about 1 million Jews and
their non-Jewish relatives, most of whom have no affiliation to Jewish culture.
Neither can anyone contradict the embarrassing fact that Israel worked to lock
the gates to the US, the opening of which may have directed many of these Jews
and their relatives there, and perhaps even most of them.
It was not the Jewish immigrants’ welfare that we
saw before our eyes, but the state’s reinforcement. While the act of blocking
and directing the Jews to Israel is ethically dubious, it was justified by the
Zionist ideology which asserts that a normalization of the Jewish situation—in
other words, concentrating the Jewish people in its own territory—is the only
thing that will save us from another Holocaust and, according to some people,
will even speed up the Messiah’s arrival.
The Jews’ comfortable situation in America raises
doubts as to whether it was worthwhile to gamble on the establishment of a
Jewish state. The normalization did not provide us, the Israelis, with a normal
existence and did not lessen the anti-Semitism which is now drawing some of its
arguments from the way we are managing the conflict with the Palestinians.
There are Israelis whose parents or grandparents immigrated to Israel out a
belief that this is where the agonizing historical journey will end, and now
their offspring are learning that the promise has not been fulfilled.
In order to remove these malignant doubts, it would
be good to have some anti-Semitism in America. Not serious anti-Semitism, not
pogroms, not persecutions that will empty America from its Jews, as we need
them there, but just a taste of this pungent stuff, so that we can restore our
faith in Zionism. 

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