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Israeli Occupation Forces Promise to Punish
Soldiers – For Having Got Caught on Camera!
Below is what is now
almost a routine incident.  Not wishing
other people to witness their indefensible behaviour, Israeli troops naturally
wish to prevent their behaviour being recorded. 
Thus they attack an Italian cameramen, deliberately breaking his equipment.
Unfortunately for Israel’s
military goons they were caught on video instead!  Having been caught bang to rights, the Israeli
Occupation Forces have now said that the troops concerned will be punished not
the 10 year sentences that Palestinian stone throwers will now received – but probably
being confined to base for a month in order to reflect on their stupidity at
being caught.  There is of course no
mention about ‘the most moral army that god created’ paying any compensation
for the broken equipment and for injuries inflicted o the camera man.
Below is a report
from The Times of Israel
Tony Greenstein

IDF: Troops who attacked reporters will face discipline

Army says soldiers filmed smashing AFP journalists’
equipment contravened regulations, incident under investigation

By AFP and Times of Israel staff September 26, 2015, 

A still image taken from footage shot in the West Bank on September 25, 2015 apparently shows an IDF soldier hurling a camera belonging to AFP reporters to the ground. (screen capture: YouTube)
Israel Defense Forces said Saturday that the troops who assaulted two
journalists from a foreign news agency in the West Bank a day earlier acted in
an unauthorized manner and will face disciplinary measures.
“The IDF is aware of the incident and is
investigating,” the army’s Spokesman’s Unit told the Israeli media. “From the
initial investigation it appears that the force did not operate as is expected
of them, and [was] in contravention of regulations.”
troops seized and destroyed equipment belonging to two AFP journalists, in an
incident caught on camera. A video journalist with the agency, Italian Andrea
Bernardi, was thrown to the ground and jabbed in the side with a weapon, AFP
to the agency, Bernardi was held down on the ground by a soldier, one knee on
his chest, until he managed to show his press card. Bernardi suffered bruised
ribs and a facial injury.
said the soldiers pointed their weapons at Bernardi and his colleague,
Palestinian photographer Abbas Momani. They also allegedly smashed a video
camera and a camera for photographs and took away another camera and a mobile phone.
Some of
the incident is caught on the video.
the time both journalists were wearing body armor clearly marked “Press,” AFP
pair had been covering clashes between Palestinians and soldiers when some
troops took them aside, swore at them in English and told them to stop
recording events, AFP said.
said it had protested to the Israeli military over the incident and said it
intended to file an official complaint.
spokesman Colonel Peter Lerner told the agency that “disciplinary measures will
be taken.”
highest levels of command are aware of the incident,” he said, specifying that
this included the head of IDF troops in the West Bank.
an incident on April 24, the Palestinian photographer manhandled Friday and a Palestinian
colleague had stones thrown at them by Israeli soldiers, AFP said.
incident was filmed, and the army announced that disciplinary action would be
taken against the soldiers involved.
clashes between Palestinians and troops at Beit Furik came after the funeral of
Ahmed Khatatbeh, 26, who died of his wounds after being shot by soldiers near
Nablus in the northern West Bank. The army said he and another man had thrown a
petrol bomb at a vehicle on a road to the settlement of Itamar.

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